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  1. Season two did not disappoint! Though the finale fight while awesome, was a bit over the top, no pun intended. This season certainly doesn't end on any kind of high note but leaves plenty to speculate about; in particular Robby, the book on Okinawa, Miguel and the text from Dr. Mills Schwarber (pediatric surgeon).
  2. As far as the world of Dezrel, I too have only read the Shadowdance series, there are 6 plus the novella. His Seraphim series is another world and only a trilogy; its got people flying around with a type of steam-punk/magic wings and shooting elemental magic at one another until swords are joined, this I really enjoyed. He also just released his latest series that is yet another world of its own; wasn't impressed with the description given. If you enjoyed the Shadowdance series then I highly recommend you check out B. Weeks Night Angel series, it is far more graphic and grand in every respect.
  3. Last "new" thing I read was M. Heitz's recent addition to his Dwarves series. Triumph of The Dwarves, so glad he decided to come back to this series. Just finished up D. Dalglish's Shadowdance series and started his Seraphim series, again. Impatiently awaiting both B. Week's, and Salvatore's latest.
  4. Considering that M. Barnes wasn't shown but is slated for a return, I doubt that's the way they are actually headed but would like nostalgia to lead us there. I do believe however that Peyton List A.K.A. Torry Schwarber is shown at 0:28 in; as in Ali Mills Schwarber. The daughter has been confirmed but if E.S. is coming back they're hiding it really well.
  5. Can honestly say I never sat through an entire episode of 90210, however, I was pleasantly surprised at his performance and over all story in 8 Seconds, I believe its that particular Baldwin's best performance as well.
  6. Granted, as the series has progressed its only gotten more outlandish and unbelievable. That said, they did always make sure and keep films based around, even if only loosely, on car culture. If they wanted to do a spin-off I'm all for it, but not with the the last two characters to be introduced into the "Crew". I believe a spin-off with Rome (Tyrese) and Tej (Luda) would have been a better angle. They essentially have the same chemistry as Hobbs and Shaw, only both of these characters have been around since the 2nd film and have been providing a vast majority of the levity to be found throughout the series. They could have gone a little more back into the car-culture side of things instead of the super-agent aspect. The only thing F&F in the trailer provided is a McLaren 720S, which is actually more Need For Speed (Top Gear/Grand Tour) than F&F. In short a F&F film should be a decent nod to the original Gone in 60 secs, and not a nod to 007:James Bond/XXX.
  7. And just like that Universal killed F&F like they did their Monster franchises. It will make money but it will also be the franchise's XXX: State of the Union.
  8. That's a nice nod to Goose's original helmet, seems to be missing the eagle as on Maverick's. Supposed new call signs, according to The Hollywood Reporter: PHOENIX, SLAYER, BOB, CYCLONE, LARDO, AMELIA FKA MIRIAM, PAYBACK, FANBOY, HARVARD & YALE, VIKING, COYOTE.
  9. Yes, as long as its purchased before Feb 18, 2019.
  10. I suppose it would be post-stall maneuvers. Each time I've "triggered" it, I was attempting a High-G turn when I had apparently already bled off all speed for one. Never felt like I had control of it though, as the stick goes dead for a split second until after the "spin". Having watched a few video's to try and get a better definition of the two moves, I would go with a Kulbit loop, though again, I had no stick through the loop and while I'm sure there was some forward momentum along with the spin, I couldn't tell it; I play strictly in 3rd person view. I haven't even really attempted to go after S rankings yet, I'm still trying to get Mission's 8 and 13(Bunker Buster)'s Aces. I can meet the requirements but can't get the Aces and complete missions in time, what really burns me is that I don't even care for either paint scheme but want the special scheme for the Wyvern.
  11. It's in 7 that they switched X to Specials and (Select)Windows/Back to Map; took me a mission or two to adjust but I did. Then went back to 6 and I find myself blocking my line of sight because I'm over-laying the map on my TGT by accident. I'm leaning more toward the 7 lay-out but its more a departure from PS2 lay-out, which is already confusing enough when I forget that there are no High-G turn's in PS2. Has anyone else noticed in 7, that if you stall the plane just right you can get it to spin on the Y axis, nose back down and dive to regain speed? Have dodged a few missiles on accident doing this a couple of times. Have never noticed any kind of "spin" from a stall in previous iterations.
