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  1. anyone want to offer us his Wave's SDF-1 ? I would provide the "moon travellers" fireworks for the launching !
  2. The next one would probably be Sheryl or even Klan Klang.
  3. what are the chances of Yamato getting the license and improved on Bandai's design ?
  4. Ha ha that would be fun but Michel's ghost would rise from the grave .
  5. why don't we wait until the Macross F movie is out ? It may have a alternate ending with Alto choosing one of the girls.
  6. Great news indeed ! I think I make a trip to South Atria Island to witness this historical event !
  7. Yeah even though it is a Mini concert, May'N rocks ! Yeah I hope to see another Live performance by her !
  8. can anyone give me a picture of the cover of the book or the isdn number ? I would like to order with my local kinokuniya book store.
  9. I don't have this dvd but try this, go to "Main Menu", go to "Language", and switch to "Manglish" okay sorry "English" Why don't you guys buy the originals ? It comes goodies as well (although no English subtitles !)
  10. That make the both of us ! I am from Mud Bay ("Kuala Lumpur !")
  11. I think the bootleggers got the cover from Japan Pizza Hut's Macross F promotional poster, those sly b#$tards !
  12. Ha ha no worries, if pop by in KL again, please call us ! There plenty of good Malaysian food around here !
  13. As always Gubaba & Sketchley, thanks for the translations !
  14. The current license for Macross Frontier is pretty restricted to Japan, the license does not even extend to HK. That is why you don't see Bandai Asia (HK) selling Macross Frontier toys. Having said that, if you want to buy the original DVDs or Blue Rays, you have to buy the Region 2 DVD or Region 1 BR from Japan which unfortunately does not have English subtitles. As for the Malaysian dvds, they are bootlegs as the manufacturers does not have the license to produce the dvds.
  15. Cool More movies to watch this coming summer !
  16. Happy B'Day Macross World ! Viva Macross World !
  17. Hi shiyao, thanks for sharing with us the pictures, nice shots ! Hope you can join us next time!
  18. Just got back this morning at 4am and now back to work, sigh! The concert was great and it should be longer ! May'N is really good and sexy that night, the trip down has been worth it! It was great meeting up with Drifand, Andrew, GGEmini and Izzyfart and thanks for showing us around
  19. Please let us know if your friend is not going !
  20. Yeah I wonder how Klan Klan like Michel's legs !
  21. Another cd ! Yeah ! when is it going to be released ?
  22. hi would be coming down to Sg with 2 other macross fans. We could meet on Fri or Sat nite.
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