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  1. wow ! thanks for the info Now I am really looking forward to those episodes!
  2. Is this the August or Sept issue ? Want to get that pinup psoter !
  3. hi do you know where I can find one with a better resolution ? The ones from youtube are not very clear.
  4. Well at least the auction price did not exceed USD500
  5. Ha ha I was bidding in that auction as well, but I am glad a Macross W#orld member won Congrats UN Spacy !
  6. So far all the Vajra I have seen have flight capabilities, and Ai-Kun is almost certainly a Vajra, how come it cannot fly ? Does that mean only Adult Vajra can fly ?
  7. Thanks gunny, nice scans, I think I would at least get Vol 1 of BD. Like you I still have NOT gotten a BD player but may get a PS3 later Once again thanks BTW refering to the poster, can the VF-0 operate in space ? I know it can operate underwater but in space ? Anyone can clarify that ?
  8. Yeah now that you mention it, yeah I hope Bandai has plans to produce all of them , the 25th anni, Sheryl Custom and Ranka Custom ( they are too cool to miss them out !)
  9. Make that 1 week, still no reply from Angolz Is this normal ?
  10. All fleet ships of Macross Frontier have it, it is called "repulsive field". It is shown in ep. 14 at 14.21 minutes into the episode.
  11. I just rewatched the episode the 3rd time (with gg's sub), I must say I am quite impressed with Capt Wilder, he did not even flinch one bit, when the Vajra's beam was heading towards the bridge. He has nerves of steel !
  12. Hi Suzuran, thanks for the all the hard work, GG is doing a great service to all anime fans so keeo up the good work !
  13. hi thanks, that would help if you could get me the measurement, you see I am wearing Asian "XL" size but that measurement may be similiar to the American "L" size.
  14. when is the closing date for the order ? And what are the measurements for XL and L sizes ?
  15. oh thanks dude, must be swell knowing Japanese, no need to read subtitles while watching anime
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