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  1. Heads up ! CD Japan has just restocked their DYRL Blu-Ray Limited Edition Sets ! 16 units left for pre-order ! Get it now ! http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=BLJS-93006
  2. Looks like she would be in Hong Kong, that would be nearest to us, we can make a trip to watch !
  3. The DYRL movie was first released in Japan in July 1984, so would we see another 30th Anniversary DYRL boxset in 2014 ? Just wondering.
  4. I am going to Japan in August, I hope to get it then if I can't get it online !
  5. I wonder would there be a problem getting the entrance tickets ?
  6. Hi all, apologies for the delay in posting the interview excerpts but I combined the interview with my first post in the thread. Once again my apologies for the delay. Please see first post, regards
  7. Yeah it would be interesting to see her reaction when we ask her if she would marry ? Ha ha
  8. Questions for the Galactic Fairy Dear all, May’n is coming back to Singapore on 11 November 2011 for Anime Festival Asia 2011. A friend of mine is helping me and fellow Macross fan, James Wong, to arrange for an interview with May’N during the event. Although the friend is arranging but there is a possibility that it may not go through depending on May’n busy schedule. However since it is less than 3 weeks before May’n arrives, James thought of getting the project started and see whether you guys would want to ask May’n some questions. Being this the last year for the 25th Anniversary of Macross, any questions related to May’n involvement with the series as Sherly Nome may be deemed inappropriate or lapsed in the following years by the local PR company handling her visit.. We would like to extend this opportunity to our fellow Macross fans to ask May’n/Sherly YOUR QUESTION on your behalf.. Your questions will be scrutinized by the local PR handling her and later passed over to her manager for approval. Posting on 28 Jan 2012 Dear All, Our apologies for the delay in the posting the interview excerpts. Interview with May’n during AFA 11 May’n was in Singapore for the Anime Festival Asia 2011 (“AFA11”). May’n performed live on Sunday, 13th November 2011, Sunday together with Angela, Milky Holmes, Kanako Ito & Chiyomaru Shikura and Kalafina Fellow Macross fans James Wong, Ikhii, Rei and I managed to get an interview with the Galactic Fairy herself on 11 November 2011. Normally we would prepare the questions ourselves but this year we decided to do things a little different, which is, we opened the questions to the other members of MACROSSWORLD so that they have a chance to get to know May’n better and this is what we’ve complied : The following is the extract from the interview with May'n :- Note: May’n’s answers were conveyed through her translator thus certain replies may be lost in translation Vizcaya san (PHILIPPINES) : Question : Should there's a dream chance for her, whom May'n would really like to sing a duet with onstage (other than longtime friends like Megumi Nakajima)? May’n : Actually anyone is good as each artiste bring their own unique style and would be interesting to work with them, recently I’ve did a duet with a group by the name of ‘Astronaut’ (entitled ‘ GIANT STEP’ for the new Kamen Rider) Message: Thank you and your moving songs; you know best how to bring down the house and set the stage on fire with your class-act performances D’only san (MALAYSIA) : Question : Did May’n san enjoyed her performance in Paris, France and how does the Fans there’s compared to those in Japan/Asia? May’n : As it is my first time in Europe, I’ve enjoyed myself very much. The fans there also enjoyed Japanese songs like those in Japan and they sang together with me. Question : How was the food? ( Editor’s note : May’n would always try out the local cuisine where ever she gets the chance. You can find lots of pictures of food in May’n personal blog) May’n : Ah! The Food! Delicious! Negotiator san (Scalper City, California USA): Question : Has she reached her goal as to what type or style of music she wants to do in this career? May’n : I try not to set any long term goals because the future is hard to predict. Short term ones are to perform for her Singapore fans and another one is to reach out to more of my fans in different places. I would also search for my own style, combine with dance music and also like to try out many different styles of music Gian san (Santiago, Chile): Message : Please tell her there are a lot of fans in South America, specially in Chile! I hope she continues working with Yoko Kanno, they're an awesome team! Sharky san (Atlanta USA): Message : Tell her she has lots of fans in the US and she