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MacrossWorld Convention 2013 Information Thread

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Fantastic articles and pictures on both sites Jerry!!! Thank you very much for the support and coverage for MW Con. These are great recaps of the con from a fan/attendee perspective that will help us grow the convention.

We're already starting the talk about next year's convention so hopefully we can top 2013's awesome turnout!

You're absolutely welcome and I already can't wait for next year!

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*phew* I haven't spent much time here at all in a while and just made it through the con thread. Thanks everyone for making it such a huge success! A notch or a few notches up from last year? I think it's about a dozen notches beyond! Watching the videos, I see missed out on a whole lot and as sad as I am about that, I still had a blast!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible, staff, fans, vendors, volunteers, cosplayers, performers, judges, collectors, artists, special guests and all!!

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I never got to post my haul from this past CON last month.post-15185-0-49602300-1383775113_thumb.jpg

Was lucky enough to get Tenjin to autograph my Macross Calendar and my 30th anniversario VF-1J!!


Gotta say he's one cool guy!

Really glad I got to meet him in person!



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Aw man, I leave MW for a few years and come back to it being held in my home town? Sorry to have missed this, it looks so large now compared to when they were held years ago when I first joined MW.

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