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  1. Yeah, and since I don't own the 1st release, I eagerly wait for that one that I early birded at www.hlj.com
  2. Lonewolf

    SV-51 CF!!!

    Humm... I thought it would be of a darker tone...
  3. From my understanding, it's only a redeco. It is nonetheless possible they improved on the joints.
  4. I think he was referring to the head laser of the VF-1 which was pointing forward in fighter mode.
  5. The DYRL Hikaru paint scheme is a nice nod, but I'm otherwise unimpressed with the design of the VF-25, maybe when we see clearer pics of it I'll change my mind.
  6. I meant that the footage from the opening battle of DYRL and the final battle in the movie use the same footage of the Armored VF-1J firing it's missiles.
  7. Yup, I think they reused the exact same footage during the final battle with Boldoza. Aside from that, no VF-1J in DYRL.
  8. The ones I dislike the most are the Mecha from the Varauta Army in Macross 7.
  9. Hey ruskiiVFaussie and all, as promised, here are the pics of my TV Hikaru's VF-1J with the newly installed Skull logo on the Battroid'S heatshield. Enjoy!
  10. I'll put the skull on tonight and post pictures in a couple of hours.
  11. Aside from the swing bar and the landing gears struts, no diecast, it's all plastic. But dont worry they are very sturdy IMHO.
  12. ruskiiVFaussie, man those double strike, double gunpod valks really kick a$$. You should mount a couple of RMS-1 and UMM-7 under the wings for added firepower. Your pics really sold me to place a Skull logo on the heatshield of my TV Hikaru's VF-1J.
  13. Same here, I love 'em all. Maybe, just maybe my DYRL Hikaru VF-1S with Strike parts is a little above the rest, but barely.
  14. The custom Sound Force VF-17T look soooooo bad a$$ with the huge speaker pod mounted on it underwings.
  15. As always Mr March, another great update, man your web site kicks so much a$$. Those profiles are great, made me give a little more love to Macross 7.
  16. If they shipped it in Battroid mode already fitted with the Reactive Armor, I'd supposed it would be able to fit in the usual boxes.
  17. I took them from the 1/60 VF-0A/S custom sticker sheet Takatoys made. His stickers are really great. His are the only ones I applied to my valkyries.
  18. That is great composition, modelling and texturing skills display. Simply astonishing!
  19. Glad I inspired you for this project ruskiiVFaussie. Those skull insignias look so sweet. It really is great work, I can't wait to see it finished. I didn't put the Skull logo on the heatshield of mine, I was too afraid it got damaged after 2 or 3 transformations. It looks very good in blood red. Cheers man!
  20. I second Fatalist's opinion and besides Graham can't tell us anyway what went on during the meeting, so keeping this thread open is a bit useless IMHO. EDIT: Spelling
  21. I got the Special Edition 2-disc DVD, so I kinda screwed the exclusives and voted as such.
  22. Thanks ruskiiVFaussie. Officially he IS part of skull squadron, but doesn't wear the fine colors of it.
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