needs to have a concert on the East coast! (Editor Note : May’n and fellow Macross singer megumi Nakajima was in the Anime Expo 2010, Los Angeles, West Coast) Seanzilla san (Dallas, Texas USA): Message : Speaking of your vocals, you have the most impressive voice I have ever heard. However lately you have stuck with your higher pitched singing voice for most of your newer work even after Macross Frontier. I was wondering if you will implement your deeper singing voice a little more often. I watched "May'n the Movie" and while you sang 'Eien Ni' (amazing song by the way, especially live) and Shinjitemiru, I was reminded by how much I enjoy your deeper voice. We had prepared a series of interview questions ourselves but was unable to ask them due to the interview time restriction and we would like to give priority to the questions asked by the other members. As we are short of time, I summarize that the other fans just wants to tell her that she has done a fantastic job and hoped that she will one day perform in their respective countries. And with that, the interview concluded, we wish to thank May’n for taking time off from her busy schedule to talk to us. We would like to thank May’n’s manager and interpreter, Mami-San, for allowing us to take their precious time for the interview. It was a fun and engaging interview. Special thanks also go to Mr. Shawn Chin and Ms. Aiko of Sozo Pte Ltd, Ms. Lim Wee Ling, Ms. Jacquelyn Tan, Ms. Michelle Tong and Ms. Jamie of Asia PR Werkz for arranging the interview The following is the excerpts of the interview conducted by “May’n Asia” with May’n done on the same day. With May’n Asia’s permission, we have released the excerpts of their interview in this report. Question : Astronauts, a new group that surprises us! "GIANT STEP", a song with new style! How do you describe this song? What are your thoughts when singing this song? About participating the concert for Kamen for the first time, anything that makes you happy or excited? May'n: Ah, I have used a high pitch voice to sing this song. While doing the recording, I felt this song is quite hard for me.This song is being used during the fight scenes between Kamen Rider and his enemies, so I sang it with that feeling in mind. Question : We read the news online that you will be going to a anime/manga convention in Shanghai at the end of November! As a representative of the China media, I often communicate with the China members, they said they would like to hear your singing voice in person again.They missed you. How do you feel about singing on stage in Shanghai again? Are you going to eat Xiao Long Bao again? May'n: Ah! (her face lit up after hearing the word "Xiao Long Bao", she look excited. That's the President of Good Food Club for you^^)Of course I feel excited to have a concert in Shanghai again. I’m also looking forward to meeting my fans from Shanghai and to be together again. Of course, will eat Xiao Long Bao again! Question: You have performed at AFA for 4 years consecutively. Do you have the feeling of visiting relatives when back to hometown? The feeling of happiness? The last time you came to Singapore was in June, do you miss the fans and food in Singapore? May'n: Yup, as for this, I have many feelings. I’ ve been to Singapore 6 times^^ including the Asia Film Festival in June and the UNITE!! Asia Tour Concert. Singapore is a place that means a lot to me. Singapore, just like my second "home"^^ We appreciate the close cooperation offered by May’n Asia and would like to thank them especially Desmond Wong, Sin You and Lin Qing Xiang for the interview excerpt Normally we would get like 15-20 minutes with her. The process would go like this : we ask the question, translator translates, she answers, translator translate and the question get answered. The whole process takes up some time. We usually have like 12 questions for her but the PR would slash it down to like 4 or 5 due to her busy schedule. Bear in mind that though not all of your questions will be answered due to time constraints.. Your questions can be separated into 2 categories : Macross related – anything relating to her involvement with the series Not Macross related – anything to do with her own personal career. Your questions will be presented like this : Mr/Ms (name) from (country) would like to know/ask (question) If you just want to pass her a message of appreciation, you may also do so. James would print your respective wishes/greetings on a certificate like format (A4 or A3 depending on your responses) and presented to her at the end of the interview. Ideally, we would like to get response from as many different countries as possible, so as to show May’n our appreciation ! Thanks !
  9. I went to the May'n UNITE Asia !! Concert with 3 other fellow Macross fans James, D'only and Boon which was held in the "Scape" on 4 June 2011. The following is a review of the concert by James. My appologies for posting this so late but due to my office peak period I was not able to put this up earlier. The list of May'n songs during the concert. These are the official photos from the concert. May'n launches her 3D documentary movie "Phonic Nation" on 6 June 2011, two days after her concert. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the event as it was a working day for me but James and D'Only was able to prepare the following report on the event. Special thanks to James and D'Only for the articles and to Ms. Lim Wee Ling of Asia PR Werkz for her assistance. This is a link to the earlier thread to the interview with May'n on 3 June 2011 http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35233
  10. Hi guys many thanks for the compliments. The interview was done by my friends James and Boon. I was not able to attend the interview due to my work matters but luckily I was in time for the concert !
  11. Yes Mari-san does have a similar hair cut. May'N had longer hair when we saw her at AFAX in 2010. Her hair is shorter this round and she looks better!
  12. Thanks Bub for the compliments ! Ha ha ! yes Kawamori-San been working really hard ! Thanks Buddy. Appreciate your help earlier !
  13. Hi, thanks I would join you for a Tiger Beer next time
  14. May'n held her last concert of her UNITE Asian Concert Tour in Singapore on 4 June 2011, after her very sucessful and sold-out concerts in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. She was also in Singapore for the International Premiere of her 3D Documentary Movie "May'N the Movie - Phonic Nation" on 6 June 2011. The movie was written and composed by May'n herself. Fellow Macross fans, James and Boon were able get an interview with May'n on 3 June 2011. The organizers were able to arrange for Maki-San and Aiko-San to assist in the translation for May'N during the interview. The following is the extract from the interview with May'n held on 3 June 2011:- Note: May’n’s answers were conveyed through her translators thus certain replies may be lost in translation. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MAY’N (THE GALAXTIC FAIRY HERSELF) Q : In the Nyan Kuri video clip, for the song ‘Northern Cross’. There was a posting saying that It was May’n san using a ‘motion capture’ device to choreograph Sherly Nome’s movement. May’n : Yes that’s right. Q : Was it fun? May’n : Yes. I decided to do a much sexier version. Half way through I’d suddenly realized that I’ve might made it way too sexy and it’s too late to stop (middle of recording). Should I spread my legs or not!! Note : When May’n gets ‘into’ her songs, she puts herself into the character and in this case – Sherly who is daring and sexy! Q : How about the song ‘KINKAN NO ELIXIR’ which was featured in MACROSS FRONTIER 2nd Movie : Sayonara No Tsubasa? May’n : For that one they only asked me to do a sexy dance. Q : How was your experience working with the director Shoji Kawamori? Was he a difficult person to work with? May’n : Mmm… not particularly. What I remembered about him was he’s like an energetic teenager, always thinking about his work on Macross Frontier, no matter what he was doing, even when he’s doing stretching exercise! If an idea suddenly pops up he would grab anything he can lay his hands on and scribbled it down – ‘Oh hey! I can use this for the story!’ It’s like 24 hours none stop! Q : Your new album sounded very much different from your 2nd album ‘Styles’ Can you tell us a bit of this album, like how you choose the songs, what concept or message that you wish to bring to your fans? May’n : There are some songs that did not manage to make it to my previous album, and are now in this current one. I’ve decided to use the song ‘'IF YOU WISH FOR'(moshimo kimi ga negau no nara)’ from the opening song of the game : VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3 as the title for my album because the songs in this album lets you feel different emotions. IF YOU are happy then you will feel like this, IF YOU feel sad, you will feel like this. Q : Is there any particular song that you liked or meaningful in the album above the rest? May’n : Hmmm. Yes. In the game VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3, the main character was very courageous and so I dedicated a song to him. ‘HERO’ Q : For the music video for the title song, was it shot in a forest or in a studio set? May’n : It was shot on location, in a forest. It took the whole day to shoot and it was very cold!!! Note : It’s easier to shoot in a studio with a fake forest than on location because you are then at the mercy of the environment. Q: I really like your LIVE ALIVE book. I found it to be very interesting in the sense that it not only showed what May’n san does on stage but also off stage. Could you just briefly walk us through the book? May’n : The first part is about my concerts Hence the title LIVE, LIVE, LIVE May’n : Then, there is an article about my 1st project in collaboration with a ‘Taiyaki’ shop ‘HIRAGE’ where I’m appointed as the Ambassador and the origin of how it came about. Many of my fans in Japan liked this article. Note : Taiyaki literally means baked sea bream. It’s a waffle like pastry shaped like a fish. Q : Why does May’n san like the ‘Taiyaki’ over other types of food? May’n : In Japan, the ‘Taiyaki’ comes in many shapes, some look like a teenager and some look like a ‘Madam’. Each has its own characteristics and when I looked at them, I feel like I want to collect them all! Q: Does May’n san like the red bean ones or the ones with other flavors? May’n : The standard one will always be AZUKI (red beans). Depending on the environment, like where there’s clean water and fresh air, the red beans will taste different. So from North to South of Japan, the taste is different. Q : There’s a section in the book that mentioned about your younger sister. How many years is she younger than you? May’n : She’s four years younger. Q : So, does she aspire to be a singer like her famous sister? May’n : I’m not sure if she want to follow in my footsteps as she’s still very young but when we were kids, we used to sing together. I’m sure she enjoys music very much. As we were short of time, I skipped to my last question. Q: In your UNITE Asia Tour, which is about uniting everyone through music. How successful have it been in achieving that goal? May’n : The UNITE concert was my idea and I would like to make Asia more united. Already I’ve gone to five countries with this tour and what I’ve experienced from all this is that no matter what the language they speak, they can all do the same smile, sing the same songs, dance together and that music CAN unite everyone. That concludes our interview with May’n san and thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to us. Thank you so much. See you at the concert! We would like to thank May’N, her manager, Yukinobu Yatabe-san and interpreters, Aiko-San and Maki-San, for allowing us to take their precious time for the interview. It was a fun and engaging interview. Special thanks also go to Mr. Shawn Chin of Sozo Pte Ltd, Ms. Lim Wee Ling, Ms. Ms Jacquelyn Tan and Ms. Tamana Ramchandani of Asia PR Werkz for arranging the interview.
  15. Hi thanks a lot for the link. Like Raptor One, I tried looking for it in Amazon.co.jp but got no results. Thanks again !
  16. Have they started the pre-order ? 25 June is closing fast!
  17. Hey dude, you are absoutely right, I saw Alodia and her sister many times during the AFA anime festivals in Singapore, she and her sister are pretty friendly despite their popularity. I am not sure whether a "no photography" would be strictly enforced but then again I am not a staff member
  18. Hey dude, don't give up yet. I am sure they would come 1 day. At least you guys have Alodia !
  19. May'N would be having her Unite Asia Concert Tour at Shanghai, Goungzhou, Korea, Taiwan (27 May 2011), Hong Kong (29 may 2011) and Singapore (4 June 2011). Her concert would include songs from Macross F anime. Part of the proceeds of the Unite Concert would be donated to the Japan Red Cross to assist the victims affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster. It is a good opprtunity for fans to have a good time and at the same time contribute to the relief of tsunami victims! Here is the link to the Unite Asia Concert http://mayn.asia/?utm_source=AFA+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=a02aa8fcae-May_n_UNITE_Asia_Tour_Singapore5_8_2011&utm_medium=email May'N dance routine http://pc.mayn.jp/information/index.html A few Macross fans and myself would be heading to Singapore for the concert on 4 June 2011. If you like to meet up and join us for the concert in Singapore, please pm me. Her Singapore Concert VIP tickets have already been sold out, so get the normal tickets quick ! Let us unite for the people of Japan !!!
  20. Just to add, May'N ("Nakabayashi Mei") would be having her Unite Asia Concert Tour at the following time and places :- 1. Shanghai - 13 May 2011 2. Guangzhou - 15 May 2011 3. Seoul - 21 May 2011 4. Taipei - 27 May 2011 5. Hong Kong - 29 May 2011 6. Singapore - 4 June 2011 UNITE FOR JAPAN !!! I am happy that Mari Ijima would be having a concert in Tokyo as well
  21. Hi Graham, Hope its nothing major, wishing you a speedy recovery !
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