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  1. Watched the video. Thank you! What's next after registering for the JP PSN account?
  2. Thank you for the fast reply! Oh yikes, can I have both a US and JP PSN account on the same US PS3? Must I pay for the Japanese PSN account?
  3. I am new to the PS3 and Macross 30 game. How do I register the code for extra planes? Thank you!
  4. What about the Bandai 1/250 gashapon toys? I have no idea what type of plastics that they use. Thank you!
  5. For plastics like those used in the Yamato plane kit, can I use Tamiya extra thin?
  6. hmm, i read on Wikipedia that lego bricks are made using ABS. Any examples of plastic toys that are made using PVC?
  7. Hmm I'm confused. Will Tamiya Extra Thin damage ABS, PVC, etc.?
  8. thank you! what is the best translation guide for this game that is available free online? i just started on this game and it definitely looks a lot cooler than Battlecry. I'm hoping to complete this game before I move on to Macross 30 next.
  9. what's PCSX2? Did you get to play SDF Macross in english using it? argh i just received my japanese PS2 and SDF Macross game.
  10. Does it matter whether the plastics are ABS and PVC? Do I need to use a specific glue for specific plastics? Right now I'm leaning towards getting the Tamiya Extra-Thin.
  11. hmm i thought it'll be cheaper? i can get a tube at the 99 cents store.
  12. Thank you all! What are the downsides of using Super Glue?
  13. What glue should I use to glue together the plastic parts of kits? Is this glue sold on Amazon? Thank you!
  14. yup i'm also keen to know if it works. i'm sitting on the fence regarding the blu-rays because of the subs.
  15. Maybe he changed his number? Or it was a business line that got terminated?
  16. yup, it's 350,000 yen. it won't be surprising for guitar pros. super top grade musical instruments can cost many times more.
  17. For those who don't like the price and/or design of the Arcadia 30th anniversary VF-1J, you might still want to buy it because: 1. You will support Arcadia; 2. By supporting Arcadia with your purchase, another valk that you have been dreaming of will more likely appear sooner; 3. It's probably limited edition so the price might rise if you want to buy it in future; 4. You might be able to sell it for a profit in future; 5. You can give it to someone as a gift; 6. You can donate it to the MacrossWorld 2013 Convention as a prize. and so on...
  18. thank you! the idea is from the Star Wars Special/Extended editions that were released many years later. There was new footage added to enhance the overall experience. I was wondering if they might have done the same. It'll be interesting if they ever do so in future then.
  19. Is there actually new content within the SDF Blue-Ray BD tv episodes? Or is it simply same content but in better quality? I know that there's another thread on the SDF Blu-Ray release but the info seems inconclusive on this matter. Please advice, thank you!
  20. thank you! you were the first one to release the news
  21. Is this definite? Even if the invoice price shown for the toy is $500 for example?
  22. Thank you all! Would there be any difference whether the items are marked Figure or Toy?
  23. Did you guys have to pay tax duties for importing your valks into the USA? How much? I'm in California. I'm wondering how to purchase/package/ship my valks from overseas to avoid all the unnecessary charges. Thank you!
  24. Given the popularity of the VF-4, I think there's a good chance we might see a VF-4 Hikaru from Arcadia. Maybe more 1/60 bad guys too.
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