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  1. thank you so much jvmacross! you're awesome!!! was the tv armd a standalone ship that travelled apart from the SDF-1? i don't see it on the SDF-1 tv picture.
  2. hmm, the right arm of the tv doesn't look like an ARMD. Is it a second Prometheus?
  3. What are the differences between the SDF-1 tv and dyrl? It seems like the tv has the Promoetheus on the left arm and an ARMD on the right arm? Is that correct? Thank you!
  4. Awesome news! I can hardly wait to see the first confirmed design. I wonder if some panic selling will begin.
  5. This is superb! He should make copies and put them on sale. I think it'll be a best seller!
  6. Max and Miria 1/60 Super VF-1J: the price has fallen from about $1,800 or $1700. maybe some panic selling has begun. there has been some positive news about Arcadia elsewhere on the forum. if Arcadia begins production, i think it's fairly likely that Max and Miria 1/60 Super VF-1J will get an update.
  7. Nice update. Thank you! The Yamato 1/60 is such a popular line. It's hard to imagine why Arcadia or some other company would not want to continue it.
  8. I'm new to making my own custom valk. What materials/brands/models should I get for my starter kit, e.g. plastic cutter, brush, paint, etc.? Thank you!
  9. i forgot to add that there needs to be prizes for the video game competition if there is one! maybe it'll be good to have two categories: novice (smaller prize) and pro (bigger prize). so everyone at least has a chance to win the novice category prize. participants can only compete in either one of the categories. i think we'll have headline news if the final is a real-life version of "Max versus Mlia"! haha.
  10. Same here, haha! I have zero artistic talent and zero modelling experience. Seeing some good examples might give me some inspiration and confidence to try this.
  11. I think a display of custom painted valks would be cool. And a Macross/Robotech video game competition would surely draw spectators.
  12. It'll be nice to have a picture collection of the nicest custom paint designs Maybe it'll give us inspiration to custom paint our own too.
  13. come to think of it, the seller can just cancel the deal with the reason "no stock" and nobody will know.
  14. does anyone have any pictures of this super rare VF-25F super parts?
  15. yikes. the valks are the size of a penny?! that's super small. thank you! but if the valks size are too small i think i'll rather just wait for a renewal version that will hopefully come in a better scale. i'm thinking of putting the 1/250 valk on it. if it's too disproportionate then it won't be worth it. any has any pictures of the valks for the Quarter placed beside a coin? thank you!
  16. Does anyone know the approximate scale of the Bandai Macross Quarter? Are the valks that come with it bigger or smaller than the Bandai 1/250 fighter? Anyone knows any shop that has it on clearance? The reviews seem mixed but with maybe more on the negative side. It does seem like it needs a renewal version to really attract strong interest. Thank you!
  17. thank you! i doubt Bandai will close anytime soon so maybe we can expect more releases in future. thank you! this is so tempting but it's expensive. i'll have to start saving up if i really want to get it. have bandai toys actually dropped in price after release? what we can be probably be sure of is that bandai will still be around for a long time to come. so that means more supply and releases in the future i guess.
  18. thank you! i took a look but i'm unsure which ones are the new ones. is this the one? http://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/figurines-others/1346-macross-f-armored-parts-set-for-dx-chogokin-vf-25f-saotome-alto-custom-renewal-ver-limited-edition.html
  19. Where can I pre-order the Bandai Frontier valks? Thank you!
  20. It's bigger than the kid in the picture. It does look huge. Quite old though.
  21. What are the biggest available SDF-1 and ARMD? Thank you!
  22. thank you! i found more answers here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080902060923AA3WQcM
  23. Hi everyone, Can the PS3 NTSC-J play USA PS3 games? One of the models I am considering is this: Sony PlayStation 3 60 GB Piano Black Console (NTSC-J-CECH-A00) Is it backward compatible and can it play PS2 games, e.g. Super Dimension Fortress? Thank you!
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