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  1. Lookin' forward to it, Kyle!! I'm wondering same thing~ I want to buy soon ahahaha
  2. Awesome!!! I'd love to come back and display cosplay things or help with events!! i believe the San Diego Gunpla Club (which I'm a member) also wants to help with model kit events, so I'll probably be assisting with that as well! Let me know if you guys need anything! Also, we already gave away a crown crown and a cape for Macross World Idol Competition, what's next? Swimsuit? Scepter?
  3. Congrats on another great year!! This was my second time to MWC, I got to display some cosplay stuff and did a small commission for the lovely NyanNyan Cafe girls! It was also my second year trying the Idol contest and that was just an absolute BLAST. The larger size/split rooms are a real godsend, it was great having the vendors in a larger area so that it's easier to browse and meet and chat there, and the performance/display room was also really nicely done! I love seeing the displays, it's one of my favorite parts to see unique things at the con! Ms. Mari Ijima performed more macross songs this year and this was my first time hearing them live, I was tearing up a little~ her original and new songs were also SUCH a treat, that alone made my year, but Tenjins hijinks and more in-depth nfo about his work was also great! I only have a few photos from my phone, and am hunting down more photos and vids from the con~ LOTS of Firebomber presence this year, WAHOO! happy 20th anniversary, right!? FIRE! I wasn't sure if there was a hashtag or not, so I used this one: https://twitter.com/hashtag/macrossworldcon2014?src=hash&mode=photos and there's already video from the event on Youtube!! Highlight vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ryVnZEkc4 Idol contest:
  4. I thought I'd follow up on this. The SDCC2014 exclusive list has been posted: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/2014/exclusives doesn't look like there's any Macross or Robotech exclusives... There weren't any last year for sale either-- just displays of those robotech plushies ( http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/search.aspx?search=robotech ) which were discontinued.... :< sadface. After pre-ordering a full set, I heard they were on sale again, but now I'm not sure.
  5. super curious for more details!!
  6. Hey dax, I'll be attending as well, but as stated above most exclusives are not announced until about a month or so before the event, sometimes a day before a certain day during con. And did you mean ROBOTECH items or Macross? As far as I know, the only Comic Con exclusives imported from Japanese companies are the ones through BluFin (aka, the official Gundam kits distributors, who sometimes also do Toei merchandise like The Dragonball Z scouter). There have not been any Macross Comic Con Exclusives as far as I know, from previous years. ROBOTECH however is a different branding, different merch, etc and I expect you can track their Con exclusives, if any, through their official websites
  7. Quick question regarding displaying art and fanworks for the con this year! Last year was my first, and I had a blast seeing all the displays! one of my favorite parts of the event was photographing collections and such. I dont know how much space you guys have again this year but is it possible to put cosplay on display? I'd like to display the costumes I've made for original Macross (Hikaru, Minmei, and Misa) on dress forms and such but it may take up a bit of room... or it's not appropriate? I don't have models to wear them all at the same time but would like to just display them^^;
  8. Sounds great!!! I'm not able to go to AB this year (one year I definitely will.. one year~~!!!) but I hope it goes well!
  9. oh crap, I'm still waiting for my con shirt.. hmm maybe delayed because of holidays.. I got the same one (original trio) on blue shirt!
  10. ogod I watched this when it launched and couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes. And then accidentally watched it again on the trolley hom and still busted out laughing full on XD I can't keep it together after that hilarious gerwalk stiff animation walking. Here's a larger pic of Hikaru's cockpit. The MegasLXR missile buttons... and "for a good time call Princess Alto" killed me.
  11. hahah Ron, Thanks for that Video coverage! and Risa Light modeling FB ^^; cosplay aside, she's an amazing model! https://www.facebook.com/RisaLight?ref=profile
  12. coming out of lurking to say this thread is pretty cool ~ keep posting updates it looks great!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the compliment! It sounded really dumb when I was practicing it but when I think about it, it was the crowd that really made it worthwhile. Old school crowds \o/ yeah!! The thing is that I do sing and would have **loved** to have done a song cover as well, but I had been sick for few weeks so I didn't chance it ^^; I think the participants who did song covers were really brave and great, despite the lack of good audio feedback for the performers, the show still went on. And Mari's words were really from the heart. She's funny and very down to earth. I'm so glad I was able to see her concert and help at her signing afterwards. She really is amazing. You can always start one!! I know this current MWC started small as well, but has really grown...! It'd be great to see an East and West division! Risa is just great, I only met her at Anime Expo because of the Macross gathering, but she's one of my idols as a fangirl and a cosplayer, she's very professional and always seems to have so much fun. She's mostly a Frontier fan but she was studying lots of macross terms and such before the convention and gave a great effort! She does a lot of event promotion for otaku and japanese pop stuff, she also helped out when JAM Project came to Los Angeles. And she's, of course, very beautiful and has a modeling FB page, though I don't know if it's appropriate to link here ^^; (kind of NSFW?) ok I'll stop fangirling now hahaha. THAT WINNING CUSTOM IS SO COOL BTW.
