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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. No. I already had a VF-1S Roy I'll definitely buy the VF-1J FP. I'm still thinking about the VF-1S Hikaru, does it worth it?
  2. Hi, I got a question. I just recived my VF-1J ordered from e-bay. The pilot figure come with it is not the TV Hikaru shown on the box, rather it's a DYRL Hikaru. (Like the figure come with VF-1S Strike, but the helmet is red instead of yellow) It look kinda weird with a DYRL pilot in a TV Valkyire cockpit. Is it normal, Yamato's quality problem or the seller swapped my pilot figure? Please give some thoughts. Thanks. Rgds, Horace Chan
  3. Wow..... that's awesome. Can't wait to see the complete work got translated.
  4. Here is my delimma. I don't own any 1/72, I missed the first version, and it's too expensive now. Personally, I don't think the YF-21FP and VF-11FP scult is that pretty. I still have hope on the YF-19FP coming out next year. If the YF-19FP scult is pretty, I'll probably get it. If I get the YF-19FP, I'll need YF-21FP and VF-11FP to company him. From the ebay auctions and other on-line stores I monitored, it seems the price of YF-21FP and VF-11FP is bottomed out. And the supply is start to dry up. I'm worry that the price will get push up next year when YF-19FP is released. Should I get the YF-21FP and VF-11FP now, or should I wait when YF-19FP is released? Please give me some opinions.
  5. 1/72: 0 1/48: 4, FP: 2 1/60: 4 + 3 (ordered)
  6. hevangel2

    HLJ Crazy Sales

    Thanks for the news! I just got myself a 1/60 Max. Now, all I need is the Max & Mira FP, VF-1S (non-FP) and TRU to complete my 1/60 collection.
  7. I once own a few Taka 1/55 when I was small, and they got throw away by my mom when I move from HK to Canada. I'll probably start collect Bandai re-issue 1/55 once I complete my Yamato line. Yamato still has a higher priority, but I do see the beauty of the Bandai 1/55. It bring back good old memory. What's you guys' opinion on Toynami 1/55? Does it worth collecting at all? Or even worse, does worth to buy it as merely a toy?
  8. I got all 4 1/48, and I'm trying to complete the 1/60 collection now. If you don't want your 1/60, you could sell them to me at a discount. (Sorry, I voted yes too) I found the 1/60 has its beauty. 1/60 is actually better for display than the 1/48. 1/48 is just too large to put in any Ikea display case.
  9. Just wondering, how much is the re-cast? I'm interested too.
  10. Hi Sith, Just wondering, what do you do with your 4x valks? Are you displaying them or just leave them in the boxes?
  11. Toy-wave has the cheapest 1/48 Max. US$89. EMS shipping from HK is pretty much standard price. I saw the stamps on the package, and converted it back to US dollar. They didn't over-charge the shipping.
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