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  1. i like transformable SD products. but i also like non-transformable SD products. the Gundam SD products that are non-transformable have been popular for so many years.
  2. seems like everyone has forgotten these SD joke machines which were only released in japan: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161486063286
  3. can we put up our bigger items for auction and 10% of the proceeds will go to MacrossWorld instead of ebay?
  4. haha interesting discussion. i started with the VF-1S Roy TV. Thought it would be my only one. Ended up also getting VF-11C and VF-25S, one valk per series. I think there's no limit. All about your budget and space. Just buy when you can and enjoy them.
  5. Very good point! There've been renewals for so many valks. It might indeed be better to wait for the renewal. Else I'll have to sell the flawed first edition at a loss.
  6. Is it easy and free to return to Mandarake items that arrive damaged?
  7. i hope that they remove the weapons bay at the top in the VF-30. it just looks too weird to me. i like just about everything else in the YF-30. or at least that should be removable like the sound boosters for the Fire Valkyrie.
  8. The Lego parts that I want seem to be all over the place. Which Bricklink.com offers the best and widest selection at a low price? I think that stores with the most bricks don't necessarily have a good selection. Ideally, I'll like to buy more from a single store to save on bulk shipping. Thank you!
  9. i like the fact that yours includes a minifig. if it's a VF-1S i think it stands a good chance at Lego Cuusoo!
  10. i found the cost price for this model. it's about USD 1000. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=cI_AmjF1NQ8
  11. i just found out that one VF-1J design has reached the review stage at Lego Cuusoo!!! http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/638 Am I the last to know?!
  12. Thank you! I am so excited. But I think that this is going to take me a few months to complete. Does anyone have an instruction manual for building a Lego SDF-1? I guess I need a rough guide and I'll modify it accordingly.
  13. I'm keen to build one too! How much would this attempt above cost approximately? I'm also wondering how much this one would cost: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=cI_AmjF1NQ8
  14. How much would this one approximately cost for the bricks? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI_AmjF1NQ8
  15. What's a cheap and good website to buy Lego pieces for a Macross Lego custom? Thank you! I'm hoping to build something similar to either one of these models. How much would all the pieces approximately cost? Thank you! http://www.flickr.com/photos/18630323@N05/3637323164/ http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Johnnytang/Johnnyscreation/Macross/0711g.jpg
  16. Awesome work team! Looking forward to the Con lots. It's been a long wait. I read that there's an early bird raffle. Are there any other raffles for attendees?
  17. Thank you all for the fast replies! Sorry for my late reply as I've been tied up with some other stuff. I'm really hoping for a 1/250 so that I've something to display my Bandai 1/250 fighters with. I'm thinking of a hollow 3D model. Sounds like Shapeways is not a sensible option. I think there should be a sensibly priced manufacturing option for a plastic toy. Sounds like I should contact my China friends to find out what are some better options since most plastic toys are now made in China.
  18. I'm thinking of hiring a 3D modeler to design it for shape ways. I already have some 2D designs of specific parts (like a kit) that probably can be used by the modeler. How much should I expect to pay the 3D modeler? How much should I expect to pay to Shapeways for the production of a 1/250 Promeheus/Daedalus/ARMD? With color if Shapeways can color the plastic for me.
  19. Is anyone able to design a 3D model of the SDF-1 Daedalus Prometheus ARMD, in 1/250 scale? I'll like the whole SDF-1 but I think it'll be too huge to display at home at 1/250. Can shapeways print this 3D model? If not, who can and for approximately how much? Thank you!
  20. Is there going to be a buy and sell section? It'll be fun and I have Macross stuff to sell. Newcomers and kids might be happy to bring some Macross toys home.
  21. Why has Tatsunoko been extending the license!?!? Is anyone able to actually stop them from doing so.
  22. thank you all for the fast replies! a bed is about 2 meters long. sounds like 4.84 meters is possible to fit into a huge bedroom or a living room. i'm doubtful that bandai/arcadia will ever mass produce one though. it's probably difficult for them to make a profit on it. i'm tempted to custom make one. hopefully it's possibly to find someone in china to make one for three figures $$$, at most four $$$$. yeah, it'll be super cool to see a super huge one in a macross museum, hopefully a 1/60. i'm thinking of 1/250 because bandai already produced decent quality 1/250 valks previously. it'll be so nice to display the valks flying beside/around the SDF-1. i'll be very keen to have a 1/250 Macross Quarter too!
  23. How big is a 1/250 SDF-1 in real dimensions? I'm wondering if it can fit into a study room for display purposes, haha.
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