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  1. For model kits, I actually suspect the makers leave in little imperfections so that seasoned modelers can have the satisfaction of making it 'perfect'
  2. Really love the engine detailing! Question: I read on another thread that Hasegawa's fighter kits have a 'unusual' angle for the lower legs... can they be straightened?
  3. Dude, what has an honest opinion about my personal experience of Yamato done to impugn on your personal taste and sense of honour? :-) Did I address you by name when I related my PERSONAL experience that guided my opinions and choice regarding this new product? Please!
  4. And how do you defend the record of broken Yamato VFs? This thread is about the new kit. Stay on or get off.
  5. Again, back on topic: I have enjoyed seeing the development process of this new kit, been heartened by the gradual improvements like the loss of the terrible gap under the backpack thrusters. And also laughed at all our reactions to fugliness, and sighed with relief when test shots don't actually stand like they need to pee-pee all the time. Head size? Maybe a little big, but if '3D printing' can save broken toys, then kit bashing with Hasegawa parts should be even easier... and this IS a kit. Most of all, I'm happy to see the ingenuity and innovation that went into the mechanical design: real leg delivery panels, dammit! Practical? Durable? Don't know, but it won't cost a lot to find out. This is a NEW way to enjoy the classic VF-1 design. Good times.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss. Having an expensive toy of a subject you care about fall apart through no fault of your own can be a painful and dispiriting experience. Now try to imagine what it feels like to have that happen over and over again across different iterations, variants and related series... Like I said, we value different things. Bandai BAD because 'Y U NO TRY HARDER TO RESPECT LINE ART AND MODERNIZE VF LIKE GUNDAMN?!' Yamato BAD because 'Y U NO THINK ABOUT HOW MATERIALS WORK AND FIT BEFORE YOU MAKE THINGS?!' I guess the ideal situation is having the best of Yamato aesthetics and the best of Bandai's production acumen. Best; not worst. I think the 1/60 YF-29 and VF-171 showed this kind of promise. And 3D printing shouldn't even have to come into the picture. We all choose what we can live with and what we can't. FOR ME: Inaccuracies? Subjective. If it isn't too ugly I can imagine it away as I play with it. Documented physical failures? Would rather not have to deal with it. Logic tempers passion.
  7. Here's the thing... we obviously value different things while being very passionate about Macross. Nothing you say will change my opinion of Yamato: auteurs in highly detailed mecha-model design, that have improved and innovated on the ART but nevertheless, keep stumbling on the CRAFT. It is the high promise they offer that makes the pain so much more unforgettable. Similarly, Bandai doesn't inject as much passion into the ART of Macross toys and models. They may even have lowered their standards in crafting the Frontier v1 toys - I loathe v2 bullsh*t from any vendor - but, I am confident all my Bandai-made Macross toys will be in one piece 20 years from now. I don't know if there will still be a cottage industry of hobbyists recasting spare parts for the unlucky owners of whatever-overlooked production deficiency from Yamato. So back to the topic: This kit is innovative and some Macross fans will enjoy it more than other alternative choices. I certainly respect your right to support your preferred franchisee; more power to your luck!
  8. I'm just glad I have the choice of not having to deal with the uncertainty of Yamato's beautiful yet never-quite-fully-thought-out CAD designs. Most definitely will purchase the new kit for the sheer pleasure of putting it together and enjoying the most canonically accurate transformation produced to-date. Hurrah!
  9. Just watched the Bluray for the sake of the subtitles only to find Bane had been redubbed. Auralnauts FTW.
  10. Two words: DETENTED JOINTS!!! Ah yes, I can pack away the Yamato at last!
  11. My first reaction is that it was all a dream... JUST LIKE IN THE SHOW!
  12. So, did anyone get the WHAM Helldiver? I never did see it in shops here in Singapore or in Hong Kong...
  13. Well, now that Yamato has the 1/60 kit on the way, maybe they will ship a load of the correct parts trees to their USA HQ and appease the majority of their affected overseas customers. Good luck to everyone else.
  14. Just got back from a toy hunting trip in HK with 2 pals. We scooped the DX for HK$1250~$1280 at Richmond Centre on Argyle Street, Mongkok. Fabulous bargains all over town :-)
  15. Somebody needs to pose the Quarter in ship mode against the Zoids Whale King, the ultimate 'playset' mecha!!
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