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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. looks like a convertion from a scooter.
  2. Wow... that look really nice. How come the big gundam has no head and arms?
  3. I am looking for the Haro^2 fansub as well, try google but nothing useful shows up. I can only find the Seed-Fansubs on downloadanime.org
  4. I think it's just a joke. That guy reply in less than 5 minutes. According to the instruction, he should have freezen his xbox for 30 minutes.
  5. I got a question, do you know the MPC#2 Ultra Magius will come with the prime core inside his chest? If not what are they going to fill up that void?
  6. It's a no brainer. MPC Prime for sure. I had played both and owned MPC Prime. How do I put it, the Yamato Escaflowne is just ugly in robot mode, and it's quite freemsy in dragon mode. I don't have any complain about the MPC Prime except it doesn't come with the trailer.
  7. I guess we will have to join the dark side by turning to toynami if yamato stop making anymore Macross toys. I wonder, does toynami has plan for a SDF-1? With the quality of the Alpha MPC, and the fact that it will the only SDF-1 in town, I may actually consider buying that.
  8. Why can't we have both? The toy companies don't have to discontinue one line for another. Both MSIA and GFF are good, just like I'll buy whether scale of Macross toy Yamato going to make. The only exception is Max Q-Rau, I'm still waiting the price to come down before I can scope up one for cheap.
  9. Something is really wrong. If the site is indeed owned by MPAA, the MPAA icon should at least link to the MPAA website. Why can't any congressman brave enough to fight MPAA and RIAA on consumer's behave? The 99 year copyright period is way too much protection for those record and movie companies. All their intelliteral properties should be tax like real properites, and the longer the copyright period, the higher the tax. My scheme would be first year free, then add 10% per year up to 10 years, after that all copyright material should be released into public domain. Here is the moto: Downloading is illegal, but the law is immoral!
  10. I got my VB-6 last week. It's hugh! I'm a bit disappointed at the though. The Gerwalk (Monster) mode doesn't look as good as in the photo. I think the problem is the cannon barrel is too short and the arms are too small compare to the original monster Mk-II. I have some problem to get the leg to the right balance in battoid mode. So I end up displaying it in shuttle mode, which is the least interesting mode IMO.
  11. I will definitely buy one, then sell off my old YF-19.
  12. Check out this SDF-1, it sounds like a scam. Seller with zero feedback accepting only cash and money order. This
  13. Wow... maybe we should turn it into a contest. Here are my entries. Evangelion Valkyrie
  14. Only one thing flashed in my mind with an assemble of cast.... Half of them will be dead halfway through the series........start picking your fav character by then Here is my bet: Shin - Wouldn't it be nice if he got killed, that will really set a record in Gundam history? He is not really the main character anyways, just dispose him. The red hair zaku pilot - Look like Fray, die like Fray. Archangel's crews - Archangel had to sink at some point, so people must go down with her. The fake Lacus - probably killed when saving the real one. The 3 evil pilots - can't see any other ending for them. Kira or Athran - pick one, they should fade away in Gundam Seed 3. I think kira has a higher chance since he suppose to be dead by last season. Minerva's captain - she slept with the chairman, which means she is a bad woman, and bad woman has to die. Probably Murrue will take over her ship.
  15. Well... it depends on how much are you asking. If you want to sell it, you better sell it at the tax refund season where everyone has more disposable money.
  16. How about firing the rail gun in shuttle mode? The rail gun can be used as propulsion.
  17. I wonder when Bandai is going to release Char's red MS-06S in FIX. That would be the only Zeon FIX I'm interested in getting.
  18. Wow! Canucks beat the Yankees!!!! canada (242 000 000 results) versus america (184 000 000 results)
  19. I wonder how's the sales of the 1:60 2-seater VF-1. If the 1:60 goes well, yamato should go for the 1:48. But judging from ebay's price on 1:60 2 seaters, it seems they not selling very well.
  20. Is it really a PG strike? It's a crime to make a PG strike this monster!!
  21. All my anime collection fit nicely in my harddisk. Just covert your VHS to AVI or DIVX, and hide it under the hook of your computer. Your wife will never notice all the stuff in your 2 x 200GB harddisk As for the console systems, can't you just pack them in a box and put them in the basement? I'm sure your wife won't complain for yet another box.
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