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  1. I personally think that, while UCAVs will eventually take a large part in world's militaries, the fact that, as of now, flying two globalhawks on Iraq takes away half (read it, half) of all sat comm channels, places large scale use of UCAVs very far in the future. But also, if we resort to remote control, look at the can of worms you open: You occupy a large chunk of the sat channels in any case You prevent any kind of friendly EW operations (You can't choose what you want to jam, you jam everything.) You heavily expose yourself to enemy EW operations. Even if the UCAVs can accomplish their mission on their own, the lack of supervision means that many things can happen. 1st: the fact that the flight plan can be exploided by the enemy. 2nd the enemy can place civilian targets (or construct fake ones real enough for the public opinion to consider them as real.) on the plane's target area. Hitting them would be perfectly avoided if the supervisor takes over, but if he can't...what happens? The fact that the UCAVs themselves lose their link with SAT assets telling them where to go is also a big issue. in a modern war operation you can't rely that much on a simple pre loaded topografic map all the time. So, while i see manned planes controlling "Squire" UCAVs to support them, i don't see them replacing manned planes ever. Even if it's just the need to have a human there and able to take over if the link becomes interrupted. PS. Also, if you add satelites to support drone operations, it takes only a sat killer missile to incapacitate a large chunk of your drone assets. The US military loves drones so much at this time because it has the monopoly on space, and much of their military comm sats cannot be reached by the OPFOR. yet. my 2 cents.
  2. oh well, might as well. 2009-onwards I'd like to get my hands on one of the few VF-3000 Crusaders that were manufactured. Superior trust and manouverability and as much weapons as a VF-1, my take. 2042 VF-19A. Perfect in space and atmosphere, plus it's stealth and i don't have to fry my brain to fly it. More versatile gunpod, too. 2050 VF-25 with service-long clearence to use the new armor pack. I need firepower. If i have the chanche, i'd fly sometimes in a VB-6 for a change.
  3. One thing i tend to wonder is why they are going back to wing mounted ordnance when they always went for internal weapon pallets since the VF-5000. It's a bane to stealth, altought the fighters can carry more missiles. It's cooler, i know, but storyline wise is just a mess. if instead it was a combination of leg mounted pallets and wing mounted ordnance that would be quite interesting instead.
  4. I personally think that it was just because of costs and "if it's not broken don't fix it" mentality with existing fleets. Even the Galaxy Patrol fleet preferred to fir its VF-11s with missile bays in 2050. Probably it was just so costly that it never ended up being really mass produced
  5. The artist must have been a Macross fan. The protagonist says also that he was a fighter pilot before being transferred to intelligence. Maybe he was a VF pilot. and all in a 1998 hentai game!
  6. I was having my way in the game Critical point when i got to this screen. Notice anything strange in the picture?
  7. Actually guys, if that 1995 thing was something added at the last moment to justify Macross zero better? or maybe it's the huge battle between the Bodol Fleet and the supervision army that led to the escape of ASS-1 and its subsequent crash on earth? the sign above the timeline that goes before the ASS-1 crash actually reads 20th century second half (can't read the rest tough), so i don't think there will be any Macross SEED. Keep the hopes up!
  8. Still for PS2, but it will be the final title for it. Since it will remain a Japan only title because of licenses, i guess that ACE4 will go to the PS3 or maybe the Wii (i don't think so tough).
  9. I saw this name in the Macross Compedium Vessels list for the UN SPacy, but i can't find any reference to it on the net. What is it? Some sort of scrapped concept?
  10. I feel that Jam project is too super robot-ish for Macross...tough they rock!
  11. Mess with Earth... and get a RMS-1 reactive warhead missile up your ass! EDIT: Sorry, posted without looking at the date. Delete this post.
  12. If there's a good amount of mecha action, i'd be willingly to pay to have a copy shipped to Italy, where i live.
  13. I arrived at that and i nothing wrong with it. I don't get why Basara often just keeps singing while UN Spacy pilots keep getting spiritia drained and/or shot down without being able to bail out while he could try to decoy the enemy or shield others, wich isn't exacly violent. With that some more pilots would have made it back home for sure.
  14. I'm still at Episode 28 if that helps. Since there are still 29 more episodes, probably there's more to it as you pointed out. I do know that if you keep "feeding" the conflict, it will grow bigger and bigger but... as of now i can't figure out how Basara can keep singing in battle while pilots are dying left and right. UN Spacy pilots don't always have the "luxury" of getting spiritia drained, in a few episodes, if basara had intervened (And by intervened i don't mean shooting, but acting as a decoy or shielding them with the pin point barrier) maybe some pilots wouldn't have died. Basara is openly anti-war, and clearly cares for both factions yet he lets people die. I can't get it... i still have half of the series to watch, but still...
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