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The official rearm you Valkrye thread...


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:lol::lol::lol: nice to see someone started the thread i recommened, i was trying to fit mine with Musha Gundam armor but it is not fitting right <_< i will see what other weapons i have. just in case everyone missed it in the other thread here is a VF-1A with the 1/60 Strike Gundams Grand Slam.


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anything besides a gunpod?

I've seen a few 1/55 pics so far...

let me think. My beers' GBP held a trident for over two years on display.

one held the manga spawn kangi sword for a while.

another held two swords [with mods]

and later held a shield and viking sword

my 1/100's have had various gundam bits strapped to them

star wars bits

gi joe bits

and even more extreme, granted an older picture as tis' almost finished nowpost-12-1107186850.jpg

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here i am.


left it in gerwalk mode (too lazy to transform)

it's a beam saber from the large wing zero model and wolfwood's cross punisher.

whoops, wrong pic.

i've even got max's skull symbol on my radio for work :lol:

(and on my locker and on my car...)


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