  12. I have the XBox version, not sure I fully understand the difference between a port and just BC only. That said, during the download for AC6 this past week, you could choose to only get the BC data and use a physical disc or just download the entire game along with the a few of the paint schemes/plane set-up changes(Pixy, Cherry Blossom, Razgriz, AC2 F16) I would say just BC, given what little I've played through so far. I wish they would have kept the button lay-out the same between the two, specials and map are interchanged between the two generation consoles.
  13. It will roughly take 4 play-through's to purchase all planes, 5 to unlock all special weapons; assuming one doesn't touch MP. Found a list of all ACEs and their requirements, all Aces will appear on Normal difficulty. Charge Assault - PYRO/Mig-21, Destroy 3rd wave of bombers with 4/6/8AAM, appears with 4th wave of bombers, spawns in Northwest. Charge The Enemy - JESTER/Mig-29, Destroy the TGT marked Control Tower and all radar vehicles, will spawn after UAV's on taxiway on airport. Two-Pronged Strategy - F16C/BAYONET, Destroy all 1st wave enemies in under 90 sec., spawns behind Arsenal Bird Rescue - F15J/RONIN, Keep low altitude(200m/650ft) and reach space elevator, will spawn in Northeast. 444 - F15C/FANG, Take 75% damage while weapons disabled, destroy first 3 bombers, spawns between next wave of TGT's. Long Day - F14D/KITTEN, Go through tunnel in western part of the base, will spawn in Southwest corner. First Contact - Typhoon/FAUCON, Destroy all the NON-TGT's enemies in 1st part of mission, will spawn in North. Pipeline Destruction - F15E/GAZELLE, Destroy all Oil Facilities before time runs out, will spawn in North with UAV's (hangs around northern most TGT) Faceless Soldier - FA18F/SPIDER, Destroy at least half NON-TGT's and all Radar Towers, will spawn in East. Transfer Orders - GripenE/LOVETEAU, Destroy the SAM's quickly, will spawn from the East with Mirage-2000's. Fleet Destruction - Su-33/IBIS, Go through gap in Northern platforms, will spawn in East - Rafale/CHASSEUR, Go to Northern Platform and destroy all aircraft before they take off, will spawn in West. Stonehenge Defense - Su-34/WALRUS, Prevent enemies from damaging Stonehenge even once and will spawn from NW with helicopters. - A-10C/BUFFLE, Destroy the 3 A-10's coming from the East, will spawn Southwest of Stonehenge. - Mirage2000/FOUDRE, Fly underneath any Stonehenge rail gun, spawns in South. Bunker Buster - Mig-31/COMET, Destroy missile silo's quickly (roughly 3.5 min), spawns going away towards West with 1st ICBM. Cape Rainy Assault - Su-47/GADFLY, fly through canyon quickly and will appear with Su-35's in North. Battle of Farbanti - Su-37/SERPENT, Score 5000 pts over requirement in first stage of mission, will spawn SW of Southeastern most dog fight. -F-2A/BOGEN, Destroy Aegis Ashore, near the GHQ in first part of mission, will spawn South of Shore Battery and tries to escape South. Last Hope - Su-35/AXEMAN, Score 15,000 pts and then Axeman will spawn in Southeastern part of city as UNKOWN until identified. Homeward - F35C/MANTIS, fly along (above and very close) to the Mass Driver Rail and will spawn along with bombers and fighters in East, marked as UNKNOWN until identified. Lost Kingdom - YF-23/LYNX, Destroy all enemies before reaching castle in about 2.5 minutes, will spawn slightly North of castle, about time F-16 takes off. Lighthouse - Su-57/CALAMITY, Score 20,000 pts in first part of mission, will spawn far Southeast of space elevator, stealth plane so must be close before appearing (Parts can help), flies South but will hold position just outside map line (long range specials will work). - F22/TEMPEST, Same as Calamity on appears Southwest of elevator, stealth plane must be close before appearing. Will prioritize TRIGGER/PLAYER if about 30,000 ft. high. otherwise engages allied aircraft. I have confirmed all of them, just not completed them all.
  14. That is affirmative. This also allows you to tie the F-22/F-23 branch down into the Su-57 or vice-versa. The Wyvern is still a ways off for me, want to have pretty much every other normal jet first. Has anyone figured out the "nickname" part of the game, couldn't find them under Data reviewer, anyone see an F4 in their hangars yet either?
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