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  1. luckily the keyhole tv is working tonite ha ha
  2. Hi dude, Just ordered with Angolz, but when I send Angolz a email asking them when is the expected day of release, there is still no reply even after 3 business days, is that normal ? Cheers
  3. Oshii's Sky Crawlers would be competing against Miyazaki's Ponyo at the Venice International Film Fest in late August http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-...-intl-film-fest
  4. Did the Allies tested the Shinden after the war ended ? How did it fare against Allied fighters of that time ?
  5. The screening would start on 2 August 2008 in Japan
  6. oh sorry did not realise that. Moderators please feel free to close this thread.
  7. Stated for release in Japan on 2 August 2008, see link http://sky.crawlers.jp/index.html Directed by Mamoru Oshii Beautiful animation, the enemy fighter planes reminds me of the P-51 Mustang !
  8. No idea until Chronicles issue 2 comes out
  9. save, thanks for the info. If indeed the 1/48 WS Hikaru is on sale during the summer wonder fest, please let us know. Thanks
  10. How did that happen ? Someone bidded on the auction earlier but now that 1st bid is no longer there and you have a buy it now option ? Can the seller change the format after someone has bidded on it ?
  11. Thanks and good luck ! I hope you can get all 5 W.S. VF-1S Hikaru then
  12. If the WS VF-1S Hikaru is on sale at the summer wonder fest, i need someone's help to get it !
  13. Happy Birthday Crasis, you are one lucky bastard to have such a wonderful wife. I wish my GF would support my hobby as much as your wife
  14. yes if you include shipping charges and other custom charges
  15. Well, I am only interested in the WS VF-1S Hikaru, so if you do get it and you want to sell it (which I doubt it), please let me know
  16. Is that suppose to be Ranka ? To me it is just a normal nose art, "monster girl" should be referring to the VB-6 Konnig Monster or its female pilot, Canaria.
  17. Yup someone must have offer her a very good price
  18. Hi thanks, sorry must have missed it but Yen1700 is only about USD15. They must have included the shipping charges.
  19. Hey guys, anyone know how much the binder is going for ? I have not gotten mine but the local Kino mentions that it is around USD30 ? Can't be right for an empty binder !
  20. You know guys, perhaps the W.S. VF-1S Roy is not a Limited Edition item. As another member pointed out there is no "Limited Edition" wording on the box or anywhere else. So there maybe hope they may reissue it again. I think the only true limited edition Valks are the Low Viz 1, which there is a "Limited" word on the box, the JBC card Black VF-1J (only 4 or 5 in the world) and also the W.S. VF-1S Hikaru (where Yamato has annouced only 250 units would be produced) Take for example the Revoltech Ultra Magnus, when was released last year, it was a hobby specialist shop exclusive, but just last month, they reissue the Ultra Magnus. I know more than a few friends who are cursing Kaiyado for that So is W.S. VF-1S Roy truly limited, who knows, only time can tell.
  21. I would hope Ozma doesn't die in the next week, I feel they have not devloped him much yet and he has much to go and I feel he should go back after Cathy
  22. Hi I am planning to buy something from angloz but realised that they are in the Blacklist. can anyone tell what they did earlier to be in the blacklist ? Sorry quite difficult to check over 45 pages of this thread.
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