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  3. I just read about the Ace Century Episode games. Some of them feature the Macross valks. Has anyone played these games before? How are they like? Wikipedia is not very descriptive about the gameplay. Thank you!
  4. How do I play a Macross PSP game on the PS3 so that I can use the PS3 controller? Thank you!
  5. I found this description online: やまと 1/60 VF-1J with スーパーパック & VF-1Aの開封済の美品です。VF-1Jは購入後1度スーパーパックの取り付けと変形の確認してから箱に戻し暗所にて保管していました。ステッカーは未使用です。箱にすれやよれがございます。VF-1Aは購入後変形の確認の後箱に戻し暗所にて保管していました。ステッカーは未使用です。ただ箱の組み合わせの糊が弱く保存中にはがれてしまい両面テープにて補修しています。箱の状態をご了承の上でノークレーム、ノーリターンでお願いします。発送ははこBOONです。 I tried to use Google Translate but I cannot fully understand what it means. Is the item damaged and repaired using double sided tape? Please help. Thank you! 😊
  6. Hi, I'm keen to buy a Yamato silver or black silver display stand. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Shipping to CA, USA. Thank you so much.
  7. Anymoon calls the Toynami Wave 1 VF-1S the DYRL version. Would it be accurate then? The box doesn't seem to state clearly whether it's TV or DYRL. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=4033
  8. one difference that i noticed is the "arrow" logo on the head. the TV one has a black arrow, but the DYRL one has a yellow arrow? is this general observation accurate?
  9. Swooshiex

    DX Chogokin?

    are there any easy ways to distinguish between version 1 and version 2 of the VF-25?
  10. Swooshiex

    DX Chogokin?

    thank you! do they have the VF-25 or VF-30? Or are they named YF-25 or YF-30? I'm actually also wondering why there is VF and YF?
  11. Swooshiex

    DX Chogokin?

    Are the DX Chogokin toys unassembled kits? Or are they like the Yamato 1/60? Thank you!
  12. What are the paintwork and missle differences between VF-1S Roy TV and DYRL? I know that the TV is white and the DYRL is grey/off-white. But what about the detailed paintwork? Any pictures for the different missle types? Thank you!!
  13. I think I might buy also if they at least cut out the unassembled pieces. I'm guessing its going to be quite a lot of work to cut out the pieces. And it's not easy to do so precisely it seems.
  14. it seems like there're two groups of people. the first group are those who want to buy as much Yamato stock as possible before they go out of stock. the second group are those who want to take advantage of the high prices to clear their Yamato stock, and perhaps save up for the new Arcadia era. if Yamato can sell most of their stock, maybe they can get out of bankruptcy.
  15. So how are the original and renewal versions different?
  16. I know that there are three different colors: grey, black, silver. But I noticed that the box designs differ. Which are the latest versions and do they differ from the earlier versions? Any pictures? Thank you!!
  17. I'll like to thank Froy! Fast and responsive seller.
  18. Oh yes that's a good one. Thank you! Is this the TV version also? It has the cannon. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151021114457
  19. thank you this is very helpful too! are there examples of super parts (tv) that come with valkyries? they seem more value for money as compared to the standalone super parts (tv) boxes.
  20. i've only got one precious valk. definitely wish i had more if i could afford it.
  21. hmm, isn't this the DYRL version? i'm looking for the TV version.
  22. Hi, does anyone have a stand for sale? Please PM me with price and estimated shipping to California USA, thank you so much!
  23. Thank you so much! all your replies are super helpful. greatly appreciated!!
  24. Thank you for the fast reply. Would you be able to provide sample pictures of what I should be buying? Thank you.
  25. Thank you so much for the fast reply! Should the item below be what I should buy if I want to add super parts to my VF-1S ver2 30th anniversary? http://www.ebay.com/itm/321100412791?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619
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