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  1. Bump. I edited some stuff on my profile so i should be able to get back to people a lot quicker.
  2. I'm letting go of a friend that gave this to me years ago. I just want to post it here before i put it up on eBay. I'm asking $220 obo. It's only been transformed maybe 3-4 times and then put back in the box. Manual and stickers all included. I haven't applied any of the stickers so the sheet is still intact. No i don't have the fast packs that came around later. I'll be posting some Gundam model kits in the next few days.
  3. my laptop crashed on thursday and I've been doing recovery and reformatting like a crazy man...so I finally reformat the hard drive on it and do a clean windows install...except some psp game saves, demos and other data were not saved!! I'm really super pissed off at myself... I've been using Handy Recovery 2.0 and some files would not recover since I repartitioned the drive... so now I can't get that stuff off...So far it's just scanning all the partitions...Hopefully someone can help me out with this...it's just pissing me off beyong belief!!
  4. Just like the title says, I'm looking for an AE Patch... any helpful links or replies are really appreciated..
  5. hmm...definately looks nice...i might end up picking up one of these kits instead of the toys...i guess it all depends on final pricing...
  6. Sorry to bump such an old thread but I thought it was at least "simular" to this... I had a problem with a transaction... Basically, the person's account had a lock on it where he could not recieve payments of any kind... So I was wondering what does it take to have your account on lockdown like that? EDIT: I kind of found out the answer by reading this thread again....I think he may just have a free account and can not accept the amount of money that I'm sending him. I ended up lifting the limits on the sending side of the whole transaction thing...
  7. I guess no-one has played it then... so is there a video converter that likes MKV files? so far I've used 3 that are supposed to support conversion of MKV to MP4 but the programs either don't recognize it or they end up corrupting while trying to convert...
  8. I was wondering if anyone has played Fate/Tiger, the chibi 3D fighter with some of the Fate Characters
  9. does anyone know of any good scratch removers that are safe on devices such as ipods? I let my nephew borrow my ipod for a week, later he returns it with scuffs and scratches all over it... I've been looking at stuff like applesauce but I haven't really found any reliable reviews... Also, he lost my case.... which is another reason why it's scratched up...
  10. it'd be cool if they made the Mk. I Monster with the anchoring claws
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