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  1. Wolf-1

    Ace Combat 7

    That is affirmative. This also allows you to tie the F-22/F-23 branch down into the Su-57 or vice-versa. The Wyvern is still a ways off for me, want to have pretty much every other normal jet first. Has anyone figured out the "nickname" part of the game, couldn't find them under Data reviewer, anyone see an F4 in their hangars yet either?
  2. Wolf-1

    Ace Combat 7

    Haven't tried multiplayer on this game yet, though if its much like 6 was I'll pass. Unless Project Aces is taking a page from Forza's book and forcing one to play multiplayer in order to unlock everything, at which point they have me in gun distance. I would be the guy in the A10 most likely, only flying with an actual fighter instead; my yaw controls are non-existent until the end missions usually. Finished my first run through; my only complaint would be that the campaign mode is simply not long enough. I did manage to purchase the Raptor for the final two missions, left 100k in the bank, was back up to over 700k by the end of the next mission. If you think the "Hills have eyes" run is fun, just wait!
  3. Wolf-1

    Ace Combat 7

    Just got to mission 14 and purchased my first Eagle, not the J; went the U.S. route except for the F-2A replacing the A10. As far as I can tell, credits do go up accordingly, mission 10 on have surprised me with how quickly I could afford an Eagle without breaking the bank, currently have all available parts to this point as well (on my path that is) but only the special weapon each jet comes with. I figure this is like any other AC game, it will take multiple times through the campaign and its various difficulties to unlock it all. I do miss the whole battlefield morale gimmick though, couple of missions that would have been a blessing. Project Aces has not let me down, this time, unlike other studios and their current franchise game entries.
  4. I thought Cruise looked really "stiff" in the last one, particularly jumping out of the truck and trying to run alongside Henry C.; the stunt double, lets film at the knees, running scene was unneeded filler as well. All they can do at this point is either give Hunt a happy ending with the English chick or kill him off and pass the torch, preferably to Jeremy R.
  5. 23 secs into the post above mine. Can't be absolutely positive but never have I seen a Glock with a hammer. Trigger-guard and rail seem a bit long for anything Sig Saur to my knowledge. Slide geometry doesn't have traditional Sig or CZ cuts either.
  6. Have you ever heard about how the Japanese handle a shipment of produce they aren't sure about letting into the country? The psycho.. or rather sociopath robot in the second one is good for some laughs but that's about the highlight of them.
  7. You have either stumbled upon a really deep rabbit hole, or know precisely how to throw mud back in someone's eye. Either will provide laughs.
  8. I viewed the drone pilot as them introducing us to part of the duo that Ryan always uses in the books; of course this is after he is CIA head honcho, and then POTUS. I've only read the one book dealing with J. Ryan and he isn't actually in the book, but his dad is trying to track down a murderer in D.C. area; who eventually turns out to become part of Ryan's Dynamic Duo. In the book, the character in question was a Vietnam Vet who then did Underwater Demo before "going off the deep end". Don't know the backstory to the other part of the Duo used in the Ryan verse.
  9. Wolf-1

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    So Val isn't reprising the "Iceman" role but instead is tied to the project under the name "Chris Knight"?
  10. Wolf-1

    Toynami 1/100 line

    Other than slight changes in the plastic o-ring swivels, to try and prevent the cracking/splitting and the already mentioned misaligned tabs; nothing has changed from waves 1 to the latest. If you remove the leg spacer/filler, everything will line up nice and tidy, not tight in fighter. There have been some changes in plastics to fighter canopy's for the latest pilot editions. Paint for fast packs change hue depending on which one is purchased and reactive missles have gotten better paint over time. As someone who has bought both lines, HMR is far superior in every way. Can't speak on fast packs and armor retention. That said, at 1/100 I find the cost of HMR too much to swallow, especially when trying to track down older releases. HMR's do come with a lot more "tiny bits" to keep track of and I personally wasn't thrilled with the parts swapping aspect like Bandai did with the VF-100's when transforming; though it does lead to far better accuracy and articulation. I'm hoping the new 1/72 release in the RT line can at least be a decent compromise between the two 1/100 lines at the current price; not that I like giving HG any money.
  11. Wolf-1

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    What's good enough for the Goose is good enough for the...... Too soon? Was about to say AFLAC has been, "serving the military for over 75 years," but that is Geico.
  12. Finished Netflick's Sword Gai; decent concept and production but fails to really deliver. Kind of a Highlander meets Karas concept; ancient weapons take on a life force of their own, both upon forging and through its victims over time, this allows the weapon to manipulate its wielder turning them into "Bosoma" or killing machines, who seek each other out in order to see which weapon is the stronger. If the story in Karas had you scratching your head, then this will leave you with Delta headaches by the end, 2 seasons.
  13. Was the death of Fokker's childhood love interest in Zero, the underlying factor in him coming back and trying to really court Claudia, the gifts, and eventual late night phone call? If memory serves, Fokker and Claudia met while the war was still raging and Fokker hadn't quite yet started the experimental fighter projects, which is where he first attempts the "Three's a crowd" date. (Patiently awaits a missed recess/detention; in order to write correct character names on the board in proper sentences)
  14. Corvettes optional, Valkyrie collections are acceptable substitutes provided you have at least two scales. Something like that?