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  1. I just now spotted - by absolute chance since I only glanced up from this computer while posting here - a VF-1S Roy chunky monkey on the floor of a child's room in the present delivery scene of Arthur Christmas! Lemme see if I can find a clip... Yup, @2:17:
  2. Well, finally got around to correcting an egregious error. It's not totally finished though, as I haven't glued anything together and this pose is rather precarious. I also could not get her skirt to bend permanently. I could get it to bend easily and perfectly with a hair dryer, and then held it there until cold, but it has some serious shape memory. But I still managed to pull this off. Her feet just barely reach the pedals which would be much better if her darn skirt would cooperate. I also had to carve a little on the valk between her legs. I found it helps greatly to take her underwear off (not trying to be pervy, just got in the way), and I had to carve a little out of the front of the skirt hole where the torso connects. Anyway, check it out... Oh, and when I picked this face it seemed a perfect toothy smile with eyes closed like one might be with the wind in their face, but now it just looks like a grimace. I think the wide open mouth might be better, but this will have to do for now.
  3. Just thought this would be a fun topic to start when I just now spotted - by absolute chance since I only glanced up from this computer while posting here - a VF-1S Roy chunky monkey on the floor of a child's room in the present delivery scene of Arthur Christmas! Lemme see if I can find a clip... Yup, @2:17: So, where have you unexpectedly found Macross stuff in the wild?
  4. And thank you for a smooth transaction. I'm happy that it went to a good home and MWF'r. It's would be a shame not to be able to handle one of these marvels. It's easy to be critical of manufacturer foibles and design issues, especially for their cost, but these really are imho incredible "toys". Enjoy!
  5. That would depend on what your priorities are in collecting. If you're a bigger DYRL fan than SDFM and you only have a DYRL valk/s, obviously you should get the DYRL set. And vise versa. If you're simply in it for the cool toys, then get the DYRL set for the awesome shoulder cannon. And since the DYRL set comes with a backpack missile pod to replace the cannon, and the only difference seems to be the shape of the forearm missile pod and the slight color and sticker difference, you could use the DYRL set for both if those differences don't bother you.
  6. True, but if you have Hikaru's DX VF-1J SDFM, don't you have the correct pilot figure? Then it's just a matter of using one of @Anasazi37 stickers to change the name on the cockpit.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance here, but what is the difference between TV and DYRL supers? I thought super parts weren't ever even featured in SDFM, only the GBP. ...or was it the super strike parts that were DYRL only? SDFM never had the shoulder cannon, right? Is that the only difference?
  8. Not getting any love, so I'll bump this with a price drop to $260 firm including shipping to cont. US. with Paypal. I paid $305 btw, but I don't feel that's fair to charge, and I'd rather this went to a good home. SOLD!
  9. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Ah, right. I didn't realize that it took so long, and I thought I had bought one of these through BBTS before. But, after checking my account, I had not. Sounds like the shipment is in the mail thought, so I'll keep my order and be patient. Thanks
  10. Pontus

    Macross figures

    I'm getting a little impatient about BBTS not getting their shipment of Lisa from Kitz. It's been 2 months since it was released, so I wonder why it's taking so long. Has anyone else gotten their order from anywhere other than direct from Kitz? I'm thinking of cancelling my preorder with BBTS and just going direct at this point since they seem to have stock in HK. Maybe they're having difficulties with trade agreements, duties, and such.
  11. What size is the large skull and bones? Is that the same size as the heatshield so that you can paint it black?
  12. Yeah, honestly, I didn't figure that out at first thinking, "Who tf designed this stupid thing? You can't even mount it flat? And there's 3 notches in the bracket, but you can't use them with this silly adapter? Oh... yeah." Anyway, that led me to this idea and now I have 2 extra positions that you can't get without this mod.
  13. I'm sure you're all probably sick of seeing DX Roys here, but I'm super happy to get the toy I've wanted from my very first time I fell down the rabbit hole wondering if there was perhaps the slightest chance that I could perhaps find old Japanese toys of an 80's cartoon I love. Little did I (or my wallet) know, right? Even after finding all these NEW toys and this forum, I never believed that someone would actually release an SDFM Roy VF-1S, let alone such an excellent one in such a large scale. Which is why I bought the DX DYRL Hikaru 1S as a backup to convert it into a Roy, but I kept it pristine to sell it just in case (because I didn't really want a DYRL toy). See my sale thread if you're interested.
  14. I got my Roy today from what seemed to be a reputable ebay seller. They strained my patience waiting until Monday to give me a tracking number and then Wednesday to actually ship it, but Fedex got it here in RECORD time, even if NOT considering the current situation. 2 days international?! My box - but not the packaging, - had a dented corner, so I was a little worried at first, but found no damage inside, so I'm ecstatic! You might notice the exacto knife and some plastic chips on the tray. I didn't like that the flight stand adapter only fits into the holder one way, and I wanted the extreme angle seen above, so I took my knife to it. It's a pretty easy mod that lets you pose it at a very sharp angle (perfect for my limited space). What exactly is the point of this adapter if it limits you more than the stand and bracket alone? I guess it allows for more fine adjustment of angle, but this way you get even more positions! It's quite stable at this extreme angle too.
  15. SOLD! Thanks for looking Well, now that I have my new DX Roy in hand, I no longer need to keep my back up plan. I bought this just in case Bandai failed to release Roy (or I failed to procure one), and my plan was to convert it into such. I'm not a DYRL fan, and I only really want/can afford 1 DX, so I'm hoping to offset the cost. Asking $260 including shipping to the continental US. Paypal is preferred. SOLD! Although I did transform this into Gerwalk once and displayed it on my shelf, I did nothing else to it in case I needed to sell it. It was displayed in my smoke free home, but we do have a dog in case that might concern you. The only problems that it came with are a tiny paint chip on the backpack hinge and the cockpit section doesn't line up perfectly, both shown below. Otherwise, it's in perfect condition and missing nothing.
  16. Really hoping my ebay pre-order works out. I've never had a problem so far being picky about my sellers. It was a lot cheaper than Nin Nin and free shipping. If it pans out, I'll be selling my Hikaru VF-1S which I bought in case this was never released so I could paint it yellow instead of red. Glad I didn't have to, because this pretty much completes my collection other than the upcoming Kitzconcept figures. I would have been satisfied with my 1/60 DYRL Roy, but if I'm not mistaken, this DX is one of only 2 TV Roys ever released(?). That seems strange to me, especially since Roy seems to be the most popular and expensive.
  17. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Did you guys get them direct from Kitz? I'm supposed to be getting a Lisa from BBTS, but they have been very slow lately. Took them a week to ship my last item from my pile of loot. Looks like I shoulda waited, but so far, Lisa is still listed as pre-order.
  18. Thanks for the reply. With that comparison and everyone's GLOWING assessment of NY and NN, I think I trust the ebay scalpers more.
  19. Well, now you've got my curiosity piqued, so... YES I ABSOLUTELY DO want to see what x-rays will do!
  20. So... is NinNin reliable? I read reports replying to this post that they might not be. How can they offer a pre-order when all others are gone, and why does the price keep going up? What are my chances of actually getting one, and if not, how much will I have to wait and/or fight them for a refund (although I see that they do take paypal credit, so that might not be an issue)?
  21. You might notice that I'm missing one key component to a complete set of SDFM HMR Valkyries, but I figured Roy was the one Valkyrie that needed to be had in a larger scale, so I have a 1/60 of him. And I don't like the scale on the HMR baddies, so I'm working on model kits of those... plus they are stupid expensive for what they are. I'd really love to get a DX Roy (as one of the few TV versions ever made), but it doesn't look like that will be possible for anything less than $450. I did buy a DX DYRL Hiky just in case though so that I could paint it to look like Roy's VF-1S. I may sell it and get Roy if finances allow. Edit: They went in the trash unfortunately. Good thing I checked the bag they were in though, because I had a Misa Hayase kit and Yammy 1/72 YF-21 in there!
  22. I was torn about whether to get rid of my excess packaging in case I ever want/need to sell, but I don't ever want to sell these. I was going to toss it all, but thought perhaps someone might actually want them. I'm not going to ship them, but if anyone is in the Southern Wisconsin area and wants to pick them up, I'll save them from the trash for you. It's all in one bag, and you must take all. You also get a free Vickers Prometheus figure (no box). Oh, and there's no backgrounds in the HMR boxes because I wanted to keep those for displays.
  23. I've been away for a while and missed the Roy pre-order (not that I'd have been able to get one). I'm sure this has probably already been said a bajillion times, but if anyone pre-ordered extra DX Roys, please PM me. Ebay scalper preorders are already going for $460!!! I did get a VF-1S Hikaru just in case so I could repaint it and get a 3D printed Roy figure, but I'd rather just have the right one to begin with. Some sort of trade would be beautiful, but I don't hold out much hope in that. Thanks guys, and sorry for the absence. Hope everyone is doing well!
  24. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    WHOA! Flippin NOYEEEECE!
  25. I guess... if you really can't help yourself, but I really like your usually awesome contributions. I hope you'll reconsider.
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