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  1. probably side effects from the medications, her pills probably does not mix well with drink
  2. Referring to Kreshphy's statement on the last episode, SK did mention that the it would be a "culture shock" for us. So it may not be far from the truth, and I hope this is not the case. So brace yourself !
  3. You need a Queen Vajra to lay those eggs, as the Queen are usually confine to their hive and never go into battle, I think it is likely that Grace (or even Leon) planting those eggs.
  4. Does the Japanese in 2ch have a similar poll ? I am curious on their take on it.
  5. The Macross franchise is a cash cow (thats why HG is harping on it), a new Macross series would come out. Question is how long do we have to wait ? I hope not another 25 years !
  6. I could not agree more, if they are doing sequel or Frontier OVA, it should well plan out. Hell it is another opportunity for Bandai to churn out toys - VF-25F Ova version !
  7. Just take a guess, that's the fun part about all this guess work isn't it ? To see whether you got it right at the end of the series
  8. That formula only works where the love triangle involves two girls fighting for the guy in an animated Macross series Anyway I am rooting for Sheryl even though she may not survive this series.
  9. But I am not convince that Luca is aware that Leon/Grace would assassinate Howard Glass, or did I miss something ? Even Luca would try to stop the assassination if he knew about in advance.
  10. If you guys have read the synopsis for ep 23 , it is obvious that SK & Co is trying to convince us that Alto would go for Sheryl. However, as mentioned by Wolf-X, this show has always turn around our expectations, so it could be Ranka ending up with Alto (although I am rooting for Sheryl). On the other hand, statically in other Macross series, the older female would get the male protagonist :- Misa vs Minmay, Misa ended up with Hikaru Sara vs. Mao, Sara ended up with Shin Sheryl vs. Ranka, Sheryl would end with Alto ?
  11. To Ozma, protecting Cathy and Ranka is his top priority, he does not care whether he has to shoot down Alto or Luca to do that. Even then, I think he nuts trying blow Luca into space dusts !
  12. Hey are you hinting that Alto & Sheryl would disappear ?
  13. Another 3 way battle eh ? Galaxy vs Frontier and SMS Macross Quarter/Vajra in the middle !
  14. Yes but only 3 more episodes to go. way too few episodes, hope they do not mess up the flow. On another note,
  15. I totally agree with you, these fansubbers are contributing a lot to the anime community and at their own time. They are doing out of their passion and fandom. Bravo fansubbers ! Keep it up !
  16. Just rewatch with gg subs, one awesome episode ! I just could not believe Ozma was willing to shoot to kill Luca ! Following your path is one thing but to shoot a former comrade, that's really nuts ! I just hope Sheryl don't die at the end of this series, otherwise I am going to personally go to Japan and kick SK's butt !
  17. You are right never seen Sheryl , it really makes you depressed doesn't it ?
  18. Ok time for me to get a PSP ! Either that or I have to get someone to lend it to me !
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