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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Great Mechanics.DX 29 (summer 2014)

Macross Content:

2 page buildup and review of the 1/48 VF-1S/A Strike/Super Valkyrie kit. It ends with a reveal of the 1/48 VF-1J Max/Mira Super Valkyrie with Reaction Weapons kit.

What I found more interesting is the 6 page article just before that with a Kawamori Shoji interview basically on the new "M3" series and the design of the Argent transforming mecha. Most interesting is the article's subtitle: "the current form of Kawamori's design, seen in "Argent".

Aside from some rough sketches and the finished Argent mecha, there's also a page showing the Lego design process - the new twist is that he's (or someone) rendered it in the Lego 3DCG build program, in addition to building it in bricks!

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Going on sale at the Tokyo Anime Center on July 5 to commemorate the upcoming bluray box - Macross 2 smartphone cases and art cards. The smartphone cases are 2000yen each and the art cards are 600yen each. Prices do not include consumption tax.




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The EP also contains 4 Macross related songs and her first spanish langauge track, aswell as others.

The pronunciation of both Japanese and Spanish resemble, especially vowels, so I think she sings well.

それにしてもこの人いつも若作りだよな・・・*talk to myself*

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Yoshiki Fukuyama will have his own agent company from the next November.

His new fan club starts from Oct 10.



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Piece Of Peace 3 [Osaka 2014.07.19 to 08.31]


This is an exhibition of world heritage sites built in Lego.

Unexpectedly, Kawamori Shoji's VF-25 has its own display in it - in all three modes (that's 1 set each for Fighter, GERWALK, and Battroid).

[Picts, etc., to come]

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COSPA will release a Roy Focker jinbei (traditional Japanese summer/festival garment for men) in late September (a bit late for festival season, but oh well theres always next year I suppose).

The garment will retail for 7800yen, which is fairly reasonable for a jinbei, and be available in both Medium and large sizes. Dont just keep cool in summer when you can also be cool :-)




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I wouldn't count two month between chapter a looooong time personnally. I've followed some mangas which had years of hiatus....

That said there are already around 120-125 pages published page for this new volume, so in a couple of chapters there'll be enough material for a new tanbokon. Si this could happens before the end of the year if there isn't another unexpected hiatus.


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