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  1. Hope u r doing ok dude.

  2. Now that my friend....was VERY VERY COOL!
  3. VERY NICE!!! By 25th Cyclonus you mean Classics 2.0/Universe?
  4. I'm just now getting around to going through this thread. THAT WAS GREAT!
  5. That vid was bad a$$! Thanks for the linky RedWolf.
  6. Is that a targetmaster? I was curious of that myself when I first saw the pic.
  7. misterryno


    Quoted for truth. I can't stop laughing.
  8. misterryno


    Wow Pete. THANKS! I know that you are not trying to take sides....but you see when an innocent is getting beat down with bull$hit. THANKS AGAIN! I bet they try to lock my thread now because people have talked back to them. If they do....then they are no better than that fool Hitler and anyone else that brings hate and death.
  9. misterryno


    Is this how you get off? By telling people that their posts are crap. We (meaning me and all the "like minded" people you speak of) have every right to be here and say what we want to say. I highly doubt that our posts have "discouraged the participation of others".....in fact I know it has not...the only thing that discourages others from posting is you and the other mods (not all of them) Nazi attitudes. Why don't you just retire and leave all this behind like you said. I am sure that you think that you are too good for Macross World anyways. The only reason you get all pissed off is because nobody sends you smileys. I would send you one if it were flipping you off. Don't bother responding to this even though I know you will for I will not even bother to read it. Now....piss off.
  10. That is one AWESOME 1/60 collection mate! I will tell you know....you will LOVE the v.2 1/60.
  11. After seeing those Kyp my man........I am retracting my statement. Roy looks REALLY good in there....I am willing to look past the slightly too tall.....How often are you going to look at from that angle anyways?!? Right?!?
  12. Anddddd that's EXACTLY why I did not mind selling off my classics.......just not my cup-o-tea .
  13. "WOW"!!! THAT IS BAD A$$!!! Did Kakizaki ever get to rock a 1S...I don't think so...but I cannot remember. Does not matter anyways....I always thought the 1S was the best VF-1 anyways. Are you gonna decal up those remaining GBPs? It would be "neat" to see them numbered 1 - 4. I never thought I would here YOU say that. Although....it is one sweeeeeeeeet collection that Kicker has. That's a pretty awesome GERWALK pose! Once I get more of the 1/60 v.2s I will then start with GERWALK poses. Mine better not be displayed there!
  14. misterryno


    I know I know....I need a Misa.....is there one out there?!? Ummmmm........creepy.....even too creepy for me mate Yes....he is happy......he get's to hang out with transformable mecha all day long.....who wouldn't be happy!?! And...BTW....forgot to say.....Sorry your team lost mate. I would be sad and drunk as well.
  15. misterryno


    The more smileys just show exactly how I feel since I cannot just call up Ruskii and be like "hey there mate....this is how I feel"....the point is to draw attention to it. What the hell is your problem with that......plus.....I wish you mods would just chill the fu(k out. As you notice after you just posted that little bit of yours (not to pick on you Ruskii) that there were as you would call "pointless" posts. I like the posts however and will answer them. In fact......right before that post I made to Ruskii that you did not like...I had a post EXACTLY how you mods would want it. So lighten up and get off my a$$. EDIT for spelling
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