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  1. No worries bro, I think it is more like 1st week of August actually. Also Kino KL has not confirm whether they can get the binder yet.
  2. You can get it from Kino KL but it is about 3 weeks late as it is a sea shipment
  3. I can only immagine even the Japs would find it hard to get one of these limited editions, 250 unit is really limited. I hope there was a typo error in the magazine, it is not 250 but suppose to be 25,000 units . I can only hope
  4. * jaw drops on the floor * goodbya Max Vf-1A, goodbye Hikaru VF-1S
  5. I am just glad that Max VF-1A is not limited ha ha, so as long as you have those coupons, you can purchase Max VF-1A right ?
  6. Poor Luca, he did not get to tell Nanase Now that all the players are in place, the episodes can only get better
  7. i am glad you decide to get a replacement, let us know whether you encounter any further probs. i be getting mine soon, can't wait for it
  8. Nah she didn't, that would be a blow to her friendship with Ranka. In fact, I think at one time Nanase was cautioning the development of Alto's relationship with Sheryl.
  9. Yes he also better starts wearing pants instead of shorts, no lady is going to date you if you are always wearing a pair of shorts
  10. She may be pretending not to know just like Alto, Capt Weber, Mikhail.............
  11. The QC process is a random process, the QC inspector picks some sample from each batch for insepection, they do not inspect the whole lot.
  12. well at least you are in Tokyo so getting a replacement from Yamato or the shop should be easy.
  13. All we see is Klan Klan visiting Mikhail, I hope for Luca's sake, Nanase also visted him (unless he is not injured in the last attack ?)
  14. *nod *nod I agree. the power of love would probably turn the Vajra into defeating the Galaxy group !
  15. discarded as in abandoned isn't it ? she is a failure to their scheme, isn't that why she is being abandoned. i think if sheryl can overcome the effects of the "witchcraft" poison she would live and even grace won't bother her no more.
  16. Grace's intention is to murder Sheryl to set off hatred between Vajra and the Humans, to what purpose we are not sure yet. However after Grace realized that she has a better candidate in Ranka, I am sure she would try to kill off Ranka. But I am not sure how is she going to do that if Brera (asuming Brera is really Ranka's blood brother) is around to protect the "Little Queen"
  17. What does Q1 stands for ? Quarter 1 ? There is a lot of references to the 25th Anniversary. Macross Quarter VF-25 Macross 25 25th Long Range Expedition Fleet, Macross Frontier Ranka is 1/4 zentran
  18. BTW did Grace ditched Sheryl as manager ? Sheryl looked kinda upset when Grace left the room and I understand Grace would be the Project Leader to use Ranka's songs against the Vajra.
  19. Yup Bilrer is huge, but I always got the impression he is micronised, not macronized. He can easily run over his maids with his giant wheelchair ! Although I pretty annoyed with the episodes recap, there is enough new plot development in the episode and battle of the songs was good enough for me to give the episode a positive ratings ! The reaction on Alto was priceless with the two chicks giving him so much attention ! I thought there would be more explanations on the V-virus in this episode (as the last episode preview was showing the v-virus strands with purple gems) but that did not happemed.
  20. Thats a very comprehensive summary indeed, thanks Mr. March. I am still inclined to think Ozma knows more than he is telling about Ranka. Ozma should know about Ranka's origin and her secrets better than anyone else except maybe Mr. Funny Hair Leon.
  21. Oh sorry, I thought you guys were determining which countries are part of the Anti United Nation. Sorry I did not realize you were talking about sukhoi/Mig users.
  22. You missed you out Singapore (it is part of ASEAN)
  23. Thanks, they don't give much bonus do they ? Only 15 minutes worth.
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