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MacrossWorld Convention 2013 Information Thread

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Hey Ron... contact BobePatt or email Macrossworldconvention@gmail.com to see how you can set up!

Check out all the goodies that just came from friends in Japan, including Tenjin!

Everyone will get one of these, better get there early to choose yours


Lenticular Sheryl poster (Contest Prize)


Lenticular Tenjin Valkyrie poster (Contest Prize)


Lenticular Tenjin VF-1 poster (COntest Prize)


Mikimoto autographed print (Silent Auction)


Tenjin goodies


Arcadia 1/60 Anniversario VF-1J (Silent Auction)


Valkyrie Second Sortie autograph sketch by Tenjin (Silent Auction)


Tenjin Sketch (Main Raffle) Winner is chosen by Tenjin and gets a photograph with the artist.


Made Apparel getting shirts ready for con delivery!


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This is very exciting!

So glad I will be able to make it again this year! (mechanic said my car is okay)

I have some cool customs to show off and one to enter into the contest.

Ill bring two 1/55 valks to lend to the contest.

I will bring some cool stuff to sell at my vendor table too!

See you there!!!! DECULTURE!!!

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Just to clarify EXO's post, only the tenjin sketch will be raffled with tickets available for purchase at the MW Con Info Booth for $5 each. The rest of the signed items will be silent auctioned!

Awesome work team! Looking forward to the Con lots. It's been a long wait. I read that there's an early bird raffle. Are there any other raffles for attendees?

Yes! There will general raffle each hour throughout the convention. tickets will be available for purchase for $1 each at the MW Con Info Booth.

Is there a pdf guide I can download?

If you are a registered attendee, you should have received an email from us regarding our mobile schedule.

See everyone in a few days!

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I'm ready! I got a bajillion kits to sell and a few built ones to show off. I can't wait!

You are my first stop, Well after I buy raffle tickets ^_^

Feel free to bring resin or any FSS kits, I like those too.

Once again, What a great show this is gonna be.

You guys did an incredible amount of work.

This will be my first macross world con I am able to attend.

Good portion of you guys from Los Angeles will finally be able to put the username to the IRL dude ^_^

Can't Wait!

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Just got back from the con. There were many attendees, and staffs were doing superb jobs on organizing the event.

It was great to see Mari Iijima, Tenjin, and Nonaka san. Also nice meeting with many of board members and I had a great fun.

I thank Bee and all of other guys that made this a finest event, and I look forward for the next year's.

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This 2013 MacrossWorld Con took things up a notch. I am totally tired from standing all day. It was great to see some folks again from the previous year. Too intense. Will just post a couple of random photos from the Con from the registration desk.



More later. Need sleep.

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Aahhhh this was my first year and I had SUCH a blast! We had 2 cars from San Diego and got early enough that I was able to pick up a Minmay Keychain before they were all gone <3 My friends had a blast with the transforming contest and of course got some shopping done! I was really starry eyed at Mari Ijima (hiding in the back row as Hikaru because I got to the seating area late... oops) and it was a pleasure helping out during her autograph session. Everyone was very orderly and considerate, so it was no trouble at all.

And I'm still in shock at winning "Mr." Macross title with a comedy routine....?! I thought the singers/guitarist were all really brave and did wonderful despite lack of feedback monitors. If I hadn't been coughing up a lung the entire week I would have liked to try singing too but I don't think I could ever sing a Minmay Song when Mari Ijima is right there hahha. I will definitely be back to pass on the crown! Really looking forward to next year!

I got some photos of the dioramas and collections, but nothing extensive since I was really busy just meeting people and hanging out ^^;





but I dont want to spam so I'll post link to the rest here:

As for videos This guy and his friend/family did a really cute/funny highlight vid of then attending the con!! Some really great coverage even if it's not all the events

Link to YouTube vid here!

And super thanks to everyone in the crowd who laughed at my (Hikaru's) lame jokes hahahahah I just wanted to have fun/make people laugh so I was really honored/shocked that I was crowned....!! I gave the Firebomber Sheryl (Sirian) the earring because she is just such a big Sherly fan and it looks better on her than on my shelf ^^ and after all of us traded lots of prizes around I ended up with the Nyan Nyan cafe teapot and i'm currently using it lol. Love it! Oh, I also got a free dinner and drink from Sheryl out of it.. and a shoulder rub???? OTL OTL OTL Hikaru charm!

For those who missed it... My friend grabbed a vid of the comedy sketch on his phone and it's on Youtube too! XD

Seriously, it was a very amazing and memorable first year. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers, I would love to be a part of the volunteer crew next year as well :3

Some other galleries of photos taken by friends:

hunting for more photos as they turn up!

Thanks again for a great event!


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Hahaha, that's great to hear. I'm taking time to work on my cosplay, as I don't want to buy anything already made. I'm getting my lessons in clothing construction, but at least the costume isn't going to be difficult. I've officially entered the contest as well, so for a first attempt, this should be fun.

Jason It was a pleasure meeting you backstage! I loved your Totsugeki Love Heart cover, good choice! The uniform was pretty good too! Rock on, bro!

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Jason It was a pleasure meeting you backstage! I loved your Totsugeki Love Heart cover, good choice! The uniform was pretty good too! Rock on, bro!

Thank you. I'll be working on another one next year. Something involving more "mechanics and electrical" components. I would like to thank everyone I got to work with, in making this year happen the way it did. Great staff selection. Special thanks to Bee, for organizing it all again. Thanks to all the cosplayers, and those that organized it and were judges for it. That opened the door to a whole new set of fans coming in, and that's great to see. I also wanted to send a special thanks, to Tenjin, for being so gracious, and so generous with his contribution. It was great seeing him walk amongst the collections, and enjoying himself as a fan, with fans. His panel was very informative and fun. I already can't wait till next year,,,, ohhhh what will 2014 hold?

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Thanks for sharing all that Jetspectacular. I enjoyed your space fishing routine. It looked like everyone one had a blast.

Why didnt you get to go Benson???

Didnt you say you would??

This was my first CON and man it was packed!!! I volunteered at the front registration desk and we got swamped a couple of times!! lol

all and all it was an awesome experience being there along 200 or so other Macross Fans!!

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Always a pleasure to come to MacrossWorld Con. Everyone is friendly and the events are fun. The collectibles on display and also on sale manage to make my jaw drop year after year with something new every time.

As Jet mentioned, here are my pictures on Photobucket.

PS: also thank you for putting that Haruhiko Mikimoto signed artboard for silent auction. I love it very much:


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Had a wonderful time at the con! All the events were awesome. Loved all the displays.

It was an honor to see Tenjin and his panel was great. The dinner was also amazing.

Mari's concert was great. It was also cool to see Nonaka. I always love watching him do his artwork. I was lucky to be able to nab one of the pieces!

To the staff, Thank You for all your hard work! Can't wait till next year!

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Had a great time, even though i had to leave early due to my Plantar Fasciitis.. which sucked. Met some really cool people and was surprised how awesome everything was. Thanks for everything you do and i will continue to support. Oh and to the winners of the transforming contest, if i were not a judge i would have whipped all of you!! jk =)

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