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  1. I viewed the drone pilot as them introducing us to part of the duo that Ryan always uses in the books; of course this is after he is CIA head honcho, and then POTUS. I've only read the one book dealing with J. Ryan and he isn't actually in the book, but his dad is trying to track down a murderer in D.C. area; who eventually turns out to become part of Ryan's Dynamic Duo. In the book, the character in question was a Vietnam Vet who then did Underwater Demo before "going off the deep end". Don't know the backstory to the other part of the Duo used in the Ryan verse.
  2. Wolf-1

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    So Val isn't reprising the "Iceman" role but instead is tied to the project under the name "Chris Knight"?
  3. Wolf-1

    Toynami 1/100 line

    Other than slight changes in the plastic o-ring swivels, to try and prevent the cracking/splitting and the already mentioned misaligned tabs; nothing has changed from waves 1 to the latest. If you remove the leg spacer/filler, everything will line up nice and tidy, not tight in fighter. There have been some changes in plastics to fighter canopy's for the latest pilot editions. Paint for fast packs change hue depending on which one is purchased and reactive missles have gotten better paint over time. As someone who has bought both lines, HMR is far superior in every way. Can't speak on fast packs and armor retention. That said, at 1/100 I find the cost of HMR too much to swallow, especially when trying to track down older releases. HMR's do come with a lot more "tiny bits" to keep track of and I personally wasn't thrilled with the parts swapping aspect like Bandai did with the VF-100's when transforming; though it does lead to far better accuracy and articulation. I'm hoping the new 1/72 release in the RT line can at least be a decent compromise between the two 1/100 lines at the current price; not that I like giving HG any money.
  4. Wolf-1

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    What's good enough for the Goose is good enough for the...... Too soon? Was about to say AFLAC has been, "serving the military for over 75 years," but that is Geico.
  5. Finished Netflick's Sword Gai; decent concept and production but fails to really deliver. Kind of a Highlander meets Karas concept; ancient weapons take on a life force of their own, both upon forging and through its victims over time, this allows the weapon to manipulate its wielder turning them into "Bosoma" or killing machines, who seek each other out in order to see which weapon is the stronger. If the story in Karas had you scratching your head, then this will leave you with Delta headaches by the end, 2 seasons.
  6. Was the death of Fokker's childhood love interest in Zero, the underlying factor in him coming back and trying to really court Claudia, the gifts, and eventual late night phone call? If memory serves, Fokker and Claudia met while the war was still raging and Fokker hadn't quite yet started the experimental fighter projects, which is where he first attempts the "Three's a crowd" date. (Patiently awaits a missed recess/detention; in order to write correct character names on the board in proper sentences)
  7. Wolf-1

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Corvettes optional, Valkyrie collections are acceptable substitutes provided you have at least two scales. Something like that?
  8. Wolf-1

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I can't argue that we see the story unfold more through Hikaru's eyes than anyone else but at every major turn in the series, Minmay or her Music is front and center, except the kissing scene in the series which was then switched out in DYRL. What the original and Plus and even Zero got right, was we saw characters go through an entire arc and got an ending whether we liked it not. All the others, we resolve the Fleet issue but leave pretty much all else up in the air.
  9. Wolf-1

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I thought the only real reason he joined up was because of Minmay, to protect but more importantly impress her. Again the piloting was ease of character placement into the developing scenario.
  10. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    "To see if we could" has already been proven, so at this point its more for "giggles and grins" and "sticking it to the man," neither of which I'm against. That said, of the two various ways I've seen lowers printed, both still require a lot of "clean up" work to simply make proper tolerances, or changing those pre-existing files to make tolerances (shrinkage). The Mold on the other hand is both fiber and brass reinforced in critical areas, requires no more manual clean-up than a printed example and best of all doesn't require electricity to make them. Time? Printed versions take as long as 36hrs, then you still have "clean up"; a mold takes less than 12 hrs total, 1.5hrs from pour to set. Yes, the printer is ultimately superior due to its abundant versatility, speaking on a "lower" only basis here; which means the "Ghost Gunner" is still the overall winner, especially since it now does 1911's as well.
  11. Wolf-1

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Oops; I forget sometimes that while my local area quit airing the show after "Rebirth", that wasn't the end of the show. So after a quick search, I'm confused; is Headmasters part of G1 or not? "Rebirth" appears to be the first 3 episodes of Headmasters; and again we sacrifice OP to bring back Rodimus, completely rebuild/rename both cassette bots. Yeah, I didn't miss much!
  12. Wolf-1

    Weapons Banter Thread

    Why spend the money on a printer and supplies when you can just order a "Molding" kit and literally just pour a lower; could probably pour a dozen lowers for the cost of decent printer. At least this way you can reinforce the lower at some the stress induced areas. Personally, I wouldn't mind one the small milling machines designed for the incomplete lowers.
  13. Wolf-1

    The Transformers Thread Next

    He only appears in part 1 of "The Rebirth"; or the very last shows of G1. He shows up to the fight, tries to do some spying and then gets taken down by the wolf and bird twins from the Decepticons; maybe 60 secs of screen time total. You do get to see all 3 modes, albeit briefly.
  14. Wolf-1

    Jurassic World

    In the opening scene, I believe its all low/mumbling Spanish, until the SNAFU and "Shoot her!"; end scene. The overall mention of the actual project size is mainly found in the throwaway comments from Nedry or SLJ's character and computer moniters. I believe the girl even comes across "Site B" when she is rebooting security. The birthing scene only throws more confusion into the wind. Personally, I say just reboot the whole series and do the entire first book this time; as throwing the missing pieces into the third film was a, "We're already lacking in story + new dino".