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  1. CRI is probably the most important factor when buying white LEDs, especially for display. But most bulbs don't list it because it's a direct number that pretty much indicates quality that they have skimped on. If you look at the individual LED driver components that they make bulbs with, CRI is required in the data sheet for engineering. The best LEDs are made by Cree and Philips, but there's a lot of chinese producers making cheap ones that get used in most LED bulbs. Frankly, I think cheap white LEDs are dangerous because, if you look at just one frequency of light, it can harm your retina because, in order to get enough light in fewer frequencies, it has to be a lot brighter in those frequencies than your eyes are telling you it is.
  2. Thanks for the clarification and sorry for my misleading info. I read "a small amount" and thought that having even a small amount would add up over time in a display cabinet that's lit much of the time. But I just checked with my lighting engineer who said the fact that they use them in museums is testament to how little they put out. So LEDs are great, although I usually hate LED lighting because the light is usually very limited to certain bands of color which hurts my eyes. High CRI (color rendering index) bulbs don't bother me, so I go out of my way to find them. My favorite right now are the Cree brand that they sell at Home Despot. Most other brands don't even list the CRI rating anymore, but it's an important factor in buying LED lights.
  3. I totally agree, and never scream at people that aren't at fault (or even that are). Despite my posted aggravation, I was quite reserved and polite this morning with the person behind the counter as I see no reason to ruin their day for something they didn't do. When I ask to speak to their manager tomorrow it will be with polite firmness without any other recourse. But it is satisfying to get results with firm application of persistent, polite pestering. There's been many occasions where my wife gives up, and I'm like, "NOPE!" and got results. I'm told people are scared of me (I'm a big, bearded tall guy), and it's off putting when I unexpectedly complain politely. It's a winning combo apparently.
  4. I actually love the USPS over all other options, and have great respect for the grueling work they do (at least the ones that have to walk to each house front door like they do in my hood). And thus, I have no problem with occasional issues that require me to pick it up at the post office. BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY KEEP IT FOR AT LEAST A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE CARELESSLY TOSSING IT?! You have to know someone is expecting that package and WILL come looking for it. I still think he kept it. I'm going back there for one more try tomorrow, and then I'm going to ask to speak with a manager and/or how to report this guy. He is constantly mis-delivering mail, throwing it where ever on my porch to blow away, dropping packages, etc.. He simply has no respect for the position and importance of a postal carrier. Probably because they are desperate to hire people for too little money, so I don't completely blame him, but still... grrr.
  5. Speaking of fleabay, I WOULD be posting about my new figure here, but the god d@%# f#*%^@&... excuse me... postal carrier - whom we've seen first hand be utterly lazy in delivering mail - decided he didn't need to deliver my package with all that furren' language on it. Which btw got all the way to his GD truck without flagging or issue, and got all the way through customs without issue. And then it was marked return to sender after he finished his shift. And this morning it was marked "disposed of by postal service" whereupon I promptly risked being late for work this morning to ask wtf was going on and if they had my package back in the bin. But no, they had already disposed of it apparently. WTF HAPPENED TO THE POST OFFICE KEEPING PACKAGES AND MAKING SURE THEY GET DELIVERED NO MATTER WHAT?! HOW DO THEY NOT KEEP PACKAGES IN CASE THE OWNER COMES LOOKING FOR IT?! No, they toss in in the garbage IMMEDIATELY?!!! And I basically got a shrug at the post office. "Sorry, it probably didn't have a clear address." Followed by a lecture on proper address labeling. Go F yrself. I've gotten other packages from the same seller without issue from other carriers, and it is well packaged and labeled. I think he kept it. These emoticons are woefully inadequate to express my anger and frustration, but that's probably a good thing.
  6. I was referring to products meant for theatre or architectural display, but the RGB LED color changing tape lights sold on Amazon might work. You could stick them up in the corners of the display frame. I don't think they make a MR-11 color changing bulb because it's too small and only has positive and ground.
  7. They're warm white LEDs, so that should be good.
  8. Oh yeah. Fluorescent can also have a lot of UV depending on the phosphors used or if they are old and the phosphor is damaged. Your best cheap option is warm white LEDs or fluorescent. Your best expensive option is RGB (or more than 3 colors is best) LED lighting (usually the type that change colors) set to display white light by mixing. But that can cause colors do display oddly, although it makes a great rainbow shadow effect.
  9. Unless you are using a specific light that doesn't have it, if you are lighting your toys with white light, they are still getting hit with some UV, maybe even a lot. Warm white LEDs have very little UV, but I see a lot of displays with very blue, cool white lighting which has more. edit thanks to @Lolicon: LEDs have almost no UV if any. And if you're using halogen, those are a significant source of UV.
  10. I work for a company that makes specialized control interfaces/desks. We released a high end console that everyone complained felt cheap. So we added steel plates inside, and it was much more "professional feeling" simply because it was heavier. If we make consoles that are powerful yet small, portable, and of eminent utility, in high end installations they will be passed up for large, heavy, all-in-one consoles because they "feel more professional," (even if they have identical function) so now we're going back to making behemoth consoles again. Public perception is a fickle thing that has more to do with "feels" than anything else. Oh, and don't even get me started on the soft-touch craze. Yes, let's put the worst paint in the world in the worst place you could possibly put it (where it gets touched all the time), and where it will look like crap after the first use and peel like crazy. Because it FEELS good and therefore somehow makes a product "professional" which gets perceived as high quality somehow... at least for the first couple of weeks.
  11. Pontus

    Macross figures

    I love how the Japanese use bad english for names, especially in DBZ, but the Zentradi commanders seem to be mostly englishisms as well. Like Britain (not sure about Kridanik), Exdoll Form (a hint that they were giant "dolls" perhaps?), Bulldozer, Moruk(?) Lapis Lazuli (that might be a stretch). No idea about Quamzin tho other than possibly Kami Jin (person of spirit/god). Any other examples I'm not thinking of?
  12. Awesome guys! Thank you. Those look like some cool fan art at that link. I love this one by a certain "Ruak", gonna have to do it next. I gotta get some lighting behind that face tho.
  13. I found a nice sky background at Michaels today, and I've been meaning to snap a pose of my new Rahxephon figure. I was planning to do the iconic drawing bow pose, but then I thought, "this is a Japanese show, why isn't this giant robot drawing the bow in the proper kyudo style." I can't replace the bow with a properly shaped yumi, but I did pose him mid draw of a kyudo inspired style (and yes, the arrow is in line with his feet). I took several angles, but I'm not sure which is my favorite...
  14. I couldn't find the scene from @Sanity is Optional 's avatar, but I've always wanted to recreate it. Now that I inspected it closer, it looks like an illustration. Could we get the full pic plz? Was it from a particular scene in the full miniseries? (I was just searching youtube) Anyway, here's my first attempt, but it wasn't quite right... ...So, I gave Guld some lift. Now I just need some jet exhaust effects, but I haven't found much online. Anyone know of a source for that?
  15. Pontus

    Macross figures

    I'm guessing BBTS isn't going to get that discount. And I ordered back in March, but BBTS doesn't list the Nupetiet as a bonus (not that I really wanted it). I wonder if the BBTS will even get this figure in the initial shipment or if I'll have to wait until the next batch. I guess we'll see.
  16. Pontus

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Holy cow! Yeah, I just looked through ebay prices for these, and whereas E, F, and J's go for $250-300; J Kai, C, and S go for $450. Aren't these all the same toy with different paint jobs, and didn't they all release for around $170/18kyen? What a racket! I understand the VF-31J Kai being an exclusive and selling for more, but why are Jenius and Arad so damn expensive? Did they not make as many or are they really that much more desirable? I'm tempted to make an entry into this series, and I do want a Hayate just to have the main character's valk (and a mini Freyja), especially since these valks got @jenius highest rating, but I still don't wanna spend $300 on it.
  17. Please excuse my off topic rant, but this is something I feel strongly about... It's a quick, easy way to let people know that the forum appreciates their content. Personally, I try not to overuse it, but if I see pics I like or something makes me laugh or is very good, it only takes me a click to give a little satisfaction to someone and thank them. It encourages people to post more of the content you "like" (or just more good content in general), keeps people coming back, and makes people feel good, none of which are pointless. And being anon makes it a small way for every member to contribute as a part of the forum instead of just individuals. I know that I would probably ignore this place if it weren't for the love I get from the forum in all forms, whether anonymous likes or reposts. I've seen good forums die because they had no positive feedback system, became full of criticism and pointless posts, and made people fearful of posting at all. It makes me feel SO GOOD when I post things that get a bunch of likes, and knowing that I gave that to someone is just as nice. I come here for the fellowship of common fans, a big part of which is hitting that like button. I sincerely hope that I could encourage you and others to use it more often.
  18. Cool Rainbow Dash! Not sure where these other, weird figures are from. Must be one of those old boring space movies with all the horrible FX and crummy dialogue.
  19. It suddenly occurs to me... why does no one ever include a ladder accessory with these toys? They included the silly antenna but not the cockpit ladder?
  20. Whenever I see that scene now, I only hear this...
  21. Yup, NECA. Most of the time the plastic is soft and maleable, but it does seem like weak plastic. I've only had one actually break. Usually a joint comes apart or is loose in my experience. Most stuff I've gotten works great, but not something you wanna play with a lot. The queen was a totaly POS though. Anyway, BBTS told me to keep it and sent me a new one!!! I guess the pics were pretty convincing.
  22. Well, poop nuggets! Just opened my Alien3 Dog and the damn legs fell right off of it. Looks like the hip socket on the right leg was malformed. I guess I'm about to check the return service at BBTS. I hope I can get a replacement. I also got some eggs while they were on sale. Mmmm, eeeeggzzzth.
  23. Godzilla is neither hero nor villain but both the bringer of death before him and life after him. He arises from the bowels of the earth and is the embodiment of her fury that also brings life. Praise be to the great, green, beneficent one, the destroyer, the creator, the alpha, and the omega. May his path be blessed and his rest be deep. So yeah, crazy cult Godzilla. Hail Godzilla!
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