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MacrossWorld Convention 2012 Information Thread

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Hello MW,

I'm pleased to announce that planning has begun for MacrossWorld Convention 2012!!! After a year long hiatus, I am back to help coordinate the best MW Con yet. Sorry to everyone who was expecting to have a convention in 2011, but I can assure you that it was worth the wait. Stay tuned to this thread for exciting updates on this year's MW Con!


MacrossWorld Convention 2012 Director


Sunday, October 21, 2012


11:00am - 6:00pm


Thanks to fellow MW member xstoys, we have secured a FANTASTIC location for this year's convention. We will be hosting MW Con 2012 in the beautiful city of Arcadia, California at xstoy's brand new design school Concept Cube. Congratulations to Tony (xstoys) for the grand opening of his school and thank you for sponsoring MacrossWorld Convention 2012!


About Concept Cube

Founded and taught by top industry professionals, Concept Cube was established from the beginning to be more than just a design school. It is a place where passion and ambitions are forged, tempered with confidence and strength of character. It is a place where one's creativity and imagination can raise you to new heights and show you how far you can really go. At Concept Cube we don't just teach you to be a designer, we make you into one. For more information about Concept Cube please visit our website at http://www.conceptcubedesign.com/ or visit our Concept Cube Facebook Page.

Location Pictures

See pictures of the amazing displays and classrooms at Concept Cube Design School!

Grand Opening Part 1

Grand Opening Part 2

Grand Opening Part 3


This year's program is still under development, but expect the return of one of the biggest exhibition displays of Macross items and the annual MW Con Customs Contest. If there is a particular event you liked in the past or if you have a new idea for an event, please post here in this thread. Any special guest appearances will be announced as they are confirmed.


In addition to Macross displays, we will also return to inviting vendors to sell Macross Merchandise at the convention. MW Members will also be welcomed to bring items for sale or trade under certain restrictions. (More information to come)


MW Con 2012 Registration Page NOW LIVE!!!. Registration is FREE


We want your help!! We are looking for dedicated, talented, and competent volunteers to take on different roles to support this year's MW Con. If you are interested in helping plan MW Con 2012, please PM me or email MacrossWorldConvention@gmail.com.

MORE UPDATES TO COME!!! Thanks for your interest in MacrossWorld Convention 2012! Hope to see you there

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Awesome! I had a great time at the last one & would love to make this one if possible. I enjoyed the customs, on-the-spot drawing, & fanart contests. Great news, indeed! Go, Bee, go!!! :)

Those Concept Cube classes look neat too, though I'd have to sell a few Yamato's... :(

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No. Since your a drummer you have to dress up as veffidas. There is a basara already. Or you can be Ray or Mylene.

Note to self, change avatar to something manly so Kicker doesn't pick on me because I don't want to have to cry in a dark bathroom in the Concept Cube building.

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So, will people be able to sell anything? If we have any raffles, or anything like that, I may have something to donate this year. Also hoping I can have at least the legs of the 1/60 VA-3 done by then.

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Sweet! Ummm, who's Tony?

He's the big husky Asian man that appears to be the owner of this school.

I'm quite impress with this location to host MW 2012! I hope its not around SDCC 2012 in July tho. But I'm defintely down and hope to see more vendors as well as custom toys as well as MW members collection.

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Has there been a date yet considered? ..... I am in the bay area and it would be a hell of a commute. I want to go, however, i need to make plans to go.

Nor Cal has a MW club up there too. Why not gather up and split the gas bill and come down with the homies!?
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