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  1. I think the guy in 08th MS team is the best pilot. Other guys maybe the best "gundam" pilot, but they all rely hand to the supermacy of their gundam. If they were given a ball to fight against a Hi-Zaku, even Camille would be long dead. The F91 guy in Crossbone gundam is probably the best gundam pilot + commander. Char isn't a great pilot nor a commander to begin with, and the rest are purely pilots.
  2. I just ordered mine form toy-wave. I hope that would be the last 1/48 single seat. I am a bit sick (and broke) for yet another repaint.
  3. Actually, I have the same feeling. I also think the late 80s, early 90s anime are better than today's in term of storying telling. I think one of the problem is there are too many anime these days, and they are getting more and more mainstream. The writers are bowed to much to the market. I havn't watched Cowboy Beebop, but FMP is a big let down close to the end, Garasaki is totally garbage. Last Exile is quite promising up to 2/3 of the show, but the end doesn't make any sense. However there are still a few good anime I like. Escaflowne (not that new), Full Metal Alchemist, Elfen Lied (not well known but highly recommanded), Crest of the Star series. Give them a try and I am sure you would like these anime.
  4. I think Hiro Haro Fansub is one of the best out there. Try use VLC to play back your files.
  5. How about the paint scheme of Angel Birds?
  6. Suck... that is another recap for this week. We have seen that clip over ten thousand times already.
  7. Patlabor, Ingram vs Griffon, probably the most realistic mech fight Gundam Evolve 5: GP03D vs a team of Zion MSs, full CG Escaflonwe: The final fight between Pan and Allan, watch the sword motion. 0080: NT-1 vs Zaku
  8. Just watched ep 39, I glad to see Strike really show its age. Even with a super-ace like Kira, it still can't beat the new generation Zaku and Gouf CFs. I think it is the first time in Gundam history the protagonist ride on his old Gundam after he got a new one.
  9. hevangel2


    I want Yamato SDF-1, both TV and DYRL versions!
  10. WRONG, of course she can use the Freedom version of Strike Rouge correctly. All she has to do is cry in the damn thing, there is nothing special about that. The only thing that I think is a bit lacking is the equipment. There should be a big mike in the cockpit with several dozen high powered loud speaker where the Freedom weapons are so she can share her crying with everyone who doesn't currently have a radio turned on. Or better yet... heh heh, her version of Freedom can shot little speaker pods into the enemy and then she can cry their ears out. In that case, she also need to change the control of her Freedom to a guiter.
  11. Wow... just watched ep 34. I must say Freedom vs Impluse is the best Gundam vs Gundam fight I have seen. (Other than 0083, is there any other Gundam vs Gundam fight, BTW?) I think Kira is really stupid, he should have known Shin is taking advantage of his no-kill policy. If he realise the trick Shin is playing and adapt his strategy after his first several misses and aim for the cockpit instead, Shin is long dead. He could have kill Shin the first time he chop up Impulse. Actually, Kira changed his no-kill policy later on, as we can see Kira is aiming for the cockpit in the 2nd time. Shin used cheap tricks to dodge the slice by seperating the torse of Impulse. If Kira havn't change his mind and aim for the head as usual, then the seperation of Impulse will put the core fighter right on the path of Kira's light saber. I don't think Kira is dead, altought Shin had a direct hit in the tummy, but the cockpit of Freedom is located in the chest, so Kira could still be ok. I also don't think the blast at the end is from the explosion of Freedom's nuclear reactor. How can Impulse survive a nuclear blast at ground zero? Somehow I don't recall see Kira going Seed in the eposide, the normal cut scene is not played.
  12. Lucky guy, you have the permission to get 2 per month. My girlfriend simpily complain whenever I buy a Yammy, even though I only buy one when there is a new release. I bet she will kill me if she found how much a 1/48 cost.
  13. Take a look at this screen capture I found in Seed. How can Mwu survive without his halmet and come back as Neo?
  14. Ep 32 has the worst plot ever, so many logic errors. I just don't get it, how come Shin can get to Destory so easily? Shouldn't Destory is all protected by I-field shields from beam weapon and light sabers? Or Stella somehow forgot to turn on the defense system when she see the Impulse? When Neo told Shin Stella is piloting Destory, should Shin get really at Neo for breaking his promise? Instead he just standing there doing nothing. Archangel should fire the Longhammur(sp?) at Destory, the city has been already destoryed, yet Murrue still worried about hurting the city below, what a incompetent captain. When Kira chop off Neo's Windam, he signal Murrue to pick him up. How does Kira know Neo is Mwu? There is another star-war copy-cat in this ep. Kira use his light saber to defect incoming beam weapons just like the jedis. I didn't recall the light saber used this way in any previous gundam series I guess in the next eposide, we will finally see the long waited Freedom vs Impulse battle. Somehow I have a feeling that at the end of GSD will be totally different from Gundam traditions. The ZAFT will end up winning the war and rule over the whole earth. In GSDD, Orb and Archangel will turn to underground rebel like AEUG
  15. I want a Char Red Zaku. I wonder how long will it take before Bandai release one?
  16. Yamato really goes nuts for not making SDF-1 but make a 1/60 monster. I think the 1/100 monster is good enough for most of us, but a new SDF-1 would be every macross fans' dream come true.
  17. Wow... I just watched the first eposide of Ms igLoo, a complete 3D CG movie with lots of eye candies. That's kinda interesting in seeing the early pre-MS battle from Zion's view point. It has one of the most spectacular battleship vs battleship fight!
  18. Hi boinger, Shaw cable really sucks. They won't tell you there actually is a bandwidth usagelimit on the advertisement. I got suspensed for a week for using too much bandwidth. The only reason I'm upgrading to the higher speed package is I got more bandwidth. I found that the speed doesn't change much though.
  19. If Shin become the final bad guy in GSD, that would mark another history in Gundam series. The first time the main character turns evil. We know Gundam had been inspired by Starwars alot, like the light saber and target computer. Maybe GSD is borrowing from SW3 this time. It would be cool if Shin become some Lord Shin at the end of GSD with EA ruled Orbs and Plant iniron fist, and everyone else turns underground into rebels. Then in Seed 3, the child of Shim and Lunamaria will be raised by Kira to fight against Shin.
  20. Wow! Ep 28 is the best eposide so far, non stop action in 30 minutes! I think it broke the record of most number of gundam got destoried in one eposide. The good think is finally Athuran didn't self destruct his MS. Kira alone with Freedom can probably take on every MS EA + ZAFT + ORB had combined. Shim in seed mode still have no match with non-seed mode Kira. The balance of power is just totally off in GSD. I think Kira has to die at the end, he is just way too strong.
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