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  1. My 1/60 Cavaliers Vakyrie is available on Ebay. Has been taken out of the box once and transformed, displayed briefly before putting back in box. Minor shelf wear on box, all accessories, no stickers applied, smoke-free home, etc. SOLD
  2. Thanks! Here's a photo I took recently of it in my display case. One of a kind in 1/48 as far as I know! Also just found this awesome computer animation of a Stampede. Wish I had this for reference when I built my 1/48 version years ago!
  3. How much is a Yamato 1/60 Cavaliers (blue valk) going for lately? Taken out of the box and transformed/posed but otherwise box and figure are in fine shape.
  4. Not sure if it's OK to list an eBay item here. My 1/12 Yamato Scopedog + Red Shoulder parts + Weapons pack are for sale here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=141200291811
  5. They don't sell 1/60 fast packs individually, do they? I'm guessing I'll have to buy a full 1/60 VF with fast packs if I want this Cavaliers to have them...
  6. Looking for a reasonably cheap Yamato 1/60 Q-Rau (and it looks like somebody just posted likewise!). I aim to customize it into the green-colored TV version. PM me with your wares.
  7. What's the story on the new Votoms series/OVAs that came out in the past year or so? Are they all released and done? It seems like there was little enthusiasm for them - and certainly no new notable figures. edit: I'm talking about Case Irvine, Votoms Finder, and Koei Futatabi (I think). Anybody see these yet?
  8. The DMZ Rabidly looks great, wish I had picked up one of those too. I have the original DMZ Scopedog with red shoulder weapons and the Strikedog. I'm hoping the DMZ series gets re-released someday (but realize I shouldn't count on it).
  9. Man I love the 1/18 DMZ series, I wish they would re-release those. The detail and paint is incredible. I missed out on the Turbo Custom version and have regretted it ever since (don't want to pay big $$$ for it). Seems to be plenty of StrikeDogs out there for relatively cheap. Wish they had done a 1/18 DMZ Fatty or Standing Tortoise. Oh well, maybe someday...
  10. Thanks for the link. So it looks like Yamato is making a 1/12 Marshydog. Or is this just a custom?
  11. Sorry to have to ask here, but I'm having trouble locating the current "Votoms" thread over at Toysdaily.com. I used to have a standing link to the thread, but it's now broken. Is anybody able to navigate that site that can give me a link to the current "Votoms" megathread? I enjoyed that thread as it was updated fairly often with all things Votoms...
  12. Is there anywhere left to preorder this? Or can I count on a restock shortly after release?
  13. Thought this was a pretty awesome idea. Would be great to see this for all the combining SOCs, with the ability to mount verically or on some kind of stand. Found here.
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