  14. Hey Godzilla! I think your family will be better off playing tourist north of San Diego. San Diego is great for zoo and seaworld, there is also the USS Midway which is an amazing museum and very fun/informative especially if you do love aircraft and hanging out in them (they also have a very relaxed policy regarding costumes and photos and such) but if you'd like to get your otaku on, you should go to Little Tokyo area or all the way out to Frank and Sons. If you're really into seeing and overall otaku event (not just Macross, but Risa, the organizer, and others from Anime Jungle were definitely at MWC) there is a halloween event at Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo on Oct. 19, the event page is here http://www.animejungle.net/20131019.html I'd go myself but I'll be at a birthday thing instead ^^; Whatever you decide, I hope you and your family have fun!
  15. technicalities mentioned above aside, you already know that i LOVE this image, Ted. there's a feeling of anticipation to it and Lina looks great of course! Very cool base shot and composite!!
  16. Jason It was a pleasure meeting you backstage! I loved your Totsugeki Love Heart cover, good choice! The uniform was pretty good too! Rock on, bro!
  17. HI ALL!!! Aahhhh this was my first year and I had SUCH a blast! We had 2 cars from San Diego and got early enough that I was able to pick up a Minmay Keychain before they were all gone <3 My friends had a blast with the transforming contest and of course got some shopping done! I was really starry eyed at Mari Ijima (hiding in the back row as Hikaru because I got to the seating area late... oops) and it was a pleasure helping out during her autograph session. Everyone was very orderly and considerate, so it was no trouble at all. And I'm still in shock at winning "Mr." Macross title with a comedy routine....?! I thought the singers/guitarist were all really brave and did wonderful despite lack of feedback monitors. If I hadn't been coughing up a lung the entire week I would have liked to try singing too but I don't think I could ever sing a Minmay Song when Mari Ijima is right there hahha. I will definitely be back to pass on the crown! Really looking forward to next year! I got some photos of the dioramas and collections, but nothing extensive since I was really busy just meeting people and hanging out ^^; but I dont want to spam so I'll post link to the rest here: As for videos This guy and his friend/family did a really cute/funny highlight vid of then attending the con!! Some really great coverage even if it's not all the events Link to YouTube vid here! And super thanks to everyone in the crowd who laughed at my (Hikaru's) lame jokes hahahahah I just wanted to have fun/make people laugh so I was really honored/shocked that I was crowned....!! I gave the Firebomber Sheryl (Sirian) the earring because she is just such a big Sherly fan and it looks better on her than on my shelf ^^ and after all of us traded lots of prizes around I ended up with the Nyan Nyan cafe teapot and i'm currently using it lol. Love it! Oh, I also got a free dinner and drink from Sheryl out of it.. and a shoulder rub???? OTL OTL OTL Hikaru charm! For those who missed it... My friend grabbed a vid of the comedy sketch on his phone and it's on Youtube too! XD Seriously, it was a very amazing and memorable first year. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers, I would love to be a part of the volunteer crew next year as well :3 Some other galleries of photos taken by friends: SpookyElectric's Gallery Char350's tumblr post and photobucket link hunting for more photos as they turn up! Thanks again for a great event!
  18. yes!! So glad I'll be going this year for sure! and taking some friends with me from San Diego!! Super excited! I want to enter the Idol competition as Hikaru, but honestly his only talent is being indecisive. OTL OTL OTL maybe I'll just accidentally flirt with people. is that a talent.
  19. I really hope to go this year and meet/get autograph by Mari Ijima~~ looking forward to it! SO GLAD IT'S IN SO CAL!!!
  20. oh man!! I wish I was going to Otakon this year....!! I hope you two have fun and take tons of photos!
  21. hi al!~ I'm no hot sexy idol but i'm part of a group for Macross 30 gathering at Anime Expo this year. We've got a sizeable group and Valkyrie cockpit to post with/in for saturday in West hall! I'm just about done my cos. If you know anyone else cosplaying Macross for AX2013 let them know to stop by! I think starting around Saturday at noon in west hall. just a test joke photo I took before I finalize the closures and belt... so far only have myself, Misa (x2) and Minmay confirmed, it would be so cool to have a Max and Milia around, (or even Kaifun, js). Got mains from Macross Plus, Macross 7 and Frontier as well! so come say hi!!
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