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  1. HLJ just auto charged my Paypal so I'm expecting it to show up in my PW in the next couple days.
  2. Great minds think alike! SKYFIRE! Yeah! Hahah...heh...*cough*
  3. My first TF toy was Jetfire but he wasn't Jetfire to me because I knew better
  4. I lied...I'm gonna say 2ss instead! If I say and think it enough, it might come true!
  5. All I gotta say is Arcadia better announce another thing soon or we're gonna post up similar threads every few months! I think we have like 3 or 4 variations of threads asking about what Arcadia is cooking up or what we wish they would
  6. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm in for that Monster
  7. Well then gimme that wrong shade of blue!
  8. The Imax here in the city was currently hogged up by Tomorrowland (AoU before that) so I caught it on 3D XD. This movie wasn't shot in Imax right? In any case I'd pay again to see it in Imax just for the giant screen.
  9. Just got out from seeing it and I loved it! Fuc*k the MRA crowd. They're a buncha babbys anyway. Loved Max and Hardy was the perfect fit. Not sure where it fits chronology-wise because of the Pursuit Special but who cares. This was a giant heist movie and I loved it for it!
  10. Thanks for that info, man. I'll check out that Wolverine. I really wanted that Storm with the cool mohawk too so that sucks that the aftermarket is so high for it. I like girls with mohawks obviously so I gotta hunt down a Captain Marvel. I really shouldn't have dragged my feet so long on these.
  11. Yeah, that was the other thing...Thor was unimpressive looking. I picked up my first Legends figure ever recently ("Stealth Suit" Cap from Winter Soldier) and it's pretty nice for a domestic action figure. I like the buckycap mold and I can see what all the fuss is about with it. I don't think I can collect them all but I can cherry pick the ones I like best. I need a good Deadpool (Wolverine too) and I'm waiting for a new one in the Legends line. I might pick up that new Spiderman that comes with the pizza slice
  12. Garfield was a good Spidey and I liked the first one with him in it. Nothing Emo about him and he came off as likable and charming where he needed to be. They just wasted him is all. I'm not on this Asa Butterfield thing though. He failed to impress me in Ender's Game...
  13. Yeah, I got those Ironman figures too. My team is gonna be incomplete though :/ The preorders for Cap and Luke Skywalker were a little crazy that night. I wasn't expecting the preorders to go up and Amiami locked up on like 8 attempts for Cap, Luke, and Ironman. I finally was like "fuc*k this" and camped CDJ for Cap and Luke. I managed to get Ironman off HLJ. Now the really weird thing was HLJ opened their preorders way before anyone else. By the time I noticed, I was only able to get Ironman. Thor was still available that night but I wanted to "save money." After seeing the movie, I'm full of regrets for that
  14. Picked up one of those too! Ditto on not watching of animes
  15. I'm also here for the nostalgia (or lack thereof apparently). I was the only boy in the house and had two sisters to share a TV with so I watched A LOT of Jem with my Robotech, Transformers, etc...
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