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  1. We did not take any pictures during the concert, we wanted to be "good boys" and comply with the organizer's instruction not to take any picture during the concert. It was still a memorable concert. I would like to thank ggemini and drifand for helping us get the tickets ! Drifand was also kind enough to pass the lucky draw ticket to wolfx to get fukuyama's autograph !
  2. Yeah it was a great concert! the acoustics duet bewteen May'N and Fukuyama is a real surprise ! We were expecting "Totsugeki Love Heart" but got "Diamond Crevasse" Acoustics duet ! Some pics Fukuyama with Mylene & Basara !
  3. Yup you are absouletely right ! Her sister is quite hot as well ! She was with Alodia and Danny Choo at Day 1 of AFA09. A picture of her
  4. Hi kicker, sorry the autograph session did not materilized today. But here is a photo of her in today event Cheers !
  5. ha ha sorry KL stands for Kuala Lumpur, Capital of Malaysia. If you are interested in the book, i would get it for u. You got paypal ?
  6. No guarentee I can get it, but I would try. Are you from KL ? PM me your h/p number. Thanks
  7. No guarentee I can get it, but I would try. Are you from KL ? PM me your h/p number. Thanks
  8. Yes we are from Malaysia. We would be staying overnight on Sat night. You wanna meet up ?
  9. Wolfx, ikhii and I would be making a trip down to Singapore this weekend for the AFA 2009. We are meeting up with some fellow members in Singapore. If you like join us please pm me or wolfx. Thanks http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3475...id=164103166021
  10. Normally they should be more efficient that this, why don't you ask your friend to email or call them to enquire about the order confirmation. Anyway good luck to your purchase !
  11. Well at least they are coming to HK, which other countries they would be heading to ?
  12. Hey guys, any translations for Mari-ja-san's posting ?
  13. You lucky fellows !, give us a complete review once you watched it. It be months before the rest of the world can watch it.
  14. Yeah HAl is the MAN ! Anyway anyone know what is type of pet Minmay is keeping ? It looks like a cross between a cat and a rabbit. !
  15. Yamato better rethink their pricing strategy, it seems most of us are keen, but the pricing is way off !
  16. Bandai, WAVE or even Toynami ? Would they answer our prayers?
  17. so near yet so far...Don't think I would get this unless I strike lottery !
  18. its about the height of 3 pieces of 1/60 VF-1 valks in battaloid mode !
  19. I was with a friend today, admiring the VE-1. We were totally blown away by the VE-1 A question came out, how do you land the VE-1 in fighter mode, the pilot must be exceptionally good not to damage the electronic panels below the undercarriage when landing !
  20. If you can strengthen with cement, the stands are not wasted. Just be careful though, I understand from a friend some super glue does "eat" away some plastic.
  21. I am just glad we have someone like Graham to channel our recommendations /criticism to Yamato. We may have some disappointments with some of Yamato's earlier products but their latest products are with better QCs. This I believe is due partly to Graham help in passing Yamato our feedbacks/recommendations and also competition from Bandai’s DX and 1/72 line ! Now if we can get someone here as liaison with Bandai ?
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