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  1. Damn meaining the limited edition of 1,000 units is true ? !
  2. Its probably the 1st batch release is limited to 1,000 units. Yamato probably would gauge how well the sales of the first batch before deciding the number of units for the next release.
  3. I was split between Minmay & Sheryl. Guess my loyalty stays with Minmay since I choose her over Sheryl
  4. How many trial productions prototype YF-19 were there ? Is Isamu's YF-19 another trail production prototype ?
  5. If Yamato were to push Super Nova paint scheme on the YF-19, they would have another cash cow(s).
  6. The VF-22 sturmvogel looks cool ! Wish I can see the gerwalk version of all three VFs ! Any chance Yamato would improve on the YF-19 mold (considering they are facing tougher competition with Bandai over macross products now) ?
  7. vanpang

    yamato's next move

    Could he mean the VF-22 Sturmvogel or YF-19 variants ?
  8. Actually it was the Mongol Fleet under the direction of Kublai Khan that tried to invade Japan twice but was destroyed by the "Divine Wind". I agree with VTF1, we should not judge a nation or its people are "bad" or "good". We can't said that all the Japanese or German were "bad" collectively because of their govt policies during WW2. I am certain that portions of Japanese or German populations were against the war. A few good example are Claus Von Stauffenberg and Oskar Schindler, they are Germans but they are tried to do the morally right thing. Every race or nation have their bad apples. Individuals rather than "nations" or its "people" should be judged whether they are "good" or "bad".
  9. Any of our forum members won them ? Is it strictly an lucky draw item or did some of them been allocated for retail ?
  10. vanpang

    Macross Calender

    cool stuff ! Well done !
  11. Hikaru ! Don't drop Minmay ! She is humanity's last hope against the Zentradi !
  12. Cool ! Hope PetarB can do 1/60 scale as well
  13. Hi Dash, Thanks for the photos ! She is a beauty !
  14. I can't wait for it to arrive ! VF-1D is beautiful ! My only complaint is that Yamato could have done a better job with the Hikaru / Minmay's sculpt. Perhaps an enterprising forum member can give us a better looking/more detailed pilot and his passenger ?
  15. Anyone got photos of the VF-1A max out of the box ?
  16. I am sold with the SDF-1 but I hope Yamato would not come out with another web-exclusive weathering special version otherwise I would come to Tokyo and raze their office to the ground Having one sdf-1 is going burn a hole through my wallet, having a exclusive version would deflate my wallet in an instant
  17. err so would there be any 1/2000 valks for escort ?
  18. Anyone knows where I can download or stream the full episode of Igloo 2 Vol 2 ?
  19. IKHII, you can do wonders with those weathering kit, you may have just started a new trend
  20. Just watched 2/3 of Episode 2 of Igloo 2 "King of Land". Not sure why the 3rd part of Episode 2 was not uploaded. But I wish someone did. Another emo commander. but interesting to see Federation MBTs against Zakus.
  21. Would paste photos later, sure you want your handsome face published ?
  22. Great job Ikhii, send us more pixs please
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