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  1. I definitely want the Macross 7 Valks despite the fact that Macross 7 is at the bottom of the list of my favorite Macross series/movies. I seriously tried watching it very recently and could not get past episode 2. This was probably my third or fourth attempt trying to watch it and is the furthest I have ever gotten. As a Macross fan, I gotta get through it some time but it's so difficult. Just something about it totally turns me off. It really does feel like a chore to watch. I'll try again one day and get through it. It's supposed to get a lot better but just getting over that initial hump is killing me. Anyhow, I'm looking at the VF-19S as my first purchase followed by the VF-17S. I'll save Basara for after I've exhausted all other things Valk from Yamato or Bandai. I only hope the VF-17S will be re-released with the fast packs.
  2. I thought this was the Hikaru version? Am I wrong? Whichever it is, I am SO down for one
  3. I hope they release Michael with the Super Packs next but they are likely going to wait until after the Ozma and Alto Super Packs are released. I am so happy and relieved I only have the version 1 Full Armored Ozma. Picking up the new Ozma was like experiencing this line for the first time (DONE RIGHT, course!)
  4. Yeah, neither do I but I'd make exceptions here and there. Garage kit means I'll likely never get around to it
  5. I'm liking this one and will probably pick it up. They sure are taking their sweet time reissuing the DYRL VF-1S Focker with Strike Packs though. Maybe for the 30th of DYRL? Anyhow, bring on the more obscure schemes!
  6. Man, you can't just say that and not share...
  7. Currently it is my 1/60 VF-1S Low Viz Focker...it's all about the black and gold, baby. Yes, us Pittsburgh, PA natives refer to that scheme as black and GOLD...
  8. I love the VF-2ss. It's a realistic design to me..........uh, keep in mind I know almost nothing about aviation. I just likes me some pretty airplanes. I'm also a simple man to please sometimes.
  9. Suppose to be Ranka but the thing is so tiny you can use your imagination and pretend it is anyone you like
  10. Yes...this part is helping bring the fun back to these toys. That's more than enough for me. Can't wait to see the update video.
  11. Heads up, ladies and gentlemen, hlj confirmed both orders. I placed two in my sleep deprived panic so I am cancelling one. Hopefully one of you fine folk get the one I am cancelling.....as long as you ain't some dirty flipper/scalper.
  12. This thread is making me eye those original VF-1 releases I was always too scared to pick up. I'm looking at you, dyrl focker!
  13. I came home really late and dutifully checked like I've been doing since the announcement. I fear it might not have gone through though. I'm trying to get one before all the flippers do. I have no intention of selling the thing and I'll be damned to pay those prices on eBay.
  14. I put my order in at 3am last night so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Still no email as of this morning though. I was up late last night and caught it just in time. 15 minutes later they took it down
  15. Tried twice and got no email confirmation. What the hell. I only want one
  16. Payment sent for this one and the Ozma version. Thanks!
  17. I'm down for one of these with the Ozma version. I'll get the payment sent next week
  18. Just got my Ozma today and I am down for a set. I'll send payment next week (hopefully won't be too late).
  19. Yeah...that's pretty tight for a second one. I'll pick up the revision for sure. I want to get them in pairs anyway. If I'm gonna need to replace one, I'm replacing them both at the same time. I like symmetry Good stuff though
  20. Finally got mine today from HLJ. I already have a full armor version 1 and just the difference between fighter mode is night and day. Very happy with it but also a little pissed off at how bad the first one is in retrospect (really...f*ck you, Bandai!). I was well aware of all the problems when I got the version 1 but at the time it was either pre-order it or risk not having one ever. I'm gonna still keep it and display it in fighter mode though. Anyhow the new one is beautiful and Ozma is my favorite from Frontier. I love that the gun is a dark grey rather than the purplish thing they put out for the other ones. I know it's more accurate to the show but I really could care less about anime accuracy most of the time. Close is good enough for me or if they change something that makes it aesthetically pleasing (guns should be gunmetal grey) to me then that's cool. Mine is very tight and I was very careful transforming it (eye-ing those swinging metal bars that connect the leg to the body the whole time). I saw the pictures of a couple people snapping theirs and I was nervous. This one is the best Valk Bandai has ever made hands down. No foolin! I passed on Alto cause I don't like the character all that much (tired of anime pretty boys) but I'll likely pick him up if they ever release a version 2 Tornado pack bundle.
  21. I honestly have zero problems with all of my Yamatos (most being the re-releases after the hinge problem was discovered) so far but I'd be interested in getting some of these just in case. I think if you could dye the plastic to match closer to the off white they use in in the DYRL scheme valks, you'll be golden. Now if you can do this in the dark grey of the Focker VF-1S Low Vis or the Elint...
  22. Just wanted to say good job on this. I think I'm one of the first few people to see this video. Been lurking these boards for years (even prior to joining). Uhhh...I guess this makes it my first post They don't make the plastic in a dark grey do they?
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