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  1. Man, that kinda sucks it doesn't tab in. I wish I could make quality review videos.
  2. This summer has been all kinds of wallet rape Excited for this beauty though!
  3. Yeah, this thread is lacking video reviews...
  4. That $40 discount is pretty nice. Better than the $5 or $10 other places would've offered
  5. Wow, HLJ hasn't shipped mine yet so it's looking like Saturday is the earliest I can play with this thing after I pick up my CDJ copy.
  6. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    Pretty much...or something at a much larger scale...like 1/1
  7. I put in $75! This is the 4th project I've ever backed.
  8. THAT's it! Thanks for that. It was an itch I couldn't scratch for a long time
  9. I don't have mine in hand yet. Did they go overboard on the nosteps? Not a big fan of nosteps but I'll deal.
  10. Why do I keep thinking they already did a Strike Freedom as an MB? I'm probably just confusing it with the PG kit. Anyway it looks nice but I'm not sure if I'm a big enough fan of the design to get one.
  11. Didn't they get hacked recently or something?
  12. I've always loved the Starks since season one even with their perceived naivete given our omniscient point of view. I watched clips of season one and it's depressing where they ended up. Arya was so damned different (and adorable) back then! It was crazy seeing her go off on Trant like that.
  13. I think it's the weakest season but by no means bad. For me it's still the most compelling thing on TV. I just hope they can keep it up until the final conclusion.
  14. Hahah, I should My HLJ shipment hasn't gone out yet so I'm expecting it at the end of the week too when I pick up the CDJ package on Saturday. Til then I get to watch this thread and see people's pics
  15. Been an hour and that Amiami link is still up... My CDJ shipment is sitting at the post office 10 minutes away from the house. So close I can walk there
  16. Good 30 minutes now and Amiami still has it up as far as I can tell. One of you guys who complained about the multiple purchase thing better have gotten one! EDIT: Hell yeah, mog
  17. Yeah, that's not very fair. Lots of us who got two or more did our best to help others by posting links on preorder night and trying to alert others. Only so much you can do after you take care of yourself first though. The way these things go for Bandai, they would have sold out anyway if we all stuck to one per household. I think the frustration is misplaced but I don't blame you feeling upset. Most people blame Bandai though (or scalpers)...
  18. Yeah, saying "book" doesn't mean anything. Hopefully we ain't that draconian here at MWF yet. I haven't even got a quarter through the first one. Plus I'm not inconsiderate enough to talk book spoilers so you're all safe. Promise I agree...weakest season but with one of the best episodes (Hardhome) and some really great scenes sprinkled here and there.
  19. I don't like Toynami but I shamefully preordered that Focker just to have those GBP colors.
  20. I own Acid (both of em) but never got around to playing em. Maybe one day... That gameplay footage looks great. A pup with an eyepatch as a companion? Sign me up
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