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  1. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    "To see if we could" has already been proven, so at this point its more for "giggles and grins" and "sticking it to the man," neither of which I'm against. That said, of the two various ways I've seen lowers printed, both still require a lot of "clean up" work to simply make proper tolerances, or changing those pre-existing files to make tolerances (shrinkage). The Mold on the other hand is both fiber and brass reinforced in critical areas, requires no more manual clean-up than a printed example and best of all doesn't require electricity to make them. Time? Printed versions take as long as 36hrs, then you still have "clean up"; a mold takes less than 12 hrs total, 1.5hrs from pour to set. Yes, the printer is ultimately superior due to its abundant versatility, speaking on a "lower" only basis here; which means the "Ghost Gunner" is still the overall winner, especially since it now does 1911's as well.
  2. Wolf-1

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Oops; I forget sometimes that while my local area quit airing the show after "Rebirth", that wasn't the end of the show. So after a quick search, I'm confused; is Headmasters part of G1 or not? "Rebirth" appears to be the first 3 episodes of Headmasters; and again we sacrifice OP to bring back Rodimus, completely rebuild/rename both cassette bots. Yeah, I didn't miss much!
  3. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    Why spend the money on a printer and supplies when you can just order a "Molding" kit and literally just pour a lower; could probably pour a dozen lowers for the cost of decent printer. At least this way you can reinforce the lower at some the stress induced areas. Personally, I wouldn't mind one the small milling machines designed for the incomplete lowers.
  4. Wolf-1

    The Transformers Thread Next

    He only appears in part 1 of "The Rebirth"; or the very last shows of G1. He shows up to the fight, tries to do some spying and then gets taken down by the wolf and bird twins from the Decepticons; maybe 60 secs of screen time total. You do get to see all 3 modes, albeit briefly.
  5. Wolf-1

    Jurassic World

    In the opening scene, I believe its all low/mumbling Spanish, until the SNAFU and "Shoot her!"; end scene. The overall mention of the actual project size is mainly found in the throwaway comments from Nedry or SLJ's character and computer moniters. I believe the girl even comes across "Site B" when she is rebooting security. The birthing scene only throws more confusion into the wind. Personally, I say just reboot the whole series and do the entire first book this time; as throwing the missing pieces into the third film was a, "We're already lacking in story + new dino".
  6. Wolf-1

    Jurassic World

    So when the first film opens they are simply moving what will be the head raptor, from one holding pen to another? Doesn't the first film make mention, even if only briefly, that the project is several islands with the Park being the largest?
  7. Wolf-1

    Toynami 1/100 line

    The standing pilots seem to be more of a 1/72 scale than 1/100, to me. I say this only due to having used the Armored Factory crew and a Bandai 1/72 Minmay for my little display. My 1/72 Minmay seems to more at the same height to the Valk as the pilots in the photos than the actual 1/100 Armored Factory crew is when I compare them. So long as Minmay remains in the foreground its hard to tell the difference but as soon as you place her next to an actual 1/100, she becomes an Amazonian instead of a teenage pop-star. Just wanted to share for those who are thinking/intending on getting the toys for the figures to use with the Armored Factory; and if you no longer want the Veritechs leave me a PM and we may work something out.
  8. Wolf-1

    General TV thread

    I only managed to sit through two episodes of Longmire, seasons apart I might add; so its hard for me to make that call. Yellowstone is going to be more about trying to maintain one's empire and power, all while trying to decide which of the kids will take the reins of the Ranch. I view it more as a "Corleone tale" with a cowboy twist and no M. Puzo.
  9. Wolf-1

    General TV thread

    Caught an encore presentation of Yellowstone's premiere; the new K. Costner show on Paramount Network or what was Spike. Went into the show expecting a 1 hr premiere; its 2 hrs and well worth it to set all the pieces into their opening moves. Massive Cattle Ranch dealing with everyday life, encroaching civilization, and of course a Reservation and Casino; this is before we get into internal struggles on the Ranch or Reservation. Well worth checking out!
  10. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    Since I tend to play with the heavy Honda's, Preludes and Accords, I've never had reason to really get to know the D series. I know they can certainly surprise people for a little SOHC, especially once boost is brought into the equation and that certain heads marked with (y) are sought after but that's about it. I personally have an affinity for the H series; I've swapped two different ones into my Accord, NA and Turbo. Currently tearing down the NA again to add some JDM Type S goodies and trying to track down a F23 crank and rods so I can make a H23 DOHC Type S for the 4th gen Prelude I just recently acquired. Again, awesome Civic and congrats on 2nd son!
  11. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Must be a damn cool Private then, cause he's got his superiors doing the latrine duty.
  12. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    More of an Accord guy myself, though this is a gorgeous Civic, even has twin-loop! Still period correct underhood or has it been given a (B)etter and/or (K)iller propulsion unit? Not intentionally trying to change original subject matter; so bring on the Firearms too!
  13. Wolf-1

    Hi-Metal R

    Loving the look of this! What exactly did you use to add to the original kit; I've been wanting to do something similar but have only purchased the Tomytec aviation platforms to separate the two bays or add additional floor space. I've found its difficult to place more than 2 toys on the bays w/o them becoming overcrowded, start placing crew and set pieces and it gets small really quickly. I've also found that taking a 1/72 double seated cockpit and cutting off the back half and reattaching it at 90 degrees allows for a passable raised seat from a 1/100 figure with the head pitched forward.
  14. Wolf-1

    Cobra Kai

    So close to being the bar scene. Points need awarded!