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  1. One, two, three.... You know... I understand how people are suffering. Trust me I have been in a similar situation. Civil War in Croatia ... never mind... I'm a dumbass... ban me, I want it so bad.
  2. holly crap a 6.0 earthquake near mount fuji can anyone confirm here that our news media is accurate?
  3. I am amazed people are just walking around and not running. I mean you see a wall of water coming at you... you haul ass! I hope those people got to cover to the building where the guy was filming from. Another story that perplexed me in the Toronto Star was a mother and her baby drowned saving her elderly mother. In that situation I would quickly make the decision to save my child first and I KNOW my parents would have no issue with that. Very upsetting when I hear that stuff. To put things into perspective in August Toronto had a 5.0 quake. I was actually on the toilet and the building i was working in was going through renovations and I thought the guys were working on the plumbing and pulling the pipes. The 30-60 second quake made me feel dizzy. Just shows I had false elusions of safety and didnt know we have a fault line running through chaulk river Nuclear plant
  4. WOW The day after the quake I sent an email to HLJ, the logo freaks (having a back and forth with Scott over logos on boxes costing me an arm and leg)asking them if they were ok and offering my best wishes to their safety and offering support. In the response email I cant believe how quick they are to get back into business and they confirmed a dented box sale coming shortly here is the email they sent me "Hello everyone We apologize for this mass email. The outpouring of support and well-wishes from many of you has really brightened our day, but it has also overloaded our mail box. We'd like to answer each of you individually, but we just don't have time. We do thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. Everyone here is fine, as are our families. For those who have offered help, again, thank you. There is really nothing to be done here, but if you would like to contribute to help the people up in Miyagi, where the worst damage is, there should be a number of sites up by now that can get your contribution where it will help the most. For anyone who did write in with a problem or question, please read the following information carefully, and please write back if that information does not solve your problem. We worked over the weekend to get the shelves back in order, and we will be conducting business as usual, although there may be unavoidable delays. Until at least the end of April, Tokyo Electric will be implementing rolling blackouts. This means that our power will be off for about 4 hours a day, although we don't know for sure exactly when yet. During these times, the site will be unavailable, but as soon as the power comes back on, you'll be able to order as usual. We will be processing orders and payments as usual, and packing and shipping them as usual. There may be delays in shipping, but the major airports that handle our packages are generally up and running, and although it may take a little longer for packages to get out of Japan, they'll be moving pretty much as usual. If you are worried about your order, please don't ask us to hold it until everything gets back to normal. This won't be possible. Again, all indications are that Japan Post will be doing its usual excellent job of getting packages where they are supposed to go. Again, to everyone who offered support, we thank you sincerely. Thank you for shopping with HobbyLink Japan! --- Jon Parker HLJ Customer Service www.hlj.com" and some pics of their offices and check out the video Holly crap that is very scary, the other videos i saw weren't shaking that much. It could be also the video taker could not steady the cam. Funny the shelves did not fall over but the kits did which should be fairly intact. Toybox pics posted earlier had more impact but that looked like a private collection gone wild. When I saw the pics I thought of the show "hoarders" came to mind. In my local paper story is that Reactors are failing and meltdown is imminent. poo when it rains it pours. My friends local church is setting up something today and I will drop by to see what I can do or donate. I'm pretty sure the Japanese are prepared for these disasters but support can never be enough in my opinion.
  5. most people that say I am in Japan and I am ok (thank god). Comment was more curiosity, my dream is to visit Japan one day. I have an easier inclination to learn Japanese than Chinese although I can get by in cantonese since my mother in law cant speak any english. Japanese comes easier to me because of my own Native tongue Croatian which is phonetic.
  6. didnt know so many board members in Japan. Are you japanese? Did you move to Japan to teach english? Surprising if the former that so many americans speak japanese well enough to work there. Anyway, not sure whats going on with that reactor but the roof blown off and coolant systems down in a 40 year old plant it seems to me the government is downplaying the seriousness
  7. this image made me feel like poo. i have kids and i can feel for the father and boy. good to see the international community and canada rally support
  8. No Edit** not when 200 or more people have perished!
  9. WOW Makes me sad to see those cars on the road seeing people trying to make a run for it from the deluge. My prayers are with everyone there. I heard a 1 meter wave hit some Russian Islands. News broadcasters here in Canada are reporting Tsunami warnings in BC.
  10. Didn't read the posts but I hope the board members from MW are safe and sound. My condolences to the Japanese people. My friends local church is setting up a relief fund and I will be donating locally
  11. Broken Blade is one of those RARE very well done Mecha Animes! I love the series so far. Not since Escaflowne, Gurann Lagann have I got that choking feeling in the back of my throat. I love the opening theme. Who sings it so I can download it. I am uploading the the opening them right now on youtube.
  12. so what is this exactly SailerMoon with fancy graphics??
  13. I think those are the old Chunky monkeys. Could not do that with a Modern day Bandai or Yammy. Try that with a Yammy and you risk breaking it everywhere. Id rather have a durability contest. IE throw a Yamato and Bandi Valk against the wall and see which one survives the most. My bet is on the Bandai VF-25
  14. I second, third and forth that request for an MG Kshatriya
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