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  1. hi all, Just started playing the game over the weekend, I keep getting blasted by missles, is there anyway I can a) dodge them or b) how I can shoot them down ? Rgds
  2. heard from a employee from a comic shop and in turn he heard it from another customer. I guess we would not know whether this is true until something more concrete is announced. But given that the OVA series is not even over, I do not think Shoji would release a special version so soon at the least until the OVA is over. Regards
  3. Hi guys, I just heard a rumor about an extended version of episode 1 of Macross Zero. Heard that it would contain additional footage at the start of the episode. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour ? Regards
  4. not to worry graham, by the time you reach that age I am sure there would be a functioning VFs so there is no need for a wheel chair, you can just ride the VF. he he Regards
  5. Someone correct me but could someone confirm whether Docker was killed at the end of M7 ? rgds
  6. okay it was disassembled, could it be reconstructed again ?
  7. Hey guys, Are the Kaiyodo Figures / ToYs available in Hong Kong yet ? If yes, I could ask my friends who are visiting HK this week to get them for me. Regards
  8. Hi All, I was wondering with the most of the human population wiped (except for those in the Grand Canon) when the Zentradis bombarded earth at the end of Space War One, and with most Breetai's fleet survived, shouldn't the human race be a minority rather than the majority ? Regards
  9. try fast forwarding before the very scene where it was stuck and after you skip the scene play as normal. It may work or try playing using another player.
  10. Just bought VF-X2 game, as it is in Japanese , I couldn't understand the mission objectives, anyone out there that could tell me where the get the transaltion ?
  11. Hi guys, Just putting out a point, I finish watching Macross 7 OVA episode 1 "Fleet of the Strongest Women", the advance fleet of Macross 7 was literally wiped out by the Q-raus of the Meltrans and there was not a single casualty on the meltran !!!(not that I noticed anyway). Based on that episode, I would think the meltrans have higher chance of defeating anyone (including humans) if they have the numbers and more ranged weapons and if they can get over Basara's music
  12. Hi all noble valks pilots, Just finish another TV episode of Macross 7, the episode was showing Exedore coming out of Battle 7 to examine the Protoculture Ruins on Planet Lux. One of scenes was showing Exedore strecthing out his tentacles (not arms ?!) to activate a door at the passageway. My question is Exedore the only zentradi with such limbs or are there other zentradis like him just with tentacles and not arms ? Regards
  13. wow, these anti-un outfit must really have guts, the planes are not even armed with AA misslies. Thse planes just rely on their 35mm only to fight, how are they going to down a VF-0 with just a gun.
  14. gee...you can hardly spot it until it is quite near !!!
  15. Well at least we can look forward to the Manga.
  16. Thanks, anyone know what happened to good old Breetai then ? Somehow whenever I see Exedol, Breetai should be around...
  17. Thanks guys.....It was a relief to me to know that Exedol is not permamently "stuck" to one place. Any reasons why Exedol's version in Macross 7 is from the Movie and not the original TV series (or did I got this wrong ?) Thanks and regards
  18. I was watching Macross 7 yesterday (Episodes 1-5). Althought I was happy to see some old faces, Max and Milia from the original TV series, I was shocked Exedol in such a state. Could anyone confirm whether Exedol is permanently "stuck" in the Bridge ? With his size, he does have much room to move around, so is he just restricted to the bridge only ? In addition, it appears Exedol's design is from DYRL and not the TV series, again can anyone confirms this ? Thanks
  19. I think I would maintain my 1/60 toys since Yamato is still coming out with new 1/60 toys. It also be easier to complete a 1/60 diaroma as well. Regards
  20. vanpang

    Macross Figures

    Did you order online? Or reserved at a local store? I've been looking for those CM's figures all over Singapore. And it seems that none of the store owners down there ever heard of such figures........ All they show me were the Sharpeners. Any luck getting the CM's figures ? I would be going to Singapore this weekend so I am hoping I could get some....
  21. are they selling the yamato figures as well ?
  22. vanpang

    1/48 Line

    I wish they give us some 1/48 ground crews i.e. armourers, signalers etc etc
  23. Fellow Valks Pilots and Macross fans, I would be going to Singapore down this weekend. Do you guys know where I can get some inexpensive Yamato 1/48 Max and Low-Viz, or the Grasphon figures ? Would appreciate if you get me the address and phone numbers. Thanks and regards
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