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  1. Well moving again and cant afford to repack valks and have em sitting in a box for years on end so Im selling em at cut rate prces. DYRL sqaudron 1/48 with fast packs: (loose) includes all accosories, gun, fresh sticker sheet, with fastpacks. Never played with. $115 each with $15 shipping in the US. Angelbird custom Shoulder box includede but not pictured. Great as is or recutosm. $75 shipped obo factory VF-1J head never used. $25 I use paypal. PM me if you are intersted. I will willing to nogotate. I am on the SSL too. Thnaks!
  2. Found more stuff but life sucks for me. You can thank my wife Priced to move. Skull Sqaud from DYRL 1/48 wit FAST PACKS! Displayed only 1st gen stickers applied has all the goodies. $200 each obo OR $750 + shipping for the set($50 savings) (HIKI and MAX pending) MP Ultra Magnus $75 + shipping obo has everything PendingMP Prime 1st run Hasbro $65+ shipping obo has everything pending Or both for $125 + shipping Alternators lot $125 shipped obo. Includes:Mirage, Jazz with custom stickers,Red Altert(head swap with Prowl body) Prowl (head swap with alert binatech) Hound, Swindle, Skids, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe,smokescreen and siverstreak and Hot Rod. (About tweleve bucks a piece) CMS Macross pilot and crew set $100 shipped or obo Hikaru, Max (rare), Roy, Misa, Bridge bunny, Mirya, Max (zentran), two kinds of minmays. MP skywarp mib walmart $30 + shippping
  3. Updated will be out until 9pm central time traveling back hiome. . I will check later. if there is something you are interested in call me at 9034277392. Thx KJ
  4. I tought I had lost my entire Macross/toy collection during hurricane Ike in 08 but apparntly I still had some non cannon stuff/ random items were found in my parents attic thati had stashed away after I got married. All of these items were diplay only. Dont have room 4 it and theres no room at my house to display macross (love 4 it in spirit) so everything is priced resonably to move. just want it to have a good home. plz add 4% paypal. factory hikaru/rick 1/48 tv piolt $15 shipped obo 1/48 valk sticker sheets unused $10 each qty: 5 minty mint shipped pending nightmareb4macross 1/48 valk fast pack (2unused) $12 per sheet. used sheet qty 2. $5 (one missing red insignia/red skulls and one missing green skulls)shipped one used pending NB4M 1/48 gbp stickers 1 unused $15. (one with two stickers removed used $5shipped lv2 vf-1a with recolored custom olive heaed. bp8 cracked but still fucitional, $75 shipped obo.pmd all nterested parties Vf-1a cannon fodder never transformed Complete $105 shipped pending japan maidien SOLD TO MAIDEN GPB armor no side covers) $75 Does not include valk shipped pending wickiedprince SOLD TO WPRINCE angelbird AND Gpb-1s custon armor $125 shipped obo (painted by me. clean job. great to recuytomioze)pmd all nterested parties stealth with armor $125 obo (bp8 was replaced) still transfroms fine. diplay piece pmd all nterested parties (britia) SOLD TO BRITIA Takara sKywarp $50 obo transformed once (shipped with box insert all kibble and parts instruction base ) Takara megatron $50 shipped never transformed(all parts with box in instert no orange plug tear at top of box pmd all nterested parties[ sold to dominic.18 Alternaotr /Binatletch lot. Prime, Deadend stepper,hot rod (loose wheel in front)custom painted sunstreaker, ravage V1, grmlock (binatech)have most of there weapons found a target master for stepper and fishing rod that didnt come with US hotrod. $75 shipped obo pending wicked prince SOLD TO WPRINCE hybrid prime v2. as shown $20 obo shipped.free ultra magnus and jets with purchase pending obo offer from Maiden Japan SOLD TO MAIDEN robotech posables $10 with guns and xtra hands. pending sh002SOLD I also have a MP ultra magnus somewhere that I still have the box for so PM me and ill start looking for it @ here. Cause thats going as well. Thanks for looking.


    The secondary market fell out when they started re-issuing all those bandia ones. then yaamto blew it out of the water
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