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  1. Version 2.5 is out. Can you say T.V. tuner!!!!!!!!! Pretty much useless right now since we don't have the free play service here in the U.S. but I guess it's coming.
  2. WOW!!!!!!! The overwhelming jealousy here is flattering people. There is only one MGREXX and that's me, you biotche$. SO just get over it.
  3. This paragraph is self-contradicting. 336428[/snapback] Only because you are on crack.
  4. Actually, Robotech version was good too. They didnt really change a lot from that. I hate Mint on both version though. Totally useless character. She's the freakin Jarjar of Mospeada. 336545[/snapback] Useless, just like you in life, huh Exoidiot.
  5. So true... the stupid always outnumber people with taste. hehe. 336270[/snapback] Yes Exoidiot, you should know best. Exo: " I am not only the President, I am also a member of club $tupid"
  6. I told you all that the 360 and it's games are in trouble nas subpar. Gamespot article Go ahead and take your sweet time SONY because daddy wants true kick a$$ next gen games, not rushed $hit.
  7. WELL WELL WELL!!!! Looks like the 360 is in trouble. Gamespot article I tell you. I smell a Sega Saturn repeat. SONY is smart. Take your time and give us true next gen titles. Rushing crap out the door in sheer despeartion is not the right answer.
  8. I saw a screening of it. One word: SUCKS!!!!....except for the final boss fight.
  9. Dumba$$!!!!!! He should have dressed up as Rick Hunter or Roy Fokker from Robotech....not Macross.
  10. That's because there are more Robotech fans than Macross fans out there.
  11. hmmm.............seems that retailers are scared with this new law. I wonder why????? Their consience seems to be kicking in or is it the guilt that they feel because they realize that the gig is up and they are going to have to start OBEYING the laws or paying the fines because they KNOW they have not not doing $hit all of these years and now it is going to bite them in their greedy a$$e$. Hmmmm.......... Gamespot article
  12. MGREXX

    My Chase max

    So thats the Battroid mode whats it look like in Gerwalk mode I know that U.N Spacey had money problems but the budget cuts have gone to far now. 335591[/snapback] That bored huh?
  13. CHILDBEATER! lol... trying to make that EXOidiot and Agentdumb thing catch? haha... not as catchy as MCOCK and MGTROLL. Besides, passing the balme towards politicians for your inability to straighten out your kids at the expense of people's freedom to choose is one way to show how much of a pussy your are. Damn... CHILDBEATER... 335173[/snapback] You are so clueless that you don't even know what you are saying. I feel sorry for you.....you Metrosexual. SEE, YOU SHOULD HAVE FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL!!!!
  14. When you "shot" him when pretending, did his head explode in a gush of blood? DId you hit him so hard that he coughed up blood and was black and blue? In games, this is done and more....BY US!!! We are in a virtual world where we do things that we can't or should not do. For some people, that line is blurred.....especially immature kids.
  15. Some of you are missing the point of video games when comparing them to movies and playing pretend. When you play cowboys and indians, you pretend and don't really imagine what happens when you shoot or stab somebody, since you are just having fun. When wathching a movie, it's just a passive event. You see what happens but you are just an observer. When you play games, YOU are the one doing the killing and seeing the result of your actions. For adults it's just fun but for some youth, it blurs the line and makes some of them feel empowered to do things that they might normally only think about because they are all ready somewhat disturbed. INTERACTION. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE PEOPLE!!!!!
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