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  1. I think I Could pick the blue 202 option for my Original HM Max however it is from the very first HM releases (those with the non-removable nosecone) so, I want to know if it would be compatible and also I noticed from the FEXTHOBBY page product photos, a booster is missing for the 202 armor....Will they only include what you see on those pics? Can somebody here advise on my inquiries ?..Thanks in advance guys..
  2. OK thanks for reply...I mean if both VT-1 and VF-1D have a very similar orange scheme maybe Bandai may think it wouldn't be profitable enough to justify the VF-1D releasing even though in my opinion it is more iconic specially for the western audiences... Just to remember that scene with Hikaru and Minmai in the cockpit...
  3. Now with the upcoming release on VT-1 Valk in orange scheme Could you guys tell what´s the chance for the VF-1D to be released?.. Taking in account VF-1D is my personal holy grail and my budget is limited for only one valk in orange scheme, Would you recommend to go for the VT-1 or to wait for the VF-1D to be released some day? ...Would you say VF-1D will be realeased for sure eventually??? Thanks in advance for advice...
  4. Hello Guys: I wish to purchase a nice detailed JDM drift or street racer car (radio Control) in 1:16 scale however, I have been researching for a while but with no good results. It has to be well detailed because I want it mostly for display not for racing. I know there are a lot of members in this forum who really know about all kind of online retailers that´s why , I want to request your good advise. Images of Examples of the product I am looking for are attached. My apologies if this is not the right thread for my request... Thanks in advance..
  5. Looks like a Max Steel play set.. Maybe Mattel should get Robotech license for a cheaper and easier way for all of us.
  6. I wish Bandai tamashii made some SDFM figures, I guess it is not difficult for them considering they are producing Delta figures like fresh bread..so, Why not?
  7. Sexy Grandma deserves a Bandai figuart release!!
  8. Why Don`t they release a sexy resembling figure of Miria Farina Jenius, Can somebody tell why???
  9. Would you guys disagree with any toynami valk?
  10. I see Toynami loves to invent tuning valks I think they should go with those shown on battlecry videogame, any Jack Archer or Izzy custom valk would be interesting instead of the canon ones which are being produced by Bandai in a far superior fashion.
  11. Trend to be KAWAII is killing not only Macross but also the whole anime. I consider MW as a democratic forum so please avoid replying: «you better go and rewatch Robotech» in an intolerant fashion. I am just seeking the reason Kawamori decided to gradually change Valkyries for Walkuries..Thank you.
  12. It is nice indeed..Prediction: Everyone here is going to fall unless Bandai brings something to compete however it is unlikely.
  13. I wish I had a real Macross sequel, instead of a Sakura Card Captors one...thats all.
  14. Well...My heart is in pieces..I think upcoming Macross realeases won`t be for me anymore. I am just keeping my original SDFM memories for the moving on, maybe as some guys here have said, we don`t belong today`s anime target...I guess I will find shelter in the upcoming Star Wars Movies, they will ease my dissapointment...
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