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STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

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I’m secretly holding out hope that Chopper and Sabine will be additional tier unlocks.

I actually got a Chopper a few years back, and I’m sure I’ll probably kit-bash a Sabine from one of the figures they’ll release from the main line.  I’d rather go the swappable head/helmet route than the “helmet covering the head” route they decided for Sabine.

But to still be FINALLY getting Ezra, Blind Kanan (with an extra head), and Zeb AND getting them in their Rebels outfits?!  Yeah, I was pleased with those tier offerings.

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Yeah, but why are you using her Season 1/2 pics?  😉

She’s grown up a bit since then.

EDIT:  In any case, looks like Ezra’s been unlocked for the Ghost.

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15 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

What's going on with the release dates?  Amazon's saying it's not out until October. :huh: 

Amazon hasn't received their stock of the Imperial Shuttle.  Walmart has it available only in certain stores with a ship from store option.


Best Buy has it available for store pickup or shipping with a fee.

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