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  1. Hahah...was I the only one who nerded out and was all "Nuh-uh! It's a Vibranium/Adamantium alloy and Adamantium is the strongest!"? Then I realized it was because of the whole X-Men/Wolverine thing that they can't talk about Adamantium...
  2. Very nice model kit! It's "tabbed" together too well for a toy though...
  3. Love that SD pic Wish other toy manufacturers could be as playful with their prototype toys. Imagine that!
  4. Got Road Rage at hlj. Thanks for the heads-up! Been waitin for that
  5. None that I notice just casually handling it. I'll have to transform it when I got some time though. So far it looks exactly the same as previous releases (I own the SP).
  6. Aw yiss! Good reviews overall. Sign me up for the giant VAGINA film! Seriously though, gonna catch it this weekend so I hope it doesn't disappoint.
  7. Saw this over the weekend and loved it. I'll catch it again in the coming weeks but right now I feel it is about right up there with the first Avengers movie in 2nd or 3rd place for Marvel movies. Guardians is still my number one. There were a few places I got lost (Thor's jacuzzi'o'fortune) but I was not disappointed with what I got everywhere else. The little down time moments are my favorites in all these movies and I think those moments really differentiate Marvel from DC films. They're just plain fun. Hulkbuster scene was awesomely done and I was really happy with what they did with Vision. The hammer scenes were great and the audience lost it when Vision picked it up. So cool! I really liked Ultron and his mannerisms are pure Stark. Anyway I'm gonna go see it again!
  8. Got mine on Saturday (actually arrived Friday). The monster always had a nice weighty feel, yes
  9. This doesn't take place in the 80s, right? Maybe it does and this is what millennials think the 80s looked like?
  10. ...but I CAN see it! For like a few seconds or minutes (depends on how long I wanna bask in the glory of the unneeded gimmick) before I cover it up with the heat shield but I can SEE it. Anyway, I like superfluous flippy bits on my toys so...
  11. I don't think the rotating seat gimmick is gonna be much of a detriment. It's been done before without any serious problems as far as I know. I like the gimmick myself though. If it costs $5 then charge me the fiver. If it saves me $30 then maybe leave it out.
  12. DYRL preferred but I do like both. I like jolly rogers on everything
  13. I'm doing one of these and two S's. Gettin ready for some potential armor fashion dress-up.
  14. Me too! I preordered last night with PH when I saw the pic of them together. I only ever played the first game (I can be a huge pussy) but am a fan of PH and the nurses just the same. I passed up the first release of PH but now I have a better reason to get one
  15. Again, I know they're using 0D parts here but I'm liking that touch of blue A LOT! Here's to hoping they keep the non-canon colors Once HLJ posts theirs up, I'll decide where I want to buy.
  16. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    I never heard of em and they have no real track record with us in providing Bandai Macross preorders. They never come up on all the preorder nights I've sat through anyway. :/
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