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  1. Another cd ! Yeah ! when is it going to be released ?
  2. hi would be coming down to Sg with 2 other macross fans. We could meet on Fri or Sat nite.
  3. I do not why it was blacklisted in the first place. However I been emailing them for the status of my order but had no replies from them. Does anyone have their phone number ? If you do, please pm the number to me because I like some answers from them !
  4. Hey Gubaba, ever consider a position as a News Anchor ? I think you forgotten to mention that SMS Skull Leader Ozma would be making plans to marry former Miss Macross Runner Up, Kathy Glass.
  5. I agree, Alto is too indecisive to have sex with Sheryl and I think Sheryl would not do it as well. I recall Sheryl was stomping on ALto's face when she thought she was "violated" when she passed out at Macross Frontier before Michel pops in. Anyway the whole thing reminds me the whole situation of Archie / Veronica / Betty. Veronica and Betty are love rivals but also good friends
  6. Option C : He can have both, polygamy ha ! ha ! It is common in ancient times !
  7. Who are those 3 guys behind Folmo ? Are they cameos from the production team ?
  8. Anyone else notice this, just before Alto finish off Grace, Grace's facial expression was almost calm and appear to be happy ? Was she happy that she was about to be killed ? Also what happened to the other citizens of Galaxy ?
  9. See told you guys that Sheryl's earring bring bad luck to any VF Alto is piloting !
  10. Thank Goodness ! I was wondering it is going to be "kill them all" Tomino type ending but everyone survived ! Even Brera !
  11. That episode was overloaded with song, vajra sacrificing themslves to save Battle Frontier !
  12. Just a few days more, I think we can wait 3 days more rite
  13. I am beginning to believe Sheryl's earrings are harbingers of bad lucks, Alto's VF-25F was destroyed when Alto was having the first earning and now his VF-171 EX was destroyed when he had the second earring ! If you see Sheryl's earrings don't pick them up !
  14. One thing puzzles me in the episode, why did Leon authorize the landing of Island 1 before securing the whole planet? Were Island 1’s life support systems failing so critically to warrant such an urgent action?
  15. Alto probably did not have much time to do a through check, he was more concerned about rescuing Ranka.
  16. I just rewatched with subs, that is one great episode ! I just hope Brera and Ranka recovers from Grace's control before Alto kill the both of them ! To those who voted negative in the poll, pray tell what is your reason for giving a negative vote in the poll?
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