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  1. I bought the new dlc and installed the free dlc but see nothing new in the game? Never mind needed to update and just figure it out.
  2. Lord help me I bought a regular edition to go with my special edition (couldn't cancel the preorder from another vendor) through a shopping service just to get the VF31C skin from animate. Now I just hope it runs on my Japanese account on my PSTV.
  3. So the VF-31C Makina and Reina skin is an animate exclusive DLC item? This sucks that we cant get it outside japan I want that more than the other VF-31J and S skins. Hope its available later to purchase as DLC as animate wont ship the game to non japan residents from what I can see. Hopefully someone will put the code up on ebay I'd buy a second copy of the game just for that skin.
  4. Yeah tried looking on listings and no mention of it so far. Think I'll wait and see before buying either the Vita or Vita TV.
  5. Do you guys know if its PS Vita TV compatible? I know some vita games are not. I have the special edition ordered but don't know which vita to get and would rather play it on my tv anyway like I do the PSP ones. Ps does the Vita Tv still allow dlc downloads? I have Japanese accounts but never cared or even looked into a vita or vita tv, never got a PSP till Macross games came out for it too.
  6. Sorata

    YF-30 in SRW

    Surprised no one mentioned the latest Nintendo Direct video has gameplay footage of the YF-25 in SRW.
  7. Guess they took it down, I also noticed that I couldn't post the link but could type it out on here, weird. Just google " Kotaku japan wants to create a space force".
  8. I guess this could be Macross news http://kotaku.com/japan-wants-to-create-a-space-force-1615522797
  9. Yes finally got mine in. Now to watch her straight through
  10. Still haven't got mine in yet. 40 something bucks for shipping and still don't have it. Think I may stop using Ami Ami.
  11. Sorata

    Macross 30

    It was a youtube selection, "Inside" by DFiVE9.
  12. Sorata

    Macross 30

    Here you go Graham not the best vid in the world but it will do for a preview, Its the guide minus the jacket. Sorry I didn't have the time to set it up better. Been to busy at work lately. Also for some reason youtube flipped the video upside down. EDIT Give it about an hour to appear, it takes youtube a bit to render a 559+mb 1080p video. I will upload the video to my program later and flip it back right the reupload it sometime later. Its good enough for now to let you see what's in it.
  13. Had to post it Love Ami Ami I get most packages in under 3 days and some they ship before release day.
  14. Sorata

    Macross 30

    yeah blaster there is who I was talking about earlier, he is putting up vids of his entire play through.
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