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STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

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Wow, it looks like they may have actually gotten the markings right on the B-Wing.  (WAY too many places put them very symmetrically/doubled, leading to orange circles all over the place)     Will need pics from other angles to be sure though.   

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On 3/31/2024 at 6:19 PM, David Hingtgen said:

Wow, it looks like they may have actually gotten the markings right on the B-Wing.  (WAY too many places put them very symmetrically/doubled, leading to orange circles all over the place)     Will need pics from other angles to be sure though.   

Decided to grab a couple from Amazon, will probably do a breakdown/comparison to the Bandai kits when I get them, as well as to the old Action Fleet version.

Also grabbed a pair of the Y-Wings, but I've got no interest in what they did with the X-Wing (ugly/sloppy molding and bad paint) and the A-Wing (just seriously wtf?).

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Guess I'm glad I at least got a pair of good Tie fighters out of the deal to match with a Vader version if I ever get one, but the X-Wings are pretty bad by comparison.  My initial instincts about the mold were unfortunately on the nose.

Pretty sad, the quality of the Y-Wings I grabbed got my hopes up, but these things are just weirdly sloppy and mis-molded messes.  I guess that's what you should expect as the first product in a line, but still disappointing.

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Star Wars: The Vintage Collection CAL KESTIS (Imperial Officer Disguise)(Star Wars Jedi: Survivor)







Star Wars: The Vintage Collection MANDALORIAN JUDGE (The Mandalorian Season 3)








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It's really difficult for me to put into words how much I hate the entire concept behind rare/chase variants in toys of this level of production.

I would not call the production quality on these worthy of collecting. <_<  They make decent knick-knacks, but the quality is just not there for the most part, especially at the prices they're generally starting at.

Though, I think my opinion got pretty soured by that X-Wing two-pack.. it has some of the most bizarre production flaws of any X-Wing of any type I have ever seen, from any manufacturer.  I'm just calling the droid R-deux D-deux, because his upper paint is so lopsided it looks like a beret. :lol: 


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On 4/24/2024 at 5:06 PM, sh9000 said:

I'm enjoying a lot of the vehicles, especially the larger ones.  I prefer MGS over Action Fleet.

I think the larger ones do come out better, but I think the X-Wing is an oddball bad egg due to being so early in the product line, before the knew what they were really doing.

Like.. it's really difficult for me to even comprehend exactly how they messed it up the way they did?  It's like whoever was responsible for the CAD model didn't know anything about CAD, didn't know anything about perspective, or both.  For some unfathomable reason, the panel lines on the X-Wing got projected like a badly-wrapped game texture, and came out distorted like some kind of funhouse mirror version.  It's really wild.  Also, for the record, I want to find whoever is responsible for the stupid "top engines are longer" gaffe that has persisted in toy X-Wings for so many decades, and pelt them with J-79 nozzles.  You took a feature of one engine from one filming model, and decided "This is just how all the bottom engines are."  It's ugly, and it unbalances the ships in one really irritating way, since it's VERY obvious from this photo that X-Wings should be able to stand on their engines.

I will readily admit though, I'm probably as picky about X-Wings as David Hingten is about Tomcats.  I grew up researching and trying to correct all of the molding issues on all of the models since I got my first MPC kit in roughly 1990, and it bugs me to no end how many ways people find to mess it up.

Anyhow.. on a lighter note, speaking of David, yes, they did get the B-Wing markings correct, at least as compared with the Bandai model instructions.  Whether the Bandai ones are 100% accurate I'm not sure, since my reference photos are of the model without the circle markings.


Overall proportions look good, a huge upgrade from the old Action Fleet version.  Cockpit still slightly oversized, but much better by comparison, and I like that they molded the whole upper half of cockpit as the hatch, instead of just the window, since it kept the right shape.  Also like that the wings actually have a solid spring-tabbed ratchet to keep them in place, they're nice and solid in the open and closed positions.

Just as a reminder.. yeah, much better. :lol: 


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