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  1. Hello fellow MWers. I wanted to ask the community here on helping me get a Flight mode adapter for the Yamato VF-11B. Is there anyone here who has one for sale, or does anyone have the option/possibilty of making a 3D print of the adaptor? Or if anyone can direct me at the right direction (if already tried to get in touch with YetiStand, but unfortunately no reply) Ive attached the picture for reference. I think its the one on the buttom right corner. Hope someone can help. (Admin, please remove if its on the wrong forum)
  2. Okay Guys first time posting here after more then a decade :) Anyways, can anyone tell me if the Arcadia Variable Stand can work on a Yamato YF-19 (and will it fit the adaptor that comes with the 19?)
  3. Hey People! Is there anyone here still selling any of the Yamato 1/48 Armor parts? Boxed or loose ? 1. Standard Blue 2. Urban Camo 3. Woodland Camo
  4. Hey guys, is any one interested in selling a Macross Yamato 1/48 TV style Kakizaki? I am hoping that MW will sell me one cheaper then those (sell your testical prices) being sold at Ebay.com - JIN
  5. Hey everyone! Is anyone here willing to sell 2x Macross 1/48 Yamato GBP-1 Urban Camo? If so, then please post and price
  6. Yeah are you right.... damm, my JetFire had like a gazillion confirmed kills due to the massive amount of dogfights throughout the years of my childhood Man... she was a good fighterplane! - Jin
  7. Anyways these are my favorits wallpapers - Jin
  8. Some MWer did this a while back, i think its really cool. Can anyone remove the small Valks in the backgrounnd above the SDF-1? - Jin
  9. Here are the two items in question. - Jin
  10. Hey everyone. Ive been thinking of getting myself a few (ok actually alot) of the Gundam display stands for my 1/48. Ive grown tired of just having them "parked" in the my display case, and from the pictures ive seen with the Valks on a display stands, well they are pretty nice (the Yamato & Gundam Stands) I wish i had the cash to get the Yamato stands, but from just the price alone, is not worth paying that much for it, specially if you need more then one, id rather use my money on getting another valk instead. And from what i know so far the Gundam stand is much cheaper and just as durable/Stabil. So here is the question, i was wondering does any of your MWers in here know how many gundam display stands you can fit inside the Detolf Display Case? Im really hoping that its just big enuff so i can fit two on every on every level inside the detolf´s 4 compartments. Any info would be greatly appreciated. - Jin
  11. So all you Naj-sayers to the MII....come on, give it some LUV - Jin
  12. As my favorit MW-modelbuilder put together...
  13. "Game over man game over....we are farted!" - Hudson -Jin
  14. As for me im holding my breath for the 1/48 VF-4 and the VF-11B.... since those are more likely to me made by Yamato, compaired to the other valks. - Jin
  15. Thanks for the help! Love my new wallpaper hehe - Jin
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