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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Wow! Just wondering, which city are you from? I am from Vancouver, if we happen to live in the same city, can I come and see it in person?
  2. Wow... so much details. You should build a few Monster and put it on the chest as well!
  3. I am surprise the head cannot split in ship mode.
  4. Actually I would say it is better (to me and most fans who can't afford it) if Yamato don't make the figure at all. How human psychology perceive happiness is not always on linear scale. I would be very happy if Yamato make a Regult within my budget. But I would be happier if Yamato never make the Regult in the first place if it is priced out of my reach than not able to own one paying a reasonable amount. Given that I believe my budget on Yamato toys is above average and most fans would follow the same human psychology. By applying utilitarianism principle to aggregate the amount of happiness of all Macross fans, it seems not having a way too expensive Regult is better than having one.
  5. I can't believe I actually watched two episodes. I can't stop laughing all the way.
  6. Come on, don't be so harsh on Astro Plan. If we turn a blind eye on the IP issues, it's quite a fun show to watch. I just couldn't stop laughing. It is super mix of all mecha shows. It would make an interesting trivia just trying to figure out which scene is copy from what anime.
  7. I just got my copy today! Wow! It's really heavy reading. I regret I didn't learn my Japanese well back in university. Is there any translation?
  8. Ok. Since no one had made this bold statement, I will be the first one. In M+, M7, we see the immigration fleet communicate with Earth once a while. In MF, we never heard anything from Earth since ep.1, so... If SDF-1 is on Earth, then the simplest explanation is Gallie 4 = Earth!
  9. Wow. I just watched Macross 7 Ep 1. The graphics is on par with Macross Zero. It pays lots of tributes to Macross TV, Macross Plus and Macross 7. The flying stunt team practicing their moves reminds me Izimu in Macross Plus. The concert of Sheryl features Minmay costume. The new female leading character is working in a Chinese restaurant like the one Minmay worked in. The ed song is our beloved DYRL song remix. The new series is seems care about the old fans a lot. The EM interference get rid of Ghost drones easily, so the fighting is back on the shoulder of ace pilots. I have a few questions, what is the SMS skull team? What's the difference between the SMS team and the military force. Looks like they get rid of the escape pod in the Valkyries, instead, they have some kind of mesopedia like flying backpack. Close to the ending, how the blue hair kid got a VF-25 reminds me Gundam.
  10. To give you some inspiration, here is how I display my low-vis.
  11. Make it in infallible. (ok, it's a sick joke)
  12. In the old 1/72 YF-21, the shoulders looks quite odd sticking out in fighter mode. How well the 1/60 YF-21 hide the shoulders in fighter mode?
  13. I just rearrange my Macross display today. Here are the new pictures.
  14. Wow, 25 years, time really flies. Is Macross the only anime other than Gundam keep making new series after almost 2 decades?
  15. I like the mecha T-shirt. How much is it?
  16. I think you need some background, something like a hanger or runway.
  17. I have the similar problem. I am going to get marry next year and my girlfriend already said she only want 1 displace case in the house. (currently I have 2) Actually I sort of make a compromise with her, I am going to quite collecting Gundam, but only keep my Macross (Yeah!), and I will start a new line of truly manly collection, real gun! Weird that she encourage me to buy guns instead of toys.
  18. Mine just arrive today. The QC is really bad. My VF-1J has a big crack in the nose. The cockpit keep popping off in the VF-1J Red. The Angel bird and the VF-1A CF has a big gap between the tail pin part are the arms. The special has glue mark on the tail pin. Only that the QC of the two Super are acceptable. I would say, stay away from this crap.
  19. It depends on the definition of "own" official DVD: 0% pirated DVD: a few old series BT download backup in DVD: the rest (over 200 data DVDs, 1TB of data)
  20. I just watched the RTSC. It is better than I thought. The plot is a bit chessy but it has all the elements of a B class sci-fi movie, so it is acceptable. The CG is kinda stiff, but I have seen much worst from genuine 2006 Japanese Anime, so it is acceptable. The 2D drawing is simply pretty, gives me the traditional 80s Anime look and feel. In some way, it is more appealing than the moe-cutie trend so dominated in Japanese Anime nowadays. The voice acting is sub-par though, reminds me out of sync Anime dub in the old days. Anyways, I enjoy RTSC, it is a good show. You can't compare it with the top of the line big-budget Anime movie from Japanese, but it is on par with average TV broadcast Anime. Put it this way, I will take RTSC over a movie of Gundam Seed Destiny any day.
  21. Now, you just have to practise transforming it blind-folded.
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