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  1. Here's my Hikaru's TV VF-1J with some stickers added to inculde the plane in Skull squadron.
  2. I finally caved in and pre-ordered the "movie color" version from Hobbylink.
  3. The custom valks of Firebomber are the worst IMHO. Girl battroid with boobs
  4. That is really nice modelling and texturing work, I love it. I must say I was hoping for a block 6 type cockpit. Your work is great nonetheless.
  5. 1 - VF-1S Hikaru with Strike Parts 2 - YF-19 with Fast Parts.
  6. It's already been asked, but are we ever gonna see a Macross Plus VF-11B ?
  7. I think my favorite one is Strike a pose.
  8. I have to agree with my friend Mr March, you've got some skills. You sketches are really nice.
  9. Don't push yourself on my account, I don't own the SV-51 yet and I'm not exactly in a hurry to buy it right now.
  10. I love you "Victorious" Ivanov pose Dizman.
  11. Is there any news on Graham's review ?
  12. Obviously Max is the best pilot in the franchise, but I have to admit Hikaru and Shin are my favorite pilots.
  13. He's selfish, self-centered and damn annoying, but no one can deny the fact that he's one hell of a pilot. EDIT: Spelling.
  14. From what I know, the rear landing gears are built that way. They don't come down straight, but rather stay angled. On the FB and FP version however they now extend outward like they were meant to be.
  15. Well I don't really care for the VF-4 Lightning III, but a VF-2SS with SAP augmentation I'd buy in a hurry.
  16. If Yamato wasn't around I'd have bought the 1/5000 SDF-1 from Wave and that's about it.
  17. I can't wait then. The Macross 7 mecha and space ships were very nice for the most part. Though the Varuta mechas and shîps are ugly as hell.
  18. Is it better that the Shin version ? (I mean the joints and all...)
  19. That Nora repaint sure looks good. I'm still fighting myself over which version of the SV-51 I'll be getting.
  20. Lonewolf

    Graham's Sig

    I have to agree with TheLoneWolf and miriya, new toys are a definite must before any major redo of the VF-1 series.
  21. With all the new posts in this thread I thought I missed an M3 update. I felt ashamed for a few seconds...
  22. Happy Birthday Macross! Happy Birthday elintseeker!
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