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  1. I agree that it most fits the humor section of the M3.
  2. Lonewolf

    Graham's Sig

    That's my opinion, but the VF-11B would be so much nicer than the VF-17. EDIT: Spelling.
  3. Well, my wife wants to kill me for wanting to buy the YF-21, but on the plus side, she's going to buy me the SV-51 for Chrismas.
  4. Ah crap, my wife and my wallet are really going to hate me for buying this baby when it gets out.
  5. I bet they'll be using F-22s for the VF-1. Afterall, THEY'll want this to look real and modern. Not to mention the fact that the F-14 has been retired from active service in september 2006.
  6. Lonewolf

    2 seater 1/48s

    Well I have all the 1/48 I could ever want right now, so unless the do the VF-11B in 1/48 I'm done with that scale.
  7. That VF-0 is really nice. NOra's SV-51 is really growing on me, maybe I'll get that one instead of Ivanov's.
  8. Wow I've been away on vacations and look what I found in the forums upon my retur, a gazillion of pics from the newly released SV-51 Ivanov type. I must admit that this bird looks sweet. Now I'll have to wrestle with myself to decide whether or not I'll buy Ivanov's or Nora's SV-51. I'll be looking forward to reading Graham's review.
  9. This is coming along really nicely. Keep it up.
  10. Simply astonishing. I 2nd Mr. March opinion of weight. it really looks like a massive piece moving into position. Splendid work.
  11. Lonewolf

    Graham's Sig

    Seems like it and it's shame really.
  12. Well the VF-1 has been done to the death, so a new mold would be welcomed. Especially if it's the VF-11.
  13. The SW-XA1 and SW-XAII are really great VF-1 modenization. A shame it's not part of the official continuity.
  14. Well I can't watch them, but from I read above, I'm not missing much.
  15. 1st position 1/60 Macross Plus YF-19. 2nd position 1/48 Macross DYRL Hikaru's VF-1S with Strike parts. 3rd position 1/60 Macross Zero Shin's VF-0A with Ghost booster.
  16. Well whether or not Macross II gets into the M3, your work so far is so impressive I doubt anyone has the right to criticize it for not having this or that.
  17. I have to agree, plus the YF-19 is just so damn cool.
  18. Nice job on the helmet. Cheers.
  19. [homer's voice]humm... spaaace baaabes.... [/homer's voice]
  20. WOW great example of custom paint job. cheers man.
  21. With only 1 pic to rely on, it's really hard to judge the look of the new VF.
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