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  1. If I were you I'd go back and deposit the missing 100$. They'll eventually find out and take the missing $$$ from your account without warning.
  2. The 1D is nice, but I'd go with the strike 1S Focker.
  3. I passed out on the 1st release, but I wonder if i'll pass this one out too. If only this was at a 1/2500 scale, it'd great. The new color scheme is nice.
  4. I couldn't have said it better. Man that is one awesome modelling and texturing. Your attention to details is great. I can't wait to see a full transformation wideo of the thing.
  5. The ending is a bit of a let down, but I don't know if there are enough loose ends to justify a "the movie" treatment like Macross Plus received.
  6. Great Reactive armor. The red kind of stands out a little too much IMHO.
  7. Mr March my friend you always seem to have an answer to everything .
  8. It's been a while since I watched Mac7, in which episode does this scene appear ?
  9. Though I wish I could fly this baby in FSX, I don't think squeezing it out of Chronocidal will work.
  10. That Quicktime VR stuff you're putting together is really nice ikhii.
  11. I had all 3 Armada seekers before the great Cybertronian purge which hit my computer room and made me sell almost all my TFs in favor of Macross toys . EDIT:Spelling.
  12. Very nice digibash. Not to mention Skywarp was my all time favorite seeker.
  13. Nice animated gifs vermillion01, my favorite is the Macross Plus one with the 1J being paint shot.
  14. This is great work you've accomplished. Cheers man.
  15. I really wish Chronocidal would update us on this project. Do we have to consider it dead ? A pity as it was looking great.
  16. Really a great paint job. Cheers man.
  17. If memory serves right, we didn't get much of those in Macross Zéro.
  18. God I wish I waited for that Skyward redeco. He's my all time favorite seeker. Back to the subject, I really can't wait to get my SV-51 on Christmas.
  19. Isn't that always the case Mr March... ?
  20. Personnally, I'm pretty pleased with Yamato's latest releases. I've yet to experience any major flaws with stuff. The YF-19, VF-0A Shin and SV-51 Ivanov are really gorgeous so I'm sure I'll be pleased with the YF-21. EDIT: Spelling.
  21. That's a great display LurkerX. Very nice collection.
  22. I won't be buying those. I don't like them, but that's just me, and besides I already own a VF-1S and a YF-19. No need for me to get more. EDIT: Spelling.
  23. The 1J has always been my favorite original VF, but my fist Yamato was Hikaru's DYRL VF-1S.
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