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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. anyone knows when is the last day to send in the coupons ?
  2. Score : 2 all ! The blasted volleyball game is still on ! I need Macross F now !
  3. Hey was that in the opening ? Is that real or photoshop ?
  4. Those modellers are impressive, I wish I have skills like theirs
  5. Yup there are differnces, price differences, at least at HLJ. there is a sale for the SV-51 Alpha ! Get while it while stocks last !
  6. If thats the case, with such constant proximity to Ai-Kun (which almost certainly a vajra hatchling), I am suprise Ranka has NOT gotten the V-virus. Another possibility is that Ranka's part Vajra or at the least, her blood is immune to the V-virus.
  7. At least now Sheryl is no longer influenced by Grace, don't worry guys, Sheryl is a strong girl, she would come back and show Grace she is a survivor and won't give up easily !
  8. The date of the last epidode is Oct 16 2008 ? Is going to be a sad day
  9. thats alter ranka, she would go all the way to seduce all macross fanboys
  10. should be okay, the seller seems quite trustworthy.
  11. What does "Northen Cross" signifies ? Hope it is NOT related to " Southen Cross " of Robotech ?
  12. wow ! thanks for the info Now I am really looking forward to those episodes!
  13. Is this the August or Sept issue ? Want to get that pinup psoter !
  14. hi do you know where I can find one with a better resolution ? The ones from youtube are not very clear.
  15. Well at least the auction price did not exceed USD500
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