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  1. Those giant hinges holding up the V Stab blocks are my biggest complaint. Really hope they work on those the most.
  2. Did the rubber ever deteriorate on the first one? I try to limit how many figures I own that use rubber so I end up less sad when they decay...
  3. Those pics must be huge or they're loading from a server made out of toaster parts Seems to take an eternity to display for me
  4. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    It's SW so probably a lot more to go around. Even so, I had to secure one before thinking about the J. On most nights it's the other way around. Wasn't sweatin' this HM preorder though
  5. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    CDJapan was easy as usual. I was actually looking to preorder the SH Figuarts Darth Maul and ended up ordering the 1J a little while after that. Wouldn't have stuck around otherwise
  6. I heard it takes place between MM and Road Warrior and it's a revisit. I'm OK with throwing away any notions of canon. I just want to be entertained so I hope this is good.
  7. Nah, you ain't the only one. I agree too Can't justify buying this version though since I have the Yamato and Sound Booster and I'm no Kai fanatic.
  8. I could've sworn the chest plate and nose buckles (same motion as an ab crunch) when Breetai clobbers Hikaru's 1J with that pipe but I could be wrong. I don't deny it could work at 1/1 scale but it was a lot of anime magic in the show. The Valks always had human-like movements anyway. It would take some engineering to implement in a toy though.
  9. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    Like I've said before, if it's preorder madness then I'll probably ignore the entire line. I'll put up with it at my preferred scale but 1/100 is not worth it to me personally. I hope it's easy enough to get within reason since there are fans who are super excited and I'm always down for mo' Macross
  10. Yes but it depends on how much I like it and how much it costs. I have several triples.
  11. That's my motto for all toys
  12. He's saying he gonna use his imagination and pretend it's a non-canon scheme. Doesn't matter to him what's shown in the show. Lots of us do that.
  13. If you wait a little, it should show up in retail too. 3A sells (payment up front in full) through their website first with discounts for members (sales last 24 hours but go on a few days for licensed toys like this one). Then they also have some made for retail so you might be able to get one on hlj or bbts. Keep in mind I don't know for sure on this particular release. Also 3A includes shipping in that price.
  14. No way it's gonna be August If you can't tell, it's not my first time to the dance with 3A. I'll be impressed if it is August!
  15. xrentonx

    Hi-Metal R

    This one is a maybe for the oddity and I'm interested in the engineering. I'll skip if it's a preorder madness cause it ain't worth it at this size...for now. Plus the proportions look weird to me compared to Yamarcadia.
  16. Yeah, it's just my dumb way of saying I buy a lot of 3A and I paid for a membership
  17. Only cost me about $198 shipped since I know the secret handshake
  18. I just preordered this one too. Son of Rex! You will meet your daddy soon
  19. Yeah, the way "steal" is used here shouldn't be in contention in regards to the VF-4 It's all relative and you either pay now or you might pay a lot more later
  20. I think it's a Batman movie and Batman has done really well as a property despite how some people feel about the Nolan movies. I'm not worried. I'm cool with Affleck too. Those Honest trailers are the worst though. They get marked as "Not Interested" every time they show up in my YouTube feed along with "Old people react to..." or "Random asshat reacts to" videos. A couple were funny then it got out of hand
  21. The Tommy is a sleeper hit with me. I didn't realize how cool it was until I bought an olive drab on hlj clearance. I do feel a little bad for not supporting the Destroid line though.
  22. I think their bottom line is doing OK as I doubt they are losing money. Losing potential sales is another story but their bean counters are seeing everything in the black so to them this model is successful. Jus' playing devil's advocate